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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rose Petals? (Quick Answers)

Guinea pigs are adorable and they are becoming more widely acceptable pets now. But there are still many owners who are confused about the contribution of flowers, especially roses, in the diet of guinea pigs.

In the following article, we will discuss whether it is okay for guinea pigs to eat rose petals. We will also discuss if rose petals are safe for guinea pigs in the first place. We will also take a look at its nutritional values.

Can guinea pigs eat rose petals?

Guinea pigs can eat rose petals. It is safe for them to eat. But keep in mind that rose petals carry no nutritional values. Make sure to strip the petals from the flower before serving. The stem and leaves of roses are sharp and attract insects, so best to avoid these parts.

Roses make a very beautiful addition to your home. They make a lucrative choice for home decoration. So if you’re trying to host both roses and guinea pigs in your home, you have landed on the perfect article.

Guinea pigs are herbivores. But they can eat rose petals under the right conditions. However, note that the rose petals are not the most beneficial food for your pet. Rose petals do not contain much nutritional value for guinea pigs.

That being said, guinea pigs can still eat rose petals. There are certain parts of the rose petals that contain vitamin C. These parts will help your guinea pig’s dietary needs.

In addition, rose petals have a sweet taste that the guinea pigs love. So if you have rose plants in your home or yard, then the rose petals will make an ideal treat for your pet. This will save you a lot of money as well. On top of that, you can make the most of the flowers too.

But when you’re serving rose petals to your guinea pig, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind. Make sure to take the petals off of the stem. Stripping the petals is an essential step before serving them to your pet.

The stem contains sharp thorns and attracts insects, so you should separate the stem and leaves first. Otherwise, the rose will prove to be harmful for your pet. Under these conditions, guinea pigs can eat rose petals.

Can guinea pigs eat dried rose petals?

Many people would not want to feed fresh rose petals to their guinea pigs. They might want to make the most of their roses before feeding them to guinea pigs. So the question raises – whether guinea pigs can eat dried rose petals.

One way to make the most of rose plants is to dry them after you have fully utilized them on display. This will allow you enough time to visually appreciate the roses as well as use them as a snack for your pet.

Guinea pigs can eat dried rose petals. There will be no issue with it. Rose petals do not have much nutritional value anyway. So your guinea pig will not be able to derive much benefits from rose petals, either in its dried form or in its fresh form.

Just make sure to watch your rose petals thoroughly before serving it to guinea pigs. Make sure that the roses do not mold or be too wilted before you dry them. Guinea pigs can eat dried rose petals under such conditions.

Are rose petals safe and good for guinea pigs?

Rose petals are safe and good for guinea pigs. Roses contribute to guinea pigs’ diet as well in the aesthetics of their living space.

Let’s discuss some benefits of rose petals for guinea pigs:

Deals with vitamin c deficiency:

Rose hip is rich in vitamin C. So feeding rose to your guinea pigs is a great way of tackling vitamin C deficiency.

Guinea pigs are rather small and fragile. They need much care and close observation. So their caregivers will need to be quite vigilant in order to provide them with the right care and food.

Brighten up their habitat:

You can brighten up the habitat of your guinea pig with roses. These flowers have an innate characteristic of brightening any place that they go to. Rose petals, besides serving as food, can enhance the aesthetics of your pet’s habitat.

Rose petals do not carry much nutritional value for the guinea pigs. So they are not very good in their diet. However, these flowers can be used to beautify their living space and improve the overall mood of their space.

Make for a great treat:

Rose petals make a great treat for guinea pigs. These all-natural alternatives to commercial treats will make a huge impact on the health and lifestyle of your guinea pig.

Rose petals are sweet. So guinea pigs love these as a treat. You can add some commercial treats with rose petals if you want to make the treat more lucrative.

Can guinea pigs eat these?

In the following section, we will discuss whether guinea pigs can or cannot eat these flower parts. Read ahead to learn more:

Rose flowers:

Guinea pigs can eat rose flowers as treats. Rose flowers or rose petals taste sweet. So they make a very lucrative treat for your pet.

But note that you will have to strip the flower from the stem before serving it as a food. Otherwise, your guinea pig may end up hurting itself in the sharp thorns of a rose flower.

These flower parts do not come with a lot of nutritional benefits. So you will not be able to use them to boost the health of your guinea pig or to offer them a satisfactory meal.

However, you can use rose flowers to enhance the beauty of their habitat. Guinea pigs love to live among colors. And rose flowers are generally quite bright in their colors. These flowers have the innate ability to naturally brighten and beautify a space. So you can use rose flowers to decorate the living space of your guinea pigs.

Rose stems:

Rose stems do not make an ideal food for your guinea pig. Guinea pigs should not eat rose stems with thorns because the thorns of roses are very sharp. These may end up hurting your pet very badly. So you will have to make sure to remove them.

Even if the thorns are removed, though, the rose stems do not make good food for your pet. They add very little to no food value for your guinea pig. Removing the thorns of roses takes a lot of effort. You will have to work on it carefully and remove every single thorn thoroughly in order to make the stem safe for you guinea pig.

The effort is, in all honesty, not worth it. Because the rose stems have very little to no nutritional contribution for your pet.

Rose leaves:

Guinea pigs should not eat rose leaves. Rose leaves attract harmful insects and have sharp edges. So it is best not to offer them rose leaves.

Rose hips seeds:

Rose hips seeds are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin C is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet. A guinea pig requires 200 mg of Vitamin C on a daily basis.

While one rose hip contains about 119 mg of vitamin C. So rose hips can make a significant contribution in the nutritional requirement of guinea pigs.  Guinea pigs can eat rose hips seeds to meet their daily vitamin C requirement.

What nutritions are in roses for guinea pigs?

Before you start this section, let’s be clear: roses are not too rich in nutritional benefits for your guinea pigs. The little to no nutritional contributions that roses can offer seem too little for guinea pigs.

Let’s discuss the nutritions that is available in roses for guinea pigs.

Vitamin C:

Roses are rich in vitamin C. Guinea pigs need at least 200 mg of vitamin C daily. And a rose hip contains about 119 mg of vitamin C per 28 gram of flower. So this is a great nutritional benefit for guinea pigs.


Roses also have 120 mg of potassium pet 28 gram of flower. This can help guinea pigs meet one third of their daily potassium requirement.

Final thoughts

Guinea pigs can eat rose petals. But you will have to make sure to separate the petals from the stem. Watch out for the thorns. Rose petals make a great treat for guinea pigs. These all-natural treats are great alternatives to commercial treats. You can also use roses to decorate their space.