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Can Dogs Lick Bag Balm? (All You Need to Know)

Balms are usually used to make the hardened skin soft or mostly to treat cracked and patched skin. Any dry part of the skin or body can be soothed by simply applying a balm. Balms help cool down hot and irritated parts of the skin. And this is not limited to humans only.

Dogs can get patched skin as well. Especially their paws, a dog’s paws are perhaps the most irritated. It is actually healthy to apply bag balm to your dog’s paws. There are some general concerns to this though.

Can dogs lick bag balm?

Even though it is safe if your dog licks some of the bag balms, it is still not okay for them to do so. It is best to make sure your dog to not lick or eat any amount of the bag balm. The products used to make the balm are not exactly toxic so it is not very harmful to dogs. But best be careful.

Bag balms are not always considered non-toxic. As the product is supposed to be applied to the cracked skin, they are made with non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm the skin. This is why the bag balms can be licked by dogs. But it is best to not let your dog lick the bag balm.

Is bag balm safe for dogs to lick?

Bag balms are made with harmless ingredients, so it is safe for dogs to lick the balm. But still, the product should not be consumed or licked by dogs or any other animals. Bag balms should be used very cautiously. Just because it is not toxic does not mean your dog can have it.

Bag balms can be used as moisturizers. Sometimes bag balms are used in places that are dry or patched. Sometimes chaffed skin can also be treated with bag balm. So it is safe to use the balm on your dog. Even so, you should be careful while you apply the balm.

Most of the ingredients used in making the bag balms are safe and non-toxic. Consuming them in little amount will not cause any harm or irritation to your stomach. So there is a chance that your dog will be fine after licking the balm. Still, you should not let your dog lick the lip balm.

3 reasons bag balm is safe for dogs to lick:

Bag balms are safe to be applied to dogs. Sometimes dogs can lick off the bag balms but that is safe as well. Which is not advised at all. But It is safe. There will be no health-related issues or any severe issues as well.

There are a few good reasons why it is safe for your dog to lick bag balm –

Harmless ingredients:

The ingredients used in making the bag balms are very much harmless and non-toxic. They are chosen so they do not cause any harm to the skin or the stomach. This is why bag balm is safe for dogs.


Bag balms are non-toxic as they are applied on the cracks, which are more sensitive than any other skin. So it is definitely safe for dogs as well.

Lick only a small amount:

A lot depends on the amount of the lip balm. Chances are the dog will lick only a small amount, which is not that harmful.

A little bit of bag balm will not hurt or harm anyone, even your dog. But that does not mean your dog should have it. Even though the bag balms are not toxic, there might be side effects. So it is best that you look after this.

What if my dog licks bag balm? What happens if they lick it?

In most cases, dogs will lick off anything that comes in contact with their skin and body. The same goes for lip balms. The good news is, the lip balm is safe for your dog to lick. But it is best if you keep your dog from licking it. You never know what might happen.

The ingredients used in bag balms are usually non-toxic. So on pen and paper, it may seem that the product is safe to eat. While it is safe to lick for dogs, that should not happen. The ingredients are not toxic but that does not mean the ingredients are edible.

Your dog might get nauseous and start vomiting.

There are no reported problems or injury cases after dogs licking bag balms. The worst that could happen is your dog might get an upset stomach and start vomiting. Other than that, there is no severe risk if your dog licks bag balm.

How do you use paw bag balm for dogs?    

Paw bag balm can be used on dogs for their skin problems. Mostly to treat dry and irritated skin. It can be applied directly on irritated skin or on the dry patches of the skin. The balm can be applied to the paws as well. Mostly in any place, your dog feels irritated or dry.

It is best to get a consultation from a vet or a specialist. But two times a day is good for dogs. The balm can be massaged on the areas needed. Snouts, paws, hot spots, or anywhere there is dry skin occurring, you can apply the balm to soothe the irritation.

Read the instructions of the balm before applying if you are worried or still confused. As the ointment is for external use, the instructions are not very difficult to follow through.

Should I put bag balm on my dog’s paws?

It is common for the paws of your dog to be irritated and dry. More times than others, the paws cause the most irritation. In these situations, it is best to use balms on your dogs’ paws. The bag balm can soothe the paws of your dog and make the irritation go away faster.

Other than this, if your dog faces any injury in their paw, or if the paw cracks applying balm to the affected area can help it heal faster. Other than making your dog feel comfortable, the balm can fasten the healing process.

And regular use of balm on the paws of your dog can prevent future injuries or cracks as well.

Is bag balm ok to use on my dog’s ripped pad?

Pet balms and paw creams are perfectly safe for dogs Balms help soothe the pain and irritation of patched skin. Most of the time, with dry skin it is advised to apply the balm in the affected area. Paws face the most amount of irritation and cracks.

This is why it is important to take care of the paws.

Some balms and creams help soothe the cracks of the paws. Even if the paws are not cracked, you should apply balms in the paws from time to time. Balms prevent any future irritations. they can also help soften the paws to make them more comfortable for your dog.

So it is perfectly fine to use bag balm on your dogs’ paws.

How often should you put paw balm on dogs?

The balm should be applied in the cracked area around 2 or 3 times a day. This will help the cracked areas to heal faster. Applying daily will also keep the paws soft and will protect them from getting any more injured.

If the case is not too serious then you can apply the balm around 4 to 5 times a week.

Usually, vets prescribe and will tell you how many times to apply the balm. And sometimes it is written on the instructions of the balm. But 2 or 3 times a day is perfectly fine and safe to apply balm on the paws of your dog. It will help soften the paws and heal any cracks.

Is Bag Balm toxic?

The ingredients used in the bag balms are not toxic and are actually very much safe to use. As the product is used to treat irritated and cracked skin, most of the ingredients used in the balm are non-toxic and picked to soothe the skin. This is why the bag balm is not toxic.

To treat cracked or irritated skin, balms are made carefully with ingredients that are meant to soothe the affected area. The balm is not usually toxic and most of the balms are skin-friendly.

If someone does not have an allergy to any specific ingredient used in the balm, there is a good chance that the balm will cause no problem at all.

Final thoughts:

Sometimes your dog will lick the bag balm out of habit. It is their nature. If this happens there is no need to worry too much. Bag balms are safe and it is fine if your dog licks them. They are non-toxic so there is very little chance of any harm. But it is advised to not let dogs lick the bag balm.