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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama? (Read This First!)

Guinea pigs can eat different vegetables. Among all the vegetables, they love some in particular. Jicama is also a good one. Therefore, pet lovers ask if guinea pigs can eat jicama.

We searched for the same questions and got true answers in this regard. Before that, you should know what jicama is.

Jicama is a vegetable. It belongs to the bean family. Therefore, it will be great to slice them and offer them to your pets. You can add some pet food to it.

Can guinea pigs eat jicama? Let’s see how they eat and the benefits they get from jicama.

Can guinea pigs eat jicama?

Guinea pigs can eat jicama. In fact, guinea pigs love to eat jicama since it contains a great amount of sugar. Therefore, you should not allow your pet to overeat. It may increase the sugar level in the blood and damage internal health. So, make a routine and treat your pigs with a bit of jicama.

Jicama is not a healthy food for guinea pigs. But it is a tasty food since it comes with a lot of sugar and tastes sweet. That’s why guinea pigs love to eat jicama. If you allow them to eat jicama, they will live on it.

You can offer the jicama slice once or twice a week, not more than that. Significantly, when you find your guinea pigs do not take the pet food usually, you can add some jicama. It will work magically.

On the other hand, vegetables are the best food source for pets. But the vegetable’s leaves and slices will create gas in the pet’s stomach. That’s why you must control your pet’s eating habits.

Is jicama good for guinea pigs?

Jicama is partially good for guinea pigs, not entirely. Overeating jicama will create serious problems, including fat, sugar level, and more. That’s why jicama is not an ideal food for guinea pigs.

Besides, jicama is a bean type of vegetable. That’s why it comes with sugar. So when your guinea pigs overeat jicama, they will face internal health issues like gas on the stomach and extra sugar in the blood.

Apart from these, guinea pigs may lose their digestive power if you offer too much jicama for a long time. For these reasons, jicama is not an ideal food for guinea pigs.

What are the health benefits of jicama for guinea pigs?

Jicama has some excellent health benefits for guinea pigs. They are:


Jicama has all the nutrients that make guinea pigs healthy. Only pet food cannot provide all nutrients value; therefore, it will be better if you add some jicama.

Boost digestion power:

Jicama can boost guinea pigs’ digestion power if you give routinely. This is true that jicama can ruin the stomach health, but a minimum level of it can boost your pig’s digestion power.

Reduce the cancer risk:

It can reduce the cancer risk. It is the most significant health benefit for guinea pigs. That’s why pets, as well as human beings, can also eat jicama in different ways.

Versatile vegetable:

Jicama is a versatile vegetable. You can use it in different ways and for different purposes as well. That’s another health benefit for guinea pigs.

High in antioxidants:

Jicama is high in antioxidants. It is an essential nutritional value for guinea pigs. Therefore, you must add some jicama to pet food.

Perish bacteria:

Jicama can help the guinea pig’s gut bacteria. Besides, it can perish unnecessary and threatening bacteria too. If you want to save your guinea pigs from bacteria, you can treat them with some jicama.

Guinea pigs can quickly eat jicama; there will be no issues at all. It is soft and bean-type pet food. So, you should add some guinea pig foods.

Do guinea pigs like jicama?

Guinea pigs like to eat jicama very much. Basically, jicama is a sweet bean-type vegetable. Therefore, every pet loves to eat that regularly. The same goes for guinea pigs.

Jicama has some health benefits, and it is an excellent vegetable. But you should not offer your pet too much jicama. It will ruin its health. One of the main reasons is sugar.

Sugar can damage the internal health of your guinea pigs. Moreover, it will increase the ultimate sugar level in the blood. That’s how your pet will face diabetics, pressure, and other diseases.

Despite all these opposing sides, you can offer your pet a minimum amount of jicama. You can add them with pet food and make them healthy. Your guinea pigs will love to eat.

How much jicama can guinea pigs eat at a time?

Guinea pigs can eat a lot of jicama at a time. But you should not allow it to eat that much. It will cause health damage. Therefore, 3-4 slices of jicama will be an ideal amount that your guinea pigs should eat at a time.

Remember, more jicama means more sugar. And more sugar means more diseases. That’s why you should not treat your pigs with jicama too often.

However, guinea pigs can eat 8-10 jicama at a time. But it will not do any good to its health. Instead, it will ruin the internal and stomach system. If your guinea pigs start to live on jicama, they will suffer in the long run.

How often can guinea pigs eat jicama?

Guinea pigs can eat jicama 2-3 times a week. Guinea pigs should not eat jicama more than three times. It will damage internal health.

Guinea pigs can eat jicama every single day. But it is you who needs to control your pet’s eating habits. Otherwise, it will suffer in the long run.

Sometimes, guinea pigs may run out of sugar in their blood. Therefore, they become sick. In that case, you may consult a doctor and take advice. If the doctor suggests using jicama regularly, then offer you pigs the right amount of it.

How can I feed jicama to guinea pigs?

You can feed jicama to guinea pigs in several ways. But the best one is to slice jicama and mix them with pet food. That’s how you can feed jicama to guinea pigs.

But jicama has different types and categories. Let’s see how you can feed them to your guinea pigs.

Fresh jicama:

You can slice fresh jicama and then mix it with pet food. This is the best way to feed jicama to guinea pigs. That means you can feed fresh jicama to guinea pigs this way.

Fresh jicama is the best source of nutrients and minerals. It’s a root vegetable; therefore, you can safely feed it to guinea pigs.

Frozen jicama:

Frozen jicama cannot be sliced easily. You need to defrost it and then cut it accordingly. That means you cannot feed directly frozen jicama to guinea pigs; you must defrost it and then feed it to your pet.

Cooked jicama:

Cooked jicama is an excellent way to feed guinea pigs. You can directly use the cooked jicama without adding any extra pet food with it.

But you need to cook jicama for pet purposes. Avoid using any tasty salt or added sugar. You should avoid using extra spices here.

Dried jicama chips:

Dried jicama chips are for human purposes. You cannot feed dried jicama chips to guinea pigs. They cannot digest chips and other dry foods.

Dried jicama chips are excellent foods for diet and weight loss. You must avoid using it as your pet food.

Can baby guinea pigs eat jicama?

Baby guinea pigs can eat jicama. But you should peel it and avoid feeding the hard outer skins because skins will make the stomach of baby guinea pigs bad. In fact, baby guinea pigs cannot digest jicama skin.

Therefore, you must peel the jicama and cut off the skin properly. Then, offer the inner part to your baby guinea pigs. Most of the nutrients come from the flesh, not from the skin.

Mainly, baby guinea pigs have low digestive power. As a result, they cannot eat everything like the adult one. Therefore, you should buy the ideal pet food for baby guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat jicama fries or jicama pickles?

Guinea pigs should not eat jicama fries or jicama pickles. It will increase sodium content in the pig’s body. Therefore, sodium content is hazardous for guinea pigs.

On the other hand, jicama fries are for human beings. It’s not pet food that you can offer to your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs only can eat fresh jicama.

However, both the jicama fries and pickles are harmful. Guinea pigs can’t digest them and extract the nutrients. So, it will be better if you avoid using jicama fries and pickles.

Final thoughts

Jicama is a root vegetable that belongs to the bean family. And, guinea pigs love to eat different vegetables and sliced beans. That’s why guinea pigs can eat jicama. But you should peel and cut off the skin and offer your pigs only the inner jicama flesh. But, over-eating jicama is not good.