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Can I Put Aquaphor on My Dog? (All You Need to Know)

If you own a dog, then you might have witnessed the skin issues a dog often faces due to changing weather. The dry nose, cracked skin, or chapped paw surely don’t comfort your furry child. Moreover, sometimes minor cuts and scratches. 

Being concerned, many dog raisers look for something that can heal the skin irritations as well as keep their dogs’ skin moisture-locked. Thus a lot of people ask whether they can put Aquaphor on their dogs. 

Well, before you do so we’ll share every detail related to this query while letting you know the yes or no!

Can I put Aquaphor on my dog?

You can put Aquaphor on your dog since it’s safe for pets’ external use. Aquaphor can be applied on a dog to heal dryness, chapped skin, even minor burns and wounds. It’s a non-toxic moisturizing ointment for dogs but can make them sick if consumed a lot.

Aquaphor is a petroleum jelly kind of product that heals mild skin issues like dryness, small cuts, or burns. However, it’s non-toxic for pets such as dogs also if used externally.

Dogs face variant skin issues due to weather, dust.

Moreover, sometimes your dog gets injuries that don’t need a visit to the vet, Aquaphor here saves the day for both types of circumstances. 

Hot spot:

Since Aquaphor is a moisture-based ointment it can cure a number of skin concerns dogs face when applied. So for minor injuries, burn, or dryness you can put Aquaphor on your dog. 


Aquaphor can be applied on small wounds of a dog. It soothes the wounded area while protecting it from dust and cold. It’s like a topical ointment and easy to use.

Dogs often get cuts and scratches which too can be treated with Aquaphor application. Since this product has a soothing formula, it offers comfort to the injured area and enhances the body’s natural healing power.


Anus and anal gland issues in a dog can lead to an itchy bum. Aquaphor works great in these cases by giving them relief from itchiness.


Rashes are common in dogs whenever there is scorching heat or any allergic reaction or insect bites. Aquaphor can be used on rashes since it will calm the area and reduce irritation.

Skin/Dry skin:

Aquaphor contains humectant ingredients like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, glycerin, etc. If your dog’s hands and feet are dry and cracked, you can use Aquaphor on it. It will moisturize and repair the problematic area.


You can put Aquaphor on your dog’s stitched areas. Aquaphor is super active for after-surgery wounds for dogs as well. 


Dry nose or hyperkeratosis is a common skin issue in dogs that can be healed with the magic ointment Aquaphor. 

Paw pads:

Aquaphor can be applied to a dog’s paw as a paw balm. It softens the area and lets the dog rely on its paw comfortably.


The chapped lips of your dog can be repaired early if you put Aquaphor on them. Since it has humectant elements dog’s lips will be kept hydrated and moist.

Will Aquaphor make a dog sick?

Aquaphor is known as one of the best healing ointments out there. Not only does it lock moisture in the skin, it also helps to heal skin from a burn, cut, or minor wound. 

Since it’s frequently used on dogs to cure issues like dryness, cracks, rashes, etc. a question arises if this ointment can make a dog sick. Luckily Aquaphor doesn’t harm a dog when applied on. It’s safe for dogs to use externally.

Aquaphor contains ingredients such as glycerin, mineral oil, bisabolol, lanolin, panthenol, etc. Mostly these are soothing and moisturizing agents with healing power. That means there is no such chemical that can cause irritation or harm to a dog.

Instead, Aquaphor keeps the dog’s skin moisture and repairs various skin issues. 

So as long as you are putting Aquaphor on your dog and not feeding it or letting the feathery animal ingest it in a good amount, Aquaphor cannot make the dog sick.

Is Aquaphor safe for dogs to ingest?

Aquaphor acts harmless when you use it on dogs’ paws, feet, nose, even lips. It keeps the skin soft, repairs skin concerns in dogs like hyperkeratosis, cracked feet, chapped lips quickly without causing any irritation.

So it’s safe to use externally. But what if your dog mistakenly or curiously eats a little Aquaphor? Well, that’s fine too if the amount is really ‘a little’. 

Aquaphor is basically a petroleum jelly-like skincare product. It doesn’t have anything toxic. Not even when a bit of it is ingested!

