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Can Fish Eat Shrimp & Shrimp Eggs? (Answered)

There are only certain things that some fish can eat. It is very important to know if they can eat shrimp or shrimp eggs. This is because feeding them the wrong thing can hamper their health. 

Can fish eat shrimp & shrimp eggs?

There are a lot of aquarium fish present that will end up eating shrimp or shrimp eggs. This is why it is always warned to not keep shrimp or shrimp eggs in the same tank as your other fishes. If they are anywhere between medium-sized then they will eat shrimp or their eggs without any hesitation. 

This is the general rule of nature or the nature of the food chain. Shrimp and shrimp eggs are very small so it is expected for any aquarium fish to consume them.

It is always suggested to never breed shrimp alongside other fishes in an aquarium because such fishes are opportunistic. If they can consume shrimp and their eggs, the fish will tear them apart. 

Shrimp is a part of the natural food chain and is also the main source of protein or food for any marine life. Regardless of the size of the fish, if the shrimp can fit inside the mouth of the tank fish then it will be devoured without any second thought. 

Only if your aquarium fish is very small or if your shrimps are really large then only you can expect the shrimps to live alongside the fishes in your aquarium. If they do not fit inside the mouth of the fishes then they will most likely not be consumed by them either. 

Can these fishes eat shrimp?

It is important to know which fishes are capable of eating your shrimp so that you can avoid breeding the fishes alongside the shrimps in the same tank.


Betta can eat frozen shrimp, frozen cooked shrimp as well. However, you must never make it a habit for them to eat it and only limit it to treats.

This is because not only is it prone to causing indigestion and bloating, making it a big part of its diet can be harmful. Bettas will also eat raw freshwater shrimp as well as cherry shrimp.

Even though these are better than frozen or cooked shrimp, eating too much of it can still be dangerous for your betta fish. 


Yes, as long as the shrimp can fit inside the mouth of your guppy they can eat them.  Small species such as cherry shrimps are almost always eaten by guppies. 


Kois can and will eat shrimp also Brian shrimps. It is perfectly fine for them to have shrimps in their diet. It can only be an issue if you are trying to breed them together because shrimps fall in the range of Koi’s food chain. 


Goldfish are very fond of eating shrimp so you must avoid putting them inside the same tank together.

They are particularly very prone to eating ghost shrimps and cherry shrimps and it is alright to put those in their diet if you are not trying to breed them. 


Oscar fish can eat a variety of shrimps. They can have fresh, frozen as well as dried shrimp. They love brine shrimps in particular. You can put them in their diet as well.


Catfish are excellent prey and shrimps are used as bait to lure them in and catch them. Catfish will eat both raw as well as cooked shrimp, but they are more fond of raw shrimp. It will not be a good idea to put them together in the same tank. 

Dwarf puffer:

Dwarf puffers will eat shrimps if they are smaller in size. It is also important to note that even if the shrimps are not small enough to eat, dwarf puffers will still harass them and nip at them. 

Freshwater fish:

Shrimps are a natural part of the food chain so it is not a shock that even freshwater fish can eat them. Brine shrimps are sometimes a big part of their diet. 

Saltwater fish:

Saltwater fish can eat shrimp, especially marine shrimp since they are a part of their diet and natural food chain. They can also consume brine shrimp since they are nutritious for saltwater fish. 

Tropical fish:

If you are talking about tropical fishes in your tank then it is very likely that they will not eat the species already present in your tank, even if it’s shrimp. As long as they are fed properly. 

What fish can eat shrimp?

Live shrimp are mostly safe to eat for many fishes because they are a part of the natural food chain and are almost always consumed by any fish that can fit the shrimp in their mouth.

However, there are only some fishes that can have shrimps as the main part of their diet. These include goldfish, betta, angelfish, saltwater fishes, tropical fishes, oscar fish, discus fish. Small and medium-sized fishes can and will eat shrimp. 

Can fish eat shrimp eggs?

No, you should always be careful that small or medium-sized fishes do not eat shrimp eggs. They will most likely not consume it in the first place but if they accidentally do it then it can be very dangerous.

This is because the unhatched eggs can end up blocking their digestive tracts. This is extremely harmful to them as it can result in loss of life. 

Can fish eat:

To avoid any dangerous situations, it is very important to note what exactly your fish can eat and what you must avoid at all costs. 

Shrimp food:

Even if your fish can eat shrimp food, you must avoid feeding it. This is because it will not have all the adequate nutrients for your fish to develop properly.

Fishes are larger than shrimp so the amount of nutrients they will need in their food is also vastly different. 

Raw shrimp:

Raw shrimps are alright to consume for a lot of fishes since it is a part of the natural food chain. However, in an aquarium, it can turn your fishes into predators so it is better to avoid it. 

Shrimp babies:

Yes, your fish can and will consume baby shrimps. They will fit into the mouths of almost every fish out there and in an aquarium, they will likely be devoured by your fishes. 

Shrimp pellets:

Shrimp pellets have a good mixture of nutrients present. This makes it alright for tropical fishes, in particular, to consume them without any issue. Since it is edible almost every fish out there will consume it too. 

Shrimp shells:

If your fishes are from the aquarium then no they cannot consume shrimp shells. This is because they are not used to preying in the wild which means they will not be able to digest shrimp shells.

This can cause bloating, blocked intestines if too much is consumed. 

Cooked shrimp:

It depends on the particular type of fish. Some fishes can digest cooked shrimps better than raw shrimps. On the other hand, some fishes are not able to handle digesting cooked shrimps which can result in serious bloating. 

Dried shrimp:

Dried shrimps are alright for fishes to consume as long as they are flakey. If the dried shrimps are in big chunks and have big shrimp shells it can cause indigestion as well as plausible blockage of the digestive tract if a lot of it is consumed. 

Frozen shrimp:

Frozen shrimps are most certainly alright to feed to most of your fishes. You will have to keep in mind to thaw them out and cut them into smaller pieces so that your fish can easily consume them. 

Brine shrimp:

Brine shrimps are in the natural food chain for a wide range of fishes so it is completely alright to feed them to your fish.

You can also feed your fish brine shrimp if they have not been deceased for too long. Avoid doing it if the expired shrimps are too old. 

Unhatched brine shrimp eggs:

No, you must remove them immediately because they can get consumed by the fish. If small fishes, in particular, consume them it can be very dangerous as it can block their guts. 

Ghost shrimp:

Ghost shrimp should only be fed as a treat. They are mostly fed to larger and aggressive tank fishes. 

Will fish eat shrimp in the tank? Can shrimp and fish live together? 

If the shrimp fits inside the mouth of your fish then it will get eaten by the fish in the tank at one point. It is not possible to expect shrimps and fishes to live together since shrimps are a natural part of the food chain and are eaten by a variety of fishes. 

Final Thoughts

Most fishes end up eating shrimps in the aquarium. There are only some fish present that can be harmed if they consume too much shrimp. It is important to know which fishes can consume what so that you can avoid putting any of your fishes in a dangerous situation.