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Can Mastiffs Live Outside? (Explained for Owners!)

Mastiffs have a famous reputation for being gentle dogs as well as for having a calm nature. Although they are most familiar as watchdogs, they do not bark like other breeds.

They really do have an easy-going temperament; however, you will need to give them training in order to handle these gentle giants.

In spite of making excellent watchdogs, there is confusion among its owners on the question of whether Mastiffs can live outside or not. Well, Mastiff owners will need to stick to the last word of this article in order to clear their confusion.

Can mastiffs live outside?

Mastiffs by any means cannot live outside because they are quite sensitive to the outdoor elements as well as they cannot handle hot and humid weather. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them out but make sure they have company with them all the time and they are not left alone for a long time.

Mastiffs are known as gentle giants for a reason which is because of their sensitive nature. You have to be very much careful with mastiffs because if any negative factor affects them, then that can harm their mental health badly.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan Mastiff cannot live outside as they are more like social breeds and human companion dogs; therefore, they will look for people around them all the time.

Also, Tibetan Mastiffs can be upset quite easily if they are left alone outside for a long time.


Bullmastiffs are canines that are kept indoors. Since they are vulnerable to heat sickness, therefore they cannot live outside for longer timeframes.

Bullmastiffs have such limited temperature adaptability as whenever the temperature rises above 39°C; the pup is at risk of developing dehydration and heatstroke.

English Mastiff:

No, they cannot live outside by any means as they are sensitive dogs and will not be able to handle the outdoor temperature. Also, these can affect their mental health, which can lead to change in their behavior.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan Mastiffs are extremely gentle dogs who thrive on companionship all the time. They cannot live alone outside for a long time as well as they seek attention from humans most of the time.

Otherwise, it will affect their psychological health badly, which later can cause emotional instability.

French Mastiff:

French Mastiffs usually live shorter lives than many other breeds, and if you keep them outside, then they will live even shorter lives.

Furthermore, like any other Mastiffs, they also need attention all the time, or else it will make them aggressive.

But as they are big dogs, they will need more exercise to make sure they are fit all the time. Therefore, make sure you take them out regularly as well as assure that they don’t roam alone.

Italian Mastiff:

During the cold season, this type of dog may survive outdoors, but not below zero degrees.

Throughout the springtime, its fur falls to make them cool in summer. People may let them live in their homes as long as they can keep up with their shedding.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Pyrenean Mastiff cannot live outside in the summer season as they cannot handle hot and warm weather.

However, they can live outside in cold weather as they have dense fur to protect them from the cold. However, they are quite sensitive to loneliness; therefore, you have to ensure that they do not live outside alone for an extended period of time.

Can a mastiff be an outside dog?

Can a mastiff be an outside dog? The short answer is no because of their sensitive nature. It can harm their mental health badly, and also it will change their behavior fully.

Mastiffs are mostly den animals, and they are fond of companionship, which is why they love to live in packs rather than alone.

In addition, by living outside, they are prone to outside elements, which can trigger bad effects on their psychological health. Therefore, it is recommended by the dog experts not to keep your Mastiff outside.

Can mastiffs handle cold weather?

Mastiffs are more resistant to cold temperatures. Tibetan Mastiffs are accustomed to living in below-freezing conditions. Numerous Mastiff owners living in chilly climates report that their pups like enjoying the winter weather.

However, a dog’s adaptability to climatic conditions is determined by where they spent the most time, particularly in their first couple days of life.

Whether you plan to allow your canines out in temps below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, keep an eye on them. They can be left unattended in temperatures ranging from 40 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit, even if only for a small amount of time.

What is too cold for Mastiffs?

Generally, Mastiffs ought not to be bothered by colder weather unless the levels drop below 40° F; during this level, some Mastiffs may become uncomfy.

When temperatures dip below 21° F, all Mastiff owners should be mindful because their pets may acquire cold-related health concerns.

Keep a close eye on your dogs if you intend to let them out in temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if just for a short period, they can be ignored in temperatures ranging from 40 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to keep a Mastiff warm in the cold?

Building a warming station:

Create a spot where there is a full of warming sources, which can be a heater, blankets, or dog beds. The dog will receive heat from these sources and will get warm in no time.

Covering them with warm clothes:

You can try out all the warm clothes on your dog to keep them warm. A jumper or sweater might be a great addition to let the dog feel more at ease. However, keep their heads uncovered. You certainly should never go outside if it’s so chilly and you feel you need to cover your head.

Keep a close eye on the paws:

Because your Mastiff’s bare feet are prone to frostbite in cooler temperatures, it’s best to pay special attention to their paws. Inspect the dog’s paws for bite wounds after he or she has been outdoors, then brush away any ice and or powder snow.

Can mastiffs handle heat or hot weather?

Mastiffs are incredibly resistant to cold weather; however, they have zero tolerance when it comes to hot weather.

Even if they are relaxing outside for a short period, they might get heat stroke or overheat due to their giant body. You can take your dog for walks or outdoor exercise whenever the temperature remains under 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

But if the temperature hits above 78 degrees Fahrenheit, then it’s better not to allow your dog outside even for a quick walk. You have to make sure that the body temperature of your dog remains under control by letting them relax in cooled areas.

What temperature is too hot for a mastiff?

Usually, temperatures under 75 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for Mastiffs in the summer season. However, anything above 75 degrees Fahrenheit is dangerous for Mastiff as they will get quickly attacked by heatstroke and overheating.

Therefore, if you are considering taking your dog for outdoor exercise, make sure you check the temperature first and also take enough water with you in order to cool them down.

How to keep a mastiff cool in summer?

Here are some of the simple ways which you can follow to keep your Mastiff in the summer

Splashing them with water:

You can splash water in them in order to cool them down. But ensure that the temperature of the water is 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Taking them under a cooling source:

You will need to create a cozy place with a cooling source for your Mastiff in summer. Make sure whenever the temperature hits above their tolerance point, you should immediately take them to their cooled resting spot.

Early morning exercise:

In the summer season, morning time is the best time for your dog for roaming, playing, and doing exercise as the temperature of morning remains cooler.

Ensuring enough drinking water:

During the day, make sure your dog has access to fresh, safe drinking water. Whenever going with your pup for a stroll, carry additional water sources with you.

Can I leave my Mastiff outside overnight?

The short answer is no. You can not leave your Mastiff outside overnight, and it is because they have a very sensitive nature as well, as it can affect their psychological health.

They are very much household dogs, and they are not used to living outside, let alone at night. The outdoor elements can affect their mental health very badly, which can lead to change in their behavior. 

Can a Mastiff sleep outside in 50-degree weather?

Yes, Mastiffs can sleep outside in 50-degree weather; however, anything below 40-degree temperature can cause hypothermia and frostbite to your Mastiff.

Usually, dogs can endure temperatures of approximately 50 degrees. Whenever the weather changes further below that, they can be unpleasant, and also it can be dangerous for them. Therefore always check the weather forecast before you take your dog out for a walk.

Do mastiffs overheat? 

Because of their narrow muzzles, Mastiffs can easily be overheated. Whenever you turn on the heater because it’s chilly outside, the temperature may be set higher for the dog, causing them to be overheated.

Once the weather outside is excessively hot, all pups will look for cooler places to cool down. You simply have to create a spot for them to cool off from the outside heat.

Do mastiffs shed a lot?

Mastiffs do consist of double coats that are short and thick. The coat of a Mastiff is short and double. This coat is made up of coarse and stiff “guard hairs” and a big fluffy undercoat. Mastiff may shed its coat whenever the time is right to lose it in the springtime but not too much.

Final Thoughts:

Mastiffs cannot live outside for a long time in hot weather, but they can live outside for long periods in cold weather. However, there are risks of keeping your Mastiffs outside for longer periods as they are sensitive to outside’s elements as well, as it can affect their mental health badly.

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