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Can Fish Eat Dog Food? (Goldfish, Betta, Guppy, Koi, Etc.)

Pet food and fish food are not the same for some reason. In other words, all pet foods don’t come with the same ingredients. They have different food items for different pets.

If you look at the dog food, you will find meat and bone out there. When you search for cat food, you will not find any bones out there. So, you know that every pet food is partially or wholly different from each other.

However, pet lovers ask if the fish can eat dog food or not. To get the answer and other information, keep reading and find your queries. It will be solution-based writing.

Can fish eat dog food?

Fish cannot eat dog food because of meat and bone. Since dog food is made with meat, bones, and protein-based ingredients, fish cannot eat that. Fish food is entirely different. Fish food is made with delicate items, including earthworms, minerals, and vitamins. Also, fish can’t eat like dogs.

As we said, dog foods are made with meat, meat byproducts, cereals, and grains. There are a lot more items that manufacturers use to make dog food. Some add vitamins and minerals too. But the essential things are similar.

On the other hand, fish food is made with delicate items that fish can easily swallow. Fish doesn’t need meat or meat byproducts. They can’t take that easily.

Besides, fish need minerals and vitamins more than dogs. Therefore, the food maker uses these ingredients as the fundamental part of fish food. But the dog food makers concentrate more on the meat and byproducts. That’s why the fish cannot eat dog food.

Is dog food safe for fish?

Dog food is not safe for fish because of minerals and vitamins. These are the crucial ingredients of fish food. You cannot expect dog food to come with enough vitamins or minerals.

In that case, dog food fails to supply the needs of the minerals and vitamins to the fish. Eventually, your favorite fish can lose its life if you continue feeding the dog food to the fish. It will create dangerous health issues too.

When you give your fish dog’s food, most probably, the fish isn’t going to take them or eat them either. But if you continually force them, they might start eating. But they will expire soon. That’s why dog food is not safe. So, it’s better if you buy the right fish food.

Can these fishes eat dog food?

Most of the fish cannot eat dog food. If you force them, they might take the food when they don’t get anything else. But it is not an ideal practice.

However, to make it easier, we found some popular dishes as pets. Read them and find out if these fishes can eat dog food or not.


Betta cannot eat dog food either. They need the soft one. They like dried, frozen food, including living worms and minerals. Also, you can try out other fish food too. They will usually take them.

Whatever you prefer as a portion of fish food, you must avoid buying or using the dog food for the Betta fish. They cannot process the dog food and cannot digest them either. So, if you force them to eat dog food, they might expire.


Guppy fish needs more protein than any other fish. To meet their needs, you can use brine shrimp. But don’t try to feed the guppy fish with dog food.

Brine Shrimp contains 60% protein and 25% carbohydrate and minerals. It is the perfect food for the guppy. Moreover, it helps the guppy to grow quickly. However, guppies cannot eat dog food either.


Here comes the universal fish. Koi is a lucky fish as it can eat anything, including insects, leaves, cereals, and fish food. Even koi fish can eat watermelon too. You can also use dog food for the koi fish regarding this concept.

But be careful; dog food is not an ideal practice for koi fish. You should avoid that and use fish food instead. Only if you run out of fish food can you give some dog food to the koi fish since the koi can eat dog food.


Goldfish cannot eat the dogfish. They cannot even eat all the fish food too. You should buy fish food that is only designed for the goldfish. In any other cases, they will pass on within a while.

Goldfish are beautiful yet weakfish. They need special care. Therefore, you must select the right food for them. A mixture of veggie, live brine shrimp, and daphnia is an excellent food for the goldfish.


Oscar fish can eat vegetables and brine shrimp. You can use both the dried shrimp and the live brine shrimp. However, you cannot use dog food here.

Oscar is not used to eating dog food, and they cannot eat dog food either. They love to eat plants and veggies. So, if you are planning to feed your Oscar fish dog food, change the plan and use your home veggie instead.


Catfish cannot eat dog food in any sense. They will expire if you feed them dog food. However, brine shrimp and bloodworms are the ideal food for the catfish. You can use fish food too.

Wild Fish:

Wild fish cannot eat dog food. And, you must avoid feeding them too. They love to eat on their own.

But if needed, you can use the fish meal or the fish food. Let them eat by themselves. They can eat all the natural fish food quickly.

Pond fish:

In some cases, pond fish can eat dog food. But this is not an ideal practice at all. You must avoid using dog food as fish food. They will get sick if you continuously try dog food instead of fish food.

What kind of fish eats dog food?

Fish don’t like or love to eat dog food in any case. But if you force them or remain unfed, they eat whatever they will find. However, only the koi fish eat the dog food without having any health issues in the short run.

Fish like koi can eat dog food. But it is a good practice to let any fish eat the dog food. This food will create health issues. If you continue using dog food, your beloved fish will lose its life soon.

Do fish like dog food?

Fish don’t like dog food. Dog foods consist of different meat products that contain high amounts of protein. And we know that dogs love bones. So, the dog food comes with bones too.

However, fish don’t like meat and bone. They love to take small plants, veggies, and other cereals. Fish need minerals and vitamins to grow fast. Therefore, they love to take food with a high amount of minerals and vitamins.

What can you feed fish if you run out of fish food?

If you run out of fish food, you can use some available vegetables and other soft foods for your fish. Here we come with some tips and foods that you can use if you run out of fish food.


Vegetables would be ideal if you run out of fish feed. You can use peas, carrots, pumpkins, and cauliflower. But don’t use dog food instead of fish food. It will harm the fish’s health.

Cooked rice and oatmeal:

Cooked rice and oatmeal are also two great ways of replacing fish food if needed. In that case, you need to cook them well and make sure there is nothing harmful left. 

Especially if you have goldfish and koi fish, you can use them if you run out of fish food.

Live food:

Live food is another good source to feed your fish if you run out of fish food. In that case, you can use the live brine shrimp and earthworms. They are considered as the best food as well. 

Since they contain protein and carbohydrates, you should have them if you run out of fish food.


Greens are another food source if you suddenly run out of fish food. If you have aquarium fish, you can surely use the Greens as the fish food. Here the lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and zucchini would be some excellent choices. 

If you have these available, avoid feeding dog food.

Freeze-dried foods:

Freeze-dried foods are another excellent alternatives source if you run out of fish food. You can use dried mealworms or brine shrimp. They will meet the fish needs.

Final thoughts

Fish cannot eat dog food. You must avoid feeding your fish dog food. Since dog foods come with processed meat and bone, your fish cannot eat them. If you force them to eat such food, fish will get sick soon. Eventually, they will lose its life. So, you must avoid feeding dog food to your fish.