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Can Dogs Eat Snap Peas? (Quick Answers)

Snap peas or sugar peas are raw pods that can be eaten raw under different conditions or as a vegetable. You can treat it as both a veggie & fruit since the taste is sweet, and people use it in different recipes. But the difficulty would be to offer the peas to your pets.

Not all veggies & fruits are safe for pets’ health. Some may contain high sugar and other harmful elements that may ruin your pet’s health. Let’s see how you can use these snap peas for your pets.

Can dogs eat snap peas?

Dogs can eat snap peas since they contain essential proteins and other beneficial health ingredients to keep your pet fit. You may offer some peas occasionally, but not every day. Since the peas contain sugar, overeating might damage internal health by increasing sugar levels.

You should check your diet chart when you ask if dogs can eat snap peas. If no beans or pods are added yet, you must add some snap peas there to maintain good nutrients for your pet’s health. 

It is full of protein, sugar, carbs, vitamins, and some minerals that are highly essential for dog health.

If your dog is an adult, you may offer 2-3 times a week, but your baby dog pet should not eat the snap peas regularly. Maybe you can offer it once a week and provide a good treat for different activities. 

There is another parameter that you cannot offer a handful of snap peas at a time to your pet dog.

Your dog will be happy to overeat the snap peