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Can Iguanas Eat Cucumbers? (Quick Answers)

Iguanas are herbivorous animals. They live on plants, fruits and vegetables. But owners and caregivers of iguanas still seem to be confused about what to feed them and in what quantity.

In this article, we will discuss whether iguanas can eat cucumbers and how you can provide it to them. We will also offer you a clear insight into the nutritional benefits that cucumbers offer to iguanas. So read ahead to learn more about the food habit of iguanas and how cucumbers fit into their diet.

Can iguanas eat cucumbers?

Iguanas can eat cucumbers. In fact, such vegetables should make at least 40 to 50% of an adult iguana’s diet. Other vegetables, including broccoli, sprouts, sweet potato, and carrots should make another 30 to 40% of an adult iguana’s diet. Iguanas enjoy dark green leafy vegetables the most.

Iguanas need to maintain a good diet in order to remain healthy. They are sensitive to a range of food and it causes bad reactions in their bodies. So you will need to be careful while planning a meal for your iguana. Planning an iguana’s diet keeps its owner busy.

This is why we have designed this article to offer you a clear insight into what to serve your iguana and in what quantity. So what about cucumbers. Can iguanas eat cucumbers?

The answer is yes, iguanas can eat cucumbers. In fact, these kinds of vegetables should make a significant part of their diet. Since iguanas are herbivorous animals, they should eat mostly vegetables. It is pretty much their staple food.

Cucumbers in particular are great for them because these vegetables help meet a good part of their nutritional needs. You can feed them cucumbers in several forms – slices, pickling as well as in seedless form.

Fresh and raw cucumber:

iguanas can eat fresh and raw cucumbers. In fact, this is the best way to offer cucumbers to iguanas. The nutritional benefits are intact in this form and iguanas have a good time consuming cucumbers in their raw form.

Dried cucumber:

Iguanas can eat dried cucumbers as well. But you will have to make sure to soak the dried cucumbers in water in order to rehydrate the fruit before feeding it to iguanas. This will make it easy for them to swallow and process the food.

Cucumber flowers:

Iguanas eat cucumber flowers as well. Cucumber flowers are low in calories and high in water content. This food is also rich in vitamins and minerals. So cucumber flowers serve well in the diet of iguanas.

Can green iguanas eat cucumbers?

Green iguanas can eat cucumbers without any trouble. Cucumbers add a great deal of nutrients in the diet of green iguanas. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, cucumbers contain high amounts of fibers, which are great for their digestive health. Green iguanas can eat cucumbers whenever they face issues with their stool or digestion.

In addition, these fruits are a great source of water content for iguanas. In fact, cucumbers are about 95% water. So it is a great food for keeping your iguanas hydrated, especially during the summer.

Green iguanas can eat cucumbers with or without its skin. We have noticed that iguanas enjoy eating cucumbers. And they enjoy eating cucumbers more with its skin.

The skin of cucumbers contain a high amount of fiber, which contributes to their digestive health. Iguanas enjoy eating the skin of cucumbers alone. It is a great food to munch on whenever they get bored. So you can separate the skin of cucumbers and serve it as an additional snack later.

Can iguanas digest cucumbers? Are cucumbers good for iguanas?

Yes, iguanas can digest cucumbers. Cucumbers are a great food for iguanas. It contains about 95% water, which makes their digestion system quite healthy. In addition, the skin of cucumbers are rich in fibers, enhancing their digestive health even further.

Cucumbers are mainly known for their water content and fibers. Both of these components make the digestive system of iguanas much better. So they can definitely digest cucumbers. Not only that but the fruit helps them digest many other foods quite well.

Iguanas have a unique digestive system. They are able to extract about 30 to 40% nutrient from vegetables and green leaves. This makes them able to digest cucumbers.

Cucumbers are good for iguanas. Since they are strictly herbivores, they can only eat fruits, vegetables and green leaves. Cucumbers make an ideal food for them and you can use it as a staple. They will be able to extract a significant amount of nutrients from cucumbers.

However, note that your iguana will need a lot of cucumbers to extract enough nutrients from it. Cucumber can be a great part of their diet. You can separately feed them the skin of cucumbers as well.

3 reasons why iguanas can eat cucumber

There are many reasons why iguanas can eat cucumbers. Let’s take a look at 3 of the most prominent reasons why iguanas can eat cucumbers.

Rich in vitamin and minerals:

Cucumbers are rich in vitamins. These fruits contain a high amount of vitamin K. This vitamin will help eliminate the risk of blood clotting. In addition, the vitamins in cucumbers will help your iguanas fight nose bleed and bruising as well.

In addition to that, cucumbers are a great source of several minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. So the fruit meets a significant amount of their nutritional needs.

Rich in water content:

Cucumbers come with about 95% water content. So it is a great food for rehydrating your pets. You can feed cucumbers to your iguanas in the summer days to calm their nerves as well. It works like a charm.

Rich in fiber:

Cucumbers are also rich in fiber. So it helps keep the digestive system of your iguanas healthy. Iguanas have a unique digestive system, and fibers have a great contribution in its well being.

How much cucumber is too much for iguana?

How much cucumber you can feed your iguana mainly depends on the age, sex, weight and health condition of your iguana. You can feed an adult iguana about 2 times a day.

Make sure that at least 40 to 50% of their diet contains vegetables. You should not feed them cucumbers daily. But when you do, make sure that it contains about 30% of their diet. Any more than that will be too much cucumber for your iguana.

How should I feed cucumbers to my iguana?

Let’s take a look at how you can feed cucumbers to your iguana:

Wash the cucumbers:

Before you serve the cucumbers, make sure to wash it well. It is very important to serve fresh and clean food to iguanas since they have a unique digestive system.

Cut the cucumbers:

Make sure to cut the cucumbers into small pieces before serving them to iguanas. They can definitely eat an entire cucumber without having to cut it, but if you slice the fruit for them, it will save them a significant amount of time and effort.

You can cut the cucumbers into half. Or you can cut it lengthwise. Make sure to make a few small pieces with them.


Now it is time to serve the food. Once you have cut the fruits, place the cut pieces on each side of your iguana’s head. They will eat the fruit while it is still warm.

The warm cucumbers will help calm the nerves of iguanas. These slices will help relax them a bit faster.

You can also let your iguanas eat out of your hand, if you’re comfortable with that. They will not have any issue eating straight out of your hand.

What are the nutritional values of cucumber for an iguana?

There are several nutritional values of cucumber for an iguana. Let’s take a look at some:

Water content:

Cucumbers contain about 95% water. So the fruit has a great contribution in hydrating iguanas during the hot summer days.


Cucumbers, especially their skin, are rich in fiber. These fibers help keep the digestive system of iguanas healthy. In fact, iguanas enjoy eating the skin of cucumbers separately. So it works as an extra snack for them.

Vitamins and minerals:

Cucumbers contain a significant amount of vitamins and minerals which meet the nutritional needs of iguanas. Cucumbers are rich in vitamin K as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Final Thoughts

Iguanas can eat cucumbers. They enjoy eating cucumbers as these fruits are satisfying and fulfilling. Cucumbers calm their nerves during the hot summer days as well. Iguanas also enjoy eating the skin of cucumbers as they are rich in fiber and improve the iguanas’ digestive system.