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Can a Mastiff Live in an Apartment? (Read This First!)

Mastiffs are gigantic dogs with one of the most calm natures ever. They are the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. The dogs are laid back and tend not to make a fuss about small things like the house they are in.

One of the most common problems that a dog owner can go through is the trouble of adjusting their dogs to an apartment. But that is not the case for a lot of dogs.

Can a mastiff live in an apartment?

A common assumption is that big dogs can’t live in apartments. But mastiffs are an exception to that. The gentle dog has no trouble living in an apartment. They are healthy and okay with only a moderate amount of exercise like regular walks. Living in an apartment is no issue for you mastiff.

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan mastiff is perfect if you are looking for a pet to live with you in an apartment.

However, you will have to make sure your dog gets enough walks. The dog will get bored easily with indoor activities. It is best to take them out to walk outdoors regularly.


These mellow natured dogs can live happily and perfectly well in an apartment. In fact it is healthy for them to live inside, especially during hot temperatures. Bullmastiffs can get heat stroke easily.

Indoors will keep them safe during the humid weather. On top of that they are low on activity so it’s all good.

English Mastiff:

The gentle and moderately active English mastiff can live perfectly well in an apartment. Daily walks will keep your dog happy and healthy.

A pup will show much aggression and destruction around the house, but a grown English mastiff is perfect to share an apartment with.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Your Neo mastiff will do good in an apartment, but it will need regular walks outside. This mix of dogs of the breed are relatively inactive indoors.

So it would benefit you if your apartment has a park or a yard nearby. And just like the other mastiffs, you will have to check the temperature as they overheat soon.

French Mastiff:

It may seem impossible to keep your French mastiff indoors because of their size. But these cool tempered dogs are actually pretty great in an apartment.

They just need walks, nothing much. And that too for only 30 minutes daily. And you and your French mastiff are all set to live in an apartment.

Italian Mastiff:

Cane Corsos or the Italian mastiffs are great for apartments. They just need walks and an opportunity to socialize.

If you live in a moderately populated apartment, you can take your Italian mastiff out for walks where you both can meet with the other people and dogs.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Though the Pyrenean mastiffs are equally gentle and calm like the other mixes of this breed, it is still not a good idea to keep them in an apartment. It is not like they require a lot of space, but they are not bred to live indoors.

Mastiffs are very gentle and have a very cool temperament. These adorable dogs will be perfect to keep with you in an apartment or a condo.

Are mastiffs allowed in apartments?

If you are worried about your mastiff being allowed in an apartment, then fear not. There is absolutely no issue with keeping a mastiff in an apartment.

Some people worry about the large size of the dog and if they will be able to adjust in an apartment. But the dog is very calm in nature so they have no trouble living in an apartment.

The Mastiffs are very gentle dogs. With a little outdoor exercise daily they can live happily in an apartment. A puppy may cause some trouble as they require more space, but the destructive behavior goes down pretty fast once they start adjusting.

A mastiff living in an apartment is no issue at all unless there is a special rule for pets. But that is not an absolute rule for all apartments.

Are mastiffs good for apartments?

It can be very difficult to find dogs that can live well in an apartment. People generally try to avoid big or large dogs because of their need for space.

But mastiffs are a different case. The large dogs are a great companion for your apartment. They can easily live well and be happy in an apartment with you.

All you have to make sure is that your mastiff is getting an adequate amount of walks outside and there should be no problem at all. The natural temperament of a mastiff is rather gentle and calm. They do not make a fuss about exercise either.

So, if you are looking for a dog to accompany you in your apartment, you can go for a mastiff. They are excellent for apartments.

Why are mastiffs good apartment companions?

Despite their large size, a mastiff is actually an excellent companion for you if you live in an apartment. This dog breed has many qualities that make them the perfect dogs for apartments-

Gentle nature:

Their calm and gentle temperament makes it easier for them to adjust to the lifestyle of an apartment.

Hair coat:

They have short to medium coats of hair. Which means very little shedding. So it keeps your apartment clean.

Need less amount of exercise:

They are rather laid back and are okay with a moderate level of exercise. So you don’t have to worry about taking them out every so often.

Hot temperature is not good for them:

The hot temperature and humid weather are not good for mastiffs. In these climates they prefer the indoors or an apartment to reduce chances of a heat stroke.


Mastiffs are very intelligent. They can learn things faster than any other relative breeds. So it will be easier to potty train them inside the apartment.

They bark less:

The greatest perk of having a mastiff as an apartment companion is that they rarely bark. Which makes them the absolute favorite of the neighbors as well.

Don’t let the size of a mastiff fool you into thinking that they will not be good to live in an apartment. The giant dogs are enough laid back to be a perfect companion in your apartment.

How much space does a mastiff need?

The big size of the mastiff may make it seem as though they require a lot of space. But that is not the case.

The mastiff is a house dog and can adjust perfectly to any living space pretty soon. They do not require much space around the home. But they need to be taken out for walks every now and then.

Mastiffs need a moderate level of exercise. 30 or 20 minutes of walking regularly is enough for them. They are not that excited about indoor games and would rather lay down most of the time.

They are very calm and have a gentle nature. It is not likely for them to be fussy about space around the home. As long as they are comfortable, it’s all good for them.

How can I keep my mastiff in an apartment?

Mastiffs are house dogs that can adjust well in any type of home. These adorable and laid back dogs can fit in any housing space without much hassle. You just have to make sure they get enough exercise time and walk time outdoors. And they will not make a fuss about where they live.

The natural temperament of the mastiff is very calm and laid back. They are intelligent animals who learn quickly. Just teach the basics and practice the norms with your dog every so often. Take them outdoors for walks and play time regularly. And they should do great in an apartment.

Is it fair to keep a mastiff in an apartment?

A mastiff is perfectly happy with being in an apartment. The adorable house dogs are great at adjusting in any housing space. Just like any dog, you need to give it some outdoor time. They will be happy and healthy with only 30 minutes of walks regularly.

Do not fear your mastiff feeling caged or suffocated in an apartment. They adjust well inside apartments as well. They will lay down or just wander about the house if they are extremely bored. It is not unfair to keep them in an apartment.

Can big dogs do well in apartments?

It may seem that the size of the dog determines whether or not they can stay in apartments. That is not accurate at all.

It all depends on the dogs’ temperament and their nature. Mellow sided dogs tend to do well in apartments. The dogs on the more laid-back side are great apartment companions.

There are many dog breeds who are large to medium who are very laid back and gentle in temperament. Some large dogs are even known to be quieter than others.

It is not wise to choose dogs based on their size as apartment companions. Look for the one who is gentle in nature like the Mastiff, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Shar pei etc.

Final thoughts:

A mastiff is known as the gentle giant because of their calm nature. These laid back dogs are great to accompany you in an apartment. They do not make a fuss about the space of the house. Daily walks for a short time should keep them healthy and happy enough to live in an apartment without trouble.

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