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Can I Use A&D Ointment on My Dog? (Explained for Owners!)

Ointments and antibacterial ointments are applied to soothe the pain of any external wound or rash. In most cases, rashes and hot spots are treated with antibacterial ointments. They sting a little but it helps the healing process and keeps the wound clean.

Your dog is more likely to get a rash or a hot spot every other week compared to you. And treating the wound is absolutely necessary. There are many ointments that are safe to be used on dogs. You just have to do a bit of research and test if your dog is allergic to the ointment.

Can I use A&D ointment on my dog?

A&D is a triple antibacterial ointment, which is safe for animals like your dog. The ointment should be applied in a thin layer so your dog does not feel uncomfortable or doesn’t lick it off immediately. The ointment is used for any scrapes or wounds your dog might get while playing.

Antibacterial ointments are used for external scratches or wounds. Most antibacterial ointments work in the same way. But A&D has made a name for its’ own.

The ointment is not only useful for humans but it can be used on animals as well. This means you can apply the ointment on your dogs’ external wounds as well.


It is actually very common for dogs to get rashes or hot spots. In those areas, A&D ointment can be applied. It will help soothe the pain and make the healing process faster. The ointments can be applied to their paws as well.


Most of the time, the nose of a dog gets hot spots. This can irritate your dog a lot. You can apply A&D ointment to the hot spot to soothe the pain to make things easier for your dog. The ointment is safe for external use on your dog if needed.

Is it safe to use A&D ointment on dogs?

Usually, any ointment used externally is safe to use on animals and dogs. Antibacterial ointments like A&D are perfectly safe for external use on your dog.

The ointment is used to treat hot spots, rashes, or any other outer wounds that your dog gets while playing around. Keep the ointment near you and let your dog play as much as they will.

The only risk A&D ointments tend to have is if your dog licks it off, which is a very likely scenario. Other than this there is not much risk involved in applying the ointment. However, check for allergies before applying the ointment.

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What happens if your dog swallows A&D ointment?

Ointments are perfectly safe to use on dogs. The only risk it holds is if your dog has allergies to the ointment. Other than this there is no reason to worry about before applying the ointment on the wounds of your dog.

However, if your dog ends up licking the ointment and swallowing it, there can be serious issues. You will have to take your dog to the vet immediately-


The ointment will be very irritating to the GI tract. If swallowed, your dog will face much discomfort and irritation;

Upset stomach:

An upset stomach is a very common consequence if your dog ends up swallowing the A&D ointment. It may cause vomiting;


If the ointment gets aspirated, meaning if it gets into the lungs of your dog it could lead to very dire situations. It could even lead to aspiration pneumonia, which is life-threatening.

Ointments, if swallowed, are very much dangerous for humans even. And for dogs, most of the ingredients are harmful to their digestive system.

So it is bests to keep an eye on them while you apply the A&D ointment on them to make sure they do not lick and swallow the ointment. Otherwise, things could go out of hand pretty soon.

How to treat a dog that swallowed A&D ointment?

Dogs have a tendency to lick off anything they are curious about. This is a thing you should definitely be careful about. Especially if you are putting ointment on your dog. There is a good chance that your dog will lick the A&D ointment as soon as you put it on.

And then comes the consequences. If your dog swallows A&D ointment you should do the following –

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Contact a vet immediately:

You should get your dog to the vet immediately. Do not try home remedies, they are likely to make things worse.

Get an endoscopy:

Get an endoscopy done on your dog by a professional or a vet. This is the best way to get the ointment out of your dogs’ system.


If your dog is vomiting continuously give them medication. Medications are also important to stabilize the heart rate.

IV fluid:

If your dog seems worse get them in IV fluid to clear out any toxin in their kidneys.

Stomach cleanse:

Try a stomach cleanse to get the ointment and the residue of it out of your dog’s stomach. This is a very tough process for your dog, but it is needed.

If your dog has licked and swallowed even a bit of A&D ointment, you should consult with a vet as soon as possible. This can lead to a worse situation if not treated immediately and with caution. 

How to apply A&D ointment on dogs?

A&D ointments are triple antibacterials that are applicable to treat external wounds. Though the ointment is mostly used by humans, it can be applied to dogs as well. There is no risk or problem with it.

If your vet prescribes when and how to apply to ointment then you should follow it. However, the common guidelines to applying the ointment are –

  • Look for the rash, hot spot, or wound carefully. Identify it so you don’t apply the ointment everywhere unnecessarily;
  • When you find the wound, gently apply a thin layer of ointment with your fingers;
  • Keep your dog distracted while applying the ointment so it doesn’t lick it off;
  • Apply the ointment 3 to 4 times a day. Continue this for around a week to 10 days;
  • If the wound is near the mouth area then dap the ointment on a cotton swab and apply it gently. Do it twice a day for 2 days.

While applying the ointment you should be very careful that your dog does not consume any bit of the ointment. Other than this, there is nothing to worry about. 

You will have to apply the ointment frequently as dogs tend to run around a lot which doesn’t let the ointment sit for too long.

What is A&D ointment used for on dogs?

A&D is a triple antibacterial ointment that is used for external wounds like scrapes or rashes. On dogs, it is used for the same reasons. Mostly for hot spots and rashes. Dogs tend to get hot spots near their nose and paws.

This is when the A&D ointment comes into action to soothe the irritation.

Any sort of external wound is usually treated with A&D ointment. The ointment is used to treat and clean the external wounds of your dog. It is very safe to use on your dogs as well. But make sure your dog does not lick it off. 

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What ointment can I use on my dog?

Dogs need ointment and antibacterial creams as well. Because they tend to get hot spots and rashes pretty soon. They need ointment more than any other animal. Luckily for them, there are many ointments that are specified for dogs. A&D is a good and safe ointment for your dog.

Ointments that contain bacitracin, neomycin, and Polymyxin B are good to be used on dogs. Most of the antibacterial ointments have these active ingredients in them. A&D and Neosporin are the more popular ointments for dogs.

Any product that contains corticosteroids like hydrocortisone should be avoided. They may cause allergic irritation for your dog.

Does A&D ointment contain zinc oxide?

Zinc oxide is one of the core ingredients used in making the A&D ointment. The cream has many other ingredients along with Zinc Oxide that makes it one of the best for treating wounds quickly.

Even though zinc oxide is not exactly the active ingredient used in ointment, it is still an important ingredient.

Zinc oxide is easy to apply and it treats rashes very quickly. The ingredient helps to soothe the pain of the wounds as well. This is why most antibacterial ointments have zinc oxide in them.

Final thoughts

There are many ointments that are safe for dogs. A&D is one of those ointments. The triple antibacterial ointment is perfectly safe for the external use of dogs. Though a risk remains of your dog licking it off but other than that there is no risk involved in applying A&D ointment on your dog.