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Can Fish Eat Frog Food? (Goldfish, Betta, Koi, Guppy Etc.)

Figuring out what a fish eats seems to be very difficult but it is in fact not that hard. The diet charts of fishes are very simple. They do not tend to fuss over food. If they do not want something they will simply avoid it.

However, you should do proper research before giving anything to your fish. As it is food you should be careful with it. There is absolutely no reason to risk such a huge thing.

Can fish eat frog food?

It is not entirely uncommon for fish to gobble up on the frog food. In fact they tend to enjoy the taste of frog food. And as frogs are slow eaters, fishes will take up the opportunity and eat the food for the frogs. It is not particularly a problem but a fact, when you keep frogs and fish together.

Frog foods are actually safe for fishes. Though it should not be a substitute for fish food. It can be something like an occasional treat to your fish. The ingredients in the frog food are safe and non harmful for your fish.

But it does not mean you can give the frog food to all kinds of fish. Some fish do not prefer it and some fish should not be given the food, even as treats. Though in general the frog food will not cause any harm to the fish still it is best to stay careful.

Betta fish:

Frog food is not for the Betta fish. It is not good for the fish and at the same time they do not seem to like it either. Most of the time the fish will let the frog food sink to the bottom of the aquarium.


These fish are not picky eaters at all. The Guppy fish will eat frog food with much joy. Actually there are very few types of food that this fish will avoid. So there is no worry to it.

Koi fish:

Koi fish do not fuss over food either. If the bits of the frog food is small enough to fit in their mouth, they will have it.


It is a known fact that a goldfish will eat almost everything they can. Frog food are no different to this statement. But do not make it their regular food.

Oscar fish:

Though the fish enjoy live food, commercial food is also good for them. They do not fuss over food that much.


Do not be surprised if your catfish shows disinterest in frog food. The predatory instinct of the catfish makes them not want to eat anything that does not move or give them a chase.

Is frog food bad for fish?

There is nothing harmful in frog food, so it is safe to give it to your fish. Though it should not be turned into a regular food in the diet cart of your fish. On occasional situations you can give the frog food as treats to your fish, not regularly.

The ingredients used to make frog food are almost the same as the ones used to make fish food. Fish food is a bit smaller in size for the convenience of the fishes as they have smaller sized mouths. Which means the only thing you should be concerned about is the size of the food.

Frogs are slow eaters. This is why if you keep your frog and fish together, there is a good chance your fish will eat up the food given to you frog before the frog. There is very little chance of the frog food being bad for your fish.

4 reasons why fish eat frog food

Frog fish may not be the favorite food of your fish but that does not mean they will not have them.

On certain occasions you might find your fish fighting with you frog over who gets the food, intended for your frog. There are a few reasons why your fish might want to have a share of the frog food-


If you do not give your fish enough food then they will try to eat whatever they find. So make sure to not skip the meals for your fish. It is not ideal for your fish to have frog food regularly.

The ingredients:

The ingredients used to make frog food are very much similar to the ones used to make the food for your fish. So the fish pick up on the smell of the food and feel the urge to have it. Which is why it is very much safe for your fish to have the food also.

Frogs are slow eaters:

When you give food for your frog, they tend to take their time. And fishes will take up this chance to eat up the food, out of their competitive instinct. This s easier for fish with agility and fast pace. Bad luck for your frog.

Depends on the fish:

Not all fish like frog food. And some fish have smaller mouth so they can’t feed on the frog food. But fishes like the guppy and koi fish will eat anything they lay their eyes on. So it all depends on the type of fish you have.

Most fishes are not picky when it comes to food. There are some fish who will chew up tadpoles if possible. So frog food is not much of a matter of concern when it comes to a fish who is hungry.

What do fish eat?

Fishes in general are not fussy about food. They have a very diverse diet chart which has a lot of shift and change. They adapt their food habit to the surrounding. Different types of fish have different choices of food. And a lot of it depends on where the fishes dwell.


Saltwater fish or ocean fish have the most diverse diet chart. They do not have any specific hate for any type of food. Some they prefer more than the other that is all.


The fish of the ocean will eat red, green or any type of algae. They do not differentiate between microalgae or macro algae either.

Carnivore’s fish:

If the fish is carnivores they will opt for shrimp or any other small fish instead of algae.


No matter the type of fish, the plankton is a constant for ocean fish.


Pond water fish or freshwater fish will gobble on anything you give them. Usually, the fish are habituated so it is not a bother for you.

Natural food:

Weeds, algae and other insects in the pond are good for the pond fishes. They will also eat the plankton they find around them. Some will even chow down on tadpoles even.


Apart from what they find in the nature, the fishes also need nutrition from outside. Which is why the pond fishes are sometimes given supplements like different vitamins or zinc. Some even give them bread.


If you have fish in your home, meaning aquarium, they will need a specific diet chart consisting of a mix of all kinds of vitamins and food.

Commercial food:

There are specific food for aquarium fishes which have a little bit of everything. They are constantly fed to them.

Plant and meat:

Any plants found in the aquarium is good. So are planktons and meat like frozen shrimp.

Can fish feed on frogs?

It is not an entirely uncommon scenario where a fish eats a frog. Some fishes have predatory instincts, and these instincts kick in when they see or come near a small sized frog. That is when they will fight and eventually eat up the frog. This is actually very common in nature.

Fishes eating tadpoles is not hard to believe but a fish eating up a whole frog is not something anyone would believe without proof.

If a frog is smaller than the fish, there is a good chance of it being eaten by that fish. Tadpoles or the grown-up frog both are the same to some fishes if they are larger in size than the frog.

There are some fishes who particularly like eating frogs. Fishes who have a dominant predatory instinct like the Northern Pike or the Catfish tend to have a liking for the frogs as food.

Final thoughts

Fishes being very easy going with their food habit will eat frog food as well. They do not fuss over any type of food in fact. If the frog food is small enough for them to have they will eat it. Sometimes the frog food will get soggy, making it easier for the fishes to gobble up on the food.