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Can Fish Eat Rice? (Goldfish, Betta, Koi, Guppy & More)

Rice is a staple food for many animals as well as humans. But how about fish? Do fishes find rice as their primary source of carbohydrates? In this article, we will talk about whether fish eat rice.

We will also take a look at different types of fish and their food habits. So without further ado, let’s proceed with this interesting discussion.

Can fish eat rice?

Different kinds of fish have different food habits. It’s generally not advisable to feed starchy food to fish as they cannot derive any nutritional values from it. But there are many fish, that eat rice without hesitation. For example, goldfish, betta fish, guppy fish, and many other fish eat rice.

Fish generally love to eat rice. Although it does not provide them with any nutritional value, rice is always well received in a fish tank. The question still arises in the minds of many fish enthusiasts, whether fish can eat rice.

Here is a list of different types of fish and their response to rice. Let’s take a look at whether these fish can eat rice.

Betta fish:

Betta fish are carnivores. They need a significant portion of protein to survive, and it cannot be met with rice. Betta fish enjoy eating rice and will try to grab a bite whenever they can find rice.

That said, betta dish can and will eat rice whenever they can find some. But it will not be sufficient to meet their dietary needs.


Guppy fish can and will eat rice. They enjoy eating rice whenever they can find some. But guppy fish is carnivores as well, so the rice does not meet their dietary needs. They will need other sources of protein such as fish in order to survive.

Koi fish:

Yes, koi fish can eat rice. They can eat other sources of carbohydrates such as bread and cereals. In fact, they will enjoy such food items. But you should always remember that koi fish is not supposed to have too many carbohydrates.

Otherwise, they will develop some serious health issues. Instead, koi fish is supposed to eat food that is rich in protein and other nutritional values. 


Yes, goldfish can eat rice. In fact, goldfish love to eat rice and will gladly gobble up any form of rice whenever they can find any.

But it is not necessary for their diet. And rice does not contribute any nutritional values to their diet plan as well, so they will need other food sources to survive.

Fighter fish:

Fighter fish is carnivorous and they do not need to eat carbohydrate as often. In fact, they should not have too many carbohydrates or else they will develop some health issues.

Fighter fish can eat rice. But they should not eat too much rice. If you desire to feed fighter fish rice, then it should be only once a week in order to avoid any health complications.


Catfish can eat rice. It will be easily digestible for them as long as you maintain a certain portion. Rice should not cover more than 35% of the diet of a catfish.

You should be careful not to feed them too many carbohydrates or else the fish will face many health complications.

Small fish:

Yes, small fish can eat rice. In fact, they love to eat rice. These fish will eat frozen rice with much appreciation. They also like to eat boiled rice.

Pond fish:

Yes, pond fish will eat rice. They can eat rice in any form. But it is advisable not to feed uncooked rice to pond fish. Uncooked rice can cause serious health complications. 

Oscar fish:

Yes, oscar fish can eat rice as well. But they should only be allowed to eat boiled rice. Uncooked rice may harm them as the rice will expand after it reaches their stomach.

Baby fish:

Baby fish can eat rice. But you should be careful because baby fish should not eat uncooked rice. They should only eat boiled rice when necessary.

Molly fish:

Molly fish can eat rice. But they would rather eat spinach and other aquatic plants because rice does not offer them any nutritional value.

Do fish eat wild rice? Can fish eat uncooked rice?

Yes, fish will eat wild rice when they find some. Fish cannot differentiate between different forms of rice. So they gobble up rice, whether it is cooked, uncooked, or wild.

But you should be careful while offering rice to fish. While fishes certainly can eat uncooked rice, but they should not.

Uncooked rice is likely to expand once it is ingested by fish. So if the rice expands out of proportion, it is likely to cause some health complications to the fish. So it is advised that you should feed uncooked rice to your fish.

Can fish eat rice Krispies?

Yes, fish eat Krispies without any hesitation. In fact, they will happily eat Krispies whenever they can find some.

Experts do not recommend that you feed rice to fish because rice lacks the nutritional values that fish need. But rice Krispies are rich in nutritional values. So fish do not hesitate to eat these.

Since Krispies are made combining different nutrients, fish can eat Krispies without any second thought. It is in fact quite healthy for them.

2 reasons why fish shouldn’t eat rice

There are a handful of reasons why fish should not eat rice. Experts do not recommend feeding rice to fish. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons:

Rice does not offer any nutritional value:

Most fish are carnivores. So they need protein sources in their diet, which they derive from other fish and microorganisms. But they will also eat rice when they can find some.

But rice cannot offer them any nutritional value as they do not need any carbohydrates in order to survive. Some fish cannot have rice more than once a week without developing health issues.

Rice may expand:

Rice may expand once it is ingested by the fish. This happens especially in the case of uncooked rice. If you feed uncooked rice to fish, it is very likely to expand in their stomach.

This will then cause them much trouble. The fish may face several health complications then. This is why fish should not eat rice. 

What can you feed fish instead of rice?

The diet plan of a fish is not an easy thing to plan. You will need to consider several factors while planning the diet of a fish.

While fish can eat rice, they should not be allowed more than a certain portion of rice. Instead of rice, you can feed them cooked vegetables. You can opt for peas, carrots, and more.

In addition, you can feed them Krispies. Krispies are made by combining a range of nutritional values that can benefit fish.

Ideal food diet for fish

It is quite a challenge to plan the diet of a fish. Let’s take a look at some of the ideal food diets for fish.


Omnivores eat both plants and meat. Here’s a food diet for omnivorous fish:

Commercial fish food:

You can always fill the diet of your omnivorous fish with commercial fish food such as Krispies, flakes, and more.


These fish eat worms of all kinds. You can feed them earthworms as it is one of their favorite foods.


Spirulina is rich in protein. They will help you put a very satisfying diet plan for your fish.


Carnivores eat both plants and fish because they need a diet that is filled with protein. So you will need to plan the diet accordingly:


Carnivores eat other fish in order to survive. Most carnivores enjoy eating killifish. So you can feed your carnivore fish some killifish in order to provide them a healthy diet.


These fish love to eat other departed fish, preferably small ones. You can always throw a pipefish into an aquarium and your pet fish will happily gobble them up.


In addition to fish, carnivores will eat insects. They are naturally good hunters.


Herbivores are fish that eat only plants and vegetables. Here’s a diet plan for them: 

Cooked vegetables:

You can always offer cooked vegetables to herbivores. They can eat peas, carrots, cauliflowers, and more.


Herbivores enjoy eating algae. They also eat other microorganisms that their water source hosts.


Herbivore plants eat aquatic plants. You can offer them live plants or cooked plants as well.

Final Thoughts

Fish can and will eat rice. We looked at different kinds of fish and their response to rice, something that we know as a staple. But fish should not have too much rice as it may cause many health complications. In addition, uncooked rice should not be given to fish as it causes digestion issues.