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Can Mastiffs be Service Dogs? (Quick Answers)

Mastiffs are large dogs who are perceived as aggressive dogs. But that is not always the case. The dog breed is very much friendly and protective.

They are known to be intelligent as well. Mastiffs have easily become one of the most popular dog breeds because of their charms and wit.

A service dog is very much different from any regular pet dog. They go through different training and are more aware of the different situations. Not all dog breeds can be service dogs. It takes specific character traits and dedication to stick to the need of their owner.

Can mastiffs be service dogs?

Despite their size and their looks, the Mastiff is a very good service dog. They are gentle and protective when they need to be. They make good service dogs, especially for people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and any other psychiatric issues. Mastiffs are popular service dogs.

On the contrary to popular beliefs, a mastiff makes for an excellent service dog. They are gentle and loving and protective. They are strong enough to handle the sudden breakdowns and are caring enough to comfort through any issues. The dog breed is perfect as a service dog.

Tibetan Mastiff:

Though mastiffs make good service dogs, a Tibetan Mastiff may just be one of the best choices. They have a great build and a good temperament, perfect for a service dog.


Even though bulldogs are not allowed to be service dogs, a bullmastiff is okay to be a service dog. They are not that popular as service dogs though.

It is mostly because of the fear that the genes and tendencies of the bulldog might have more influence in any situation.

English Mastiff:

This breed of mastiffs is perhaps more popular than any other mix of this group. The English Mastiff is a perfect fit for a service dog as they can sense the urgency of the situation and act instantly.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

This mix of mastiffs is very easy-going and easy to train. It is one of the main reasons they are considered good service dogs. Neapolitan mastiffs are good with kids as well so it is a safer option to get them as a service dogs.

French Mastiff:

The loyalty of a French mastiff makes them one of the most desirable dogs and one of the most excellent service dogs. They tend to stay alert and near their owners.

This makes them good service dogs as they are available to the needs of the situation at all times.

Italian Mastiff:

These dogs are more popular by the name “Cane Corso”. And just like the other mastiffs, this mix of the breed is an amazing service dog. Mostly because of their fast reflexes and calm mindset.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

The mix of Pyrenees dog and the mastiff dog is naturally a good service dog as both the breed are great service dogs. They are perfect for any long-term difficulties as they are very much patient.

The mastiff has earned a good name as a service dog. They are known to be patient and protective dogs. Yet the dog breed has a gentle side to them. This makes a good combination as the perfect service dog. Despite how they may seem.

Do mastiffs make good service dogs?

Mastiffs make great service dogs as they are the perfect combination of soft and tough. They are very protective and naturally build to tackle any trouble that comes their way. Besides, they are very much sensitive to the environment and the needs of their owners.

Many people have their own doubts over mastiffs being service dogs. But the case is actually very opposite. Mastiffs are great service dogs and can help their owners whenever it is needed. Their figure and their temperament are perfect for a service dog.

5 reasons why mastiff make a good service dog:

A service dog is very important to the ones who need it. The traits that make good therapy dogs are not always present in all dogs. A mastiff has some good qualities that make them great service dogs, even though they are not that popular in this sector –

  • The dog breed is very friendly and lovable. It is needed for a service dogs as they need to interact a lot. Mastiffs are great in this way as they are good with strangers.
  • Mastiffs have a large build. This makes them strong enough to handle the breakdowns or any other trouble that may come at their owners. They can also protect their owners when needed.
  • A cool temperament is necessary for a service dog. Mastiffs may look aggressive but they are very cool and calm most of the time.
  • The intelligent dog is known to react quickly and on spot in case of any danger detected. This quick reflex is needed for a service dog.
  • And though mastiffs may not look like it, the breed is easy to train. They can follow any instruction and are alert to caution.

These are why a mastiff can serve as a good service dog. They are great with patients with any psychological issues and can handle PTSD breakdowns pretty well.

How to train a mastiff to be a service dog?

Mastiffs are easy to teach and they tend to catch on to the instructions quicker than any other dog breed. But there is a different procedure to train service dogs as their requirements are different from the regular dogs.

Basic instructions:

Your dog should be accustomed to basic obedience. Instructions like sit, stay, stand, etc should be already known and followed by them.

Special instructions:

Show and teach your dog how to react to a person having a breakdown. You should also teach them how to be patient. Teach them persistence and consistency.

Social interaction:

It is important for service dogs to be socially interactive in order to ease their owner. They need to create a comfort zone for those in need.

Response training:

It is important for your mastiff to learn how to react when faced with an emergency. Teach them basic drills like comforting the patient or giving them hugs. The most important training is to get them to not leave their owners.

It is best to get the training of your mastiff from a professional trainer and get an ADA certificate pass. Otherwise, they might not be as responsive and effective as expected.

Do service dogs have to pass a test?

It is important for a service dog to get either a pass or a no pass. This means all dogs aimed to work as service dogs will need to pass a specific standard. The standard is usually pretty high and to pass the dog needs to score 100%.

Service dogs need special qualities and abilities to handle any situation. They need special training and afterward, they need to be tested to see if the training has paid off. If the dogs seem good to work as service dogs, they will get certified.

Do mastiffs make good therapy dogs?

The large mastiff dogs have proved to be good therapy dogs. The dogs are known to be affectionate and protective. These are the basic qualities of being a good therapy dog. The size and temperament of the breed makes them a good companion

Mastiffs are becoming more and more popular among the service dog community. They are a great choice for people with anxiety and depression and PTSD. 

Can a mastiff be an emotional support dog?

Despite how aggressive they might look, a mastiff can be an amazing emotional support dog. The dog breed is alert and well aware of the situation. They are affectionate and protective which makes them a good comforting dog in times of need.

The dog breed is a great choice for people suffering from any emotional or psychological issues. They can comfort them well and under severe breakdowns, they can handle any trouble with their fast responsive skills.

Are mastiffs good guard dogs?

Mastiffs are protective dogs, but that does not mean they are good guard dogs. They will bark and get aggressive with the intruder. Which is not always the right way. A guard dog is supposed to watch out for trouble and alert the owners.

Mastiffs might just bark and keep any new person away.

Are mastiffs smart dogs?

Mastiffs are known to be intelligent dogs. They have a tendency to try and please their owners with different tricks and skills that they picked up. Another good trait about these dogs is that they are good at learning new things pretty fast.

Though these dogs tend to be stubborn. If they do not want to do anything, it will be impossible to make them do it. It is also a sign of their intelligence. They are not easily swayed by tricks.

More or less the dog breed will learn and do the things they feel good for both them and their owner in order to please them.

Final thought:

A service dog plays a very important role and has different duties than a normal pet dog. A mastiff is perfect to fulfill these duties. Their large build and cool temperament make them the perfect service dog. Mastiffs are getting more popular as service dogs because they are fit for the task.

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