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Can Maltese Eat Eggs? (All You Need to Know)

Giving your Maltese the right amount of nutrition should be your utmost priority. Dogs are choosy when it comes to treats that are healthy and not much delicious. 

Coming up with a treat that is full of nutrition and vitamins and also good in taste can be difficult. In that case, eggs are there to save the day. They are advised to be consumed every day by doctors to stay healthy and active. 

The diet and taste buds of dogs vary from breed to breed. Even though eggs make a good snack for dogs you might wonder whether it is the same for your Maltese who is rather picky. 

So, here rises a question. Can Maltese eat eggs? If you are looking for the answer then you are at the right place. 

Can Maltese eat eggs?

Maltese can eat eggs. All dogs are advised to eat eggs regularly. Eggs are a good source of nutrition and vitamins for Maltese. Hence, they make a good snack for Maltese and are advised to be given to them as a part of their diet. However, you should not feed them too many eggs. 

Eggs are safe for Maltese to eat. Maltese are a part of the small dog breed family and there are certain restrictions to their diet as there can be life-threatening effects. In that case, eggs are very helpful. 

They can be a regular part of your Maltese dog’s diet. Eggs are filled with protein, fatty acids, and vitamins which are very beneficial for their development. 

Since Maltese are a tiny breed and they are very small in size they should not be given more than ½ to 1 egg each day as excessive feeding can cause obesity and other health issues. 

Eggs need to account for less than 10% of a Maltese’s diet. However, there is one concern. We know that not all Malteses are the same.

So, even though eggs are considered to be a blessing for dogs, your Maltese might be different, and can be allergic to eggs.

There are different ways that how eggs can be offered to your dogs. Each way has its benefits and they are elaborated for you to pick the most convenient way of serving eggs to your Maltese.

Raw eggs:

Often people wonder since it is the easier way of giving eggs to your dog, whether they can digest them. Although raw eggs are not directly considered to be a danger, however, they hold the risk of biotin inefficiency. 

Avidin is present in raw eggs which prevent biotin from getting absorbed; hence, if you feed raw eggs to your Maltese it can cause biotin inefficiency which can cause great risk. 

They can also cause salmonella or other pathogens which possesses great health risks. Also, biotin is required by Maltese dogs to maintain healthy skin and digestive systems. 

Scrambled eggs:

Maltese dogs can easily eat scrambled eggs. They are one of the best ways of providing protein, amino acids, calcium, and other minerals to your Maltese dog’s body. 

Scrambled eggs are a great alternative to any other type of eggs. Scrambled eggs can be added to their meals or they can also be provided as an afternoon snack.

Boiled eggs: 

People frequently use this boiling method for their dogs. Boiled eggs are a great addition to your Maltese dog’s diet. 

You can give them ½ to 1 boiled egg per day divided into two meals. This is one of the best ways of giving eggs to your Maltese. 


Egg shells do not possess any direct harm to your Maltese. However, the thick broken egg shells are not easy to digest and they can also get stuck in your Maltese’s throat. 

Health benefits of eggs for Maltese puppies and dogs

There are numerous benefits of feeding eggs to your Maltese puppy and dog. This is because eggs are filled with nutrition and they are rich in minerals. 

There are a few ways that you can add eggs to your Maltese’s diet. The beneficial aspects of eggs are explained in detail below to help you understand how much important eggs are for your Maltese. 


Eggs are enriched with protein. They have protein in high amounts and also consist of amino acids. Protein from eggs is known to be the most digestive form of protein for dogs. 

They help build muscle mass for Maltese, keep their coat shiny, and help in their development. 


Eggs are abundant with vitamins. Eggs consist of two types of vitamins Vitamin A and Vitamin B. Vitamin B is required for the energy production of your Maltese to stay active throughout the day. 

Vitamin B also helps the immune system of the Maltese by keeping it strong. Vitamin A on the other hand is required by your Maltese to keep their eyesight, teeth, skin, and hair perfect. 


Iron is the main component of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin exists in the blood cells and it helps to carry oxygen throughout the whole body.

Iron is necessary for your Maltese as iron deficiency can cause serious diseases such as Anemia. To prevent your Maltese from Iron deficiency, it is necessary to feed them eggs.

Selenium and Oleic acid: 

Selenium is the key component that helps to keep the immune system better. It protects your Maltese from serious health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. 

Eggs consist of both selenium and Oleic acid. Oleic acid makes sure that your pup has a healthy heart. 

Can eggs cause problems in dogs?

Yes, eggs can cause problems in dogs if they are consumed raw. Raw eggs can result in Salmonella being absorbed by your Maltese. If dogs get exposed to Salmonella, they can get an infection called Salmonellosis. 

This infection causes diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and lethargy. These are the common symptoms of Salmonellosis. 

Feeding your Maltese uncooked eggs can result in biotin inefficiency, which is quite dangerous since avidin, which is included in raw eggs, prevents biotin from being absorbed.

Eggshells sometimes can also get stuck in your Maltese’s throat and cause problems. And as we know all dogs are different from one another which is why rarely some Maltese dogs can be allergic to eggs. 

Hence, feeding them eggs will result in a dangerous reaction. So, you need to start by giving a small amount of egg to your Maltese to make sure it is not allergic. 

How frequently and how many eggs can a Maltese eat? 

A Maltese can eat ½ to 1 egg per day, every day. They can be easily blended with their meals or eggs can be given as an evening snack every day. 

Eggs are a very healthy snack and they are loved by Maltese dogs. You can blend ½ egg with their meals twice each day or you can give them one whole egg as an evening snack. Eggs can be given in scrambled form or can also be given boiled. 

Tips to properly feed eggs to your Maltese

Feeding eggs to your Maltese is essential as they are abundant with minerals and nutrition. They can be given in various forms to make sure your Maltese gets the necessary amount of protein and vitamins required. 

Eggs can be made in different ways and served to them. You need to figure out which way suits your Maltese dog’s appetite the best. 

Here is a list of ways elaborated to help you understand how to properly feed eggs to your Maltese. 

Scrambled eggs: 

Scrambled eggs are widely liked by dogs. You cannot season them with spice. Serve the scrambled eggs with their meals or as evening snacks. They are very much loved by Maltese dogs. 

Make sure to put no amount of oil, butter, or any form of additives. You can start by giving a small portion of scrambled eggs mixed with their meals every day to make sure they like their eggs this way. 

Boiled eggs: 

Take a pan, fill it with water and turn on the stove. Let the water become warm for a while and then put the egg in the pan. Let it boil for 6-7 minutes and then serve the egg after it cools down without the eggshell. 

Make sure to not add any sort of spices or even salt. You can give them ½ of the egg with each meal every day to see if there are any allergic reactions. 

Sunny side up:

Some dogs also love their eggs with the sunny side up. So, you can try giving them a small amount of each style every day to see which style they like best. 

Final thoughts 

Maltese can eat eggs and they make a great evening snack. You can give them in scrambled or boiled form whichever is liked by them. Eggs are full of nutrients and minerals which are essential for your Maltese. The best ways you can give your Maltese eggs are described above.