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Can Mastiffs go Hiking? (Explained for Owners!)

Outdoor activities are loved and enjoyed by most of the dog breeds. Specially breeds like the mastiff who require a long time of exercise. And what better activity than a long hike. To be fair, the large dog will love any activity as long as you are joining them.

Can mastiffs go hiking?

Mastiffs are very much an athletic breed. They are okay with most outdoor sports. Hiking is one of the outdoor activities the dogs tend to enjoy a lot. However, it is best to keep the hiking sessions short and small. Make sure your dog does not overheat. Keep the distance less than five miles.

Tibetan Mastiff:

This type of mastiff is also okay with hiking but once they get tired it can be hard to make them move again.

And they tend to overheat easily. Which is also a problem when it comes to hiking for a long distance. But they will be fine with a short distance hiking session.


Bullmastiffs are great for hiking. These dogs are very much active and love any sort of outdoor activity. Given the fact that these dogs need around two hours of exercise daily, hiking is very effective for them.

The long distance will not bother them too much and they will actually enjoy the walk with you.

English Mastiff:

The English mastiff does not need as much exercise and walk time as the other dogs of the breed.

So if you want to take them on a hike it would be fine if the session is kept short. Otherwise they might get overheated or simply stubborn and they might not walk at all.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Though the Neapolitan mastiff has the energy to go for a good and long hike, they might not choose to do so.

The dog breed would rather sit under a shade and spend the day lazily. Other than this sudden change of mood, the dog is good as a hiking companion.

French Mastiff:

An important issue with the French mastiff is the temperature. The dog breed does not do well under extreme temperatures and they tend to get over heat easily.

So, for your French mastiff it is best to keep the hiking time and distance short. Otherwise they might get sick or injured.

Italian Mastiff:

This type is a better option among the breed if you want to take them on a hiking activity. These dogs love walking and hiking.

With adequate water and rest time they will go a long mile. And if the heat is not too much they may surprise you by hiking up to 8 to 10 miles in a day.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

These types of mastiffs are perhaps the best hiking companions. The active dogs are very much watchful which is needed for any outdoor activity. But you may have to put them on a leash so they don’t go wandering about on their own.   

Mastiffs are generally good with outdoor activities. In case of hiking make sure to give them enough water and rest. And when you see the temperature go up, it is best to cancel the plan as they might overheat soon.

Are mastiffs good hiking dogs?

If your mastiff is motivated enough, then they can be the best companion for a hiking session. Mastiffs like outdoor activities and walks. Though a lot depends on their mood and the temperature. But most of the time, they are okay with hiking.

Make sure to give your mastiff enough time to rest. Also keep them hydrated. And if it is possible try to keep the time and the distance of the hiking small.

A short distance will keep your mastiff happy and motivated. Long distances might make them irritated and overheat. They will be reluctant to walk. Which might be a problem for you given the dog is very large.

Do mastiffs like hiking?

Hiking is in fact an outdoor activity that a mastiff will enjoy. But it is not exactly their favorite activity. A lot depends when it comes to the mastiff and hiking. A hike that covers the distance of around 5 miles is okay with the mastiff.

Mastiffs can overheat easily. So on a hot day, your mastiff will not be okay with walking or hiking for a long mile.

You should have enough rest time and give them water from time to time. Even so, 5 miles is perhaps the best distance to keep your mastiff healthy and motivated for the next hiking trip.

5 reasons why mastiffs are good for hiking:

Mastiffs are great with outdoor activities and are good hiking trips. The breed loves to play and exercise. They have a knack for outdoor games as well. If you are planning a hike with your mastiff, you should go along with the plan-

Require exercise:

Mastiffs require a lot of exercise, around 2 hours daily. For them hiking is a good option. They can get enough exercise without requiring much variation.

Help bonding:

Hiking will help you bond with your mastiff more. A long walk with your buddy will take your relationship to another level. This companionship is necessary for a mastiff because they get attached to their owners soon.

They are protective:

Mastiffs are watchful and protective. They will always be aware of any danger and trouble. For your safety you should take them along.

Have good stamina:

The mastiff is a big dog with good stamina and health. Hiking is perfect for suckling dogs.

Keep them relieved:

Hiking can keep your mastiff less stressed and aggressive. The energy will go into walking and hiking. So they will not be able to get aggressive abruptly.

Mastiffs are great hiking partners if you take care of their needs. Most will not be motivated to hike for a long mile but they will enjoy the short distance hikes.

How far can a Mastiff hike?

A mastiff requires much exercise and enjoys the occasional long walks. The dog tends to overheat easily, so hiking a long distance is not a good idea for them. On a good day, a mastiff can hike for around 5 miles.

Some breeds of the mastiff can hike up to 8 miles if they are given enough water and rest. But that is not the case for most of the mastiffs. 5 miles is okay for a mastiff. It is better to not push them too much.

How do I prepare my mastiff for a hike?

Preparing your mastiff for a long hike is important because they might get tired and bored after a while. And if that happens, then it will be impossible to make them walk even for a minute-

  • Train your dog and make sure they are in good shape before you start any hiking adventure.
  • Pick a familiar place or any trail your dog is fond of.
  • Pack the essentials like food, water, emergency kit. etc..
  • Make sure to pack poop bags so you can clean up after your dog.
  • Give your dog a small bag. Mastiffs are big and strong dogs so carrying a small bag won’t hurt them. But keep the weight of the bag very low and limited.
  • Take your dogs’ favorite toy to keep them from getting bored.

Preparing your dog for a hike can be a hassle if you do not know where to start. But following the given guideline will help you with the process.

Should I feed my mastiff before or after a hike?

Food intake time is important when it comes to hiking with your dog. It is advised not to give you mastiff any food an hour before and after the hike. Some might tell you to not feed your mastiff for about two hours but that is impractical. An hour is okay.

Feeding your dog before the hike will make them lethargic. They will not be motivated to walk or hike. And feeding them right after the hike might cause indigestion. It is best to give them water after they come from a hike and a treat maybe.

How do I start hiking with my mastiff?

If you have a small puppy mastiff, it will be easy to get them accustomed to hiking. You will have to make them familiar with the exercise and the trail. But if you have a grown-up mastiff you might have to introduce them to hiking.

Take them to the trial area more often and socialize with the other hikers. Do not push them to hike all of a sudden. And get them used to the hiking gears. Watch shows with them about hiking if you can. You just have to get them used to the idea of hiking.  

What are mastiffs bred for?

Their build says it all. The mastiffs were initially bred for fights and other blood sports like bull baiting, lion-baiting and dog fights. But the modern-day mastiffs are mostly bred for hunting purposes and to make guard dogs.

The dog breed has been around since the medieval times. They have been used and taken care of for their large body and strength. That is why they are bred, for hunting purposes.

Final thought:

Hiking with your dog is a great way of bonding, And a breed like the mastiff enjoys hikes, just like the other outdoor activities. Though they get overheated easily and cannot hike for a long time. A hike of about five miles should be good enough for your mastiff. Keep the distance short and enjoy.

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