So if a dog licks wherever Aquaphor is applied in its body or accidentally eats some, it won’t fall sick. Because this much consumption is tolerable. But if the ingested amount is huge then the dog can face stomach issues, vomiting for a while.

So unless your dog ingests a huge amount of Aquaphor and there are severe symptoms, there is nothing to worry about.

Three reasons why Aquaphor is safe for dogs

Aquaphor is a product that does wonders on dogs when they’re suffering from skin problems. It’s been used for years in treating dogs all around the world.

Though there is a large fan base of Aquaphor out there, you might hesitate while using Aquaphor on your dog for the first time. 

To convince you, here are three reasons explaining why Aquaphor is safe for your dog:

No poisonous Ingredients:

Aquaphor includes ingredients that are not toxic for animals. It contains some humectant ingredients along with a few soothing elements like lanolin, bisabolol, and panthenol. 

All of these ingredients are tested and passed by experts and nothing toxic was found ever. Instead, they are good for the skin of the dog.

Zero fragrance or dye:

Many times fragrance can cause skin irritations for both humans and animals. But Aquaphor, broadly used on humans and dogs, doesn’t have any scent thus safe from this angel as well.

Similarly, colors used in many products often have a chance to burn or irritate the dog’s skin. But Aquaphor contains no color or dye, so there is no risk.

Harmless if accidentally ingested:

It’s possible that your dog might lick its paw where you’ve just applied Aquaphor. Or it can happen that your curious furry friend might eat up some Aquaphor. These sounds dangerous but thankfully aren’t.

Aquaphor if ingested by a dog won’t make it sick. Because this ointment is simply a moisturizer that too with safe elements.

What kind of ointment can I put on my dog?

You cannot put any ointment randomly on your dog since they are animals and can be sensitive to a few. So it’s better to have some idea of what you can apply to your dog.

We’re not suggesting that you should put any ointments on a dog without a physician’s advice but since you own a dog you need to have some knowledge of the safest ointments for your dog.

So take a note of the ointments that are safe to use on dogs, so that you can tackle any emergency of your favorite pet!


This famous product has been serving humans for decades as well as dogs to cure various skin problems. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly-based ointment that has healing power.

It can cure minor cuts, burn, rash, or itching in a dog. It has zero side effects and can be applied anytime.

Vaseline 1 Blueseal Pure Petroleum Jelly Original 100ml

Soothing balms:

Balms that contain calming and hydrating ingredients can be put on dogs. Usually, these types of balms don’t contain anything poisonous, instead soothe the irritated part of a dog’s body. 

Natural Dog Company Skin Soother Healing Balm, Relieves Dry, Itchy Skin, Allergies, Skin Irritations, Hot Spots & Wounds, Organic, 1oz Tin


Aquaphor is another best pick when it comes to safe products. It contains no toxic chemicals, not even fragrance so works wonders for slight cuts, burns, or rashes.

With Aquaphor dog’s dry nose, chapped skin, etc. kind of issues can be solved. 

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Moisturizing Skin Protectant for Dry Cracked Hands Heels and Elbows Use After Hand Washing Oz Jar, bA, Fragrance Free, 14 Ounce

Why does my dog like Aquaphor?

A lot of dog raisers complain that their dogs just can’t let go of Aquaphor, they love it so much. Well, there could be some reasons that can explain why your dog is fond of Aquaphor. We’ve explained a few here so that you check out!

Dogs are curious about their surroundings. They love to check out new things again and again that might have grabbed their eyes once. So being curious your dog might be roaming around Aquaphor.

If you ever have put Aquaphor on your dog and now it likes it much, maybe your dog felt good after the ointment so now thinks this can feel good if taken again.

Or all these affections for Aquaphor of your dog could be just boredom. The dog might have nothing new to explore or play with, so it’s clinging to this harmless balm.

Final Thoughts:

Aquaphor can be put on dogs since it contains no harmful elements. Thus they are safe for dogs. While applied, Aquaphor can cure several skin problems on dogs’ faces such as dry noses, chapped skin, or minor cuts and burns. Besides, it will nourish your dogs skin and make them smooth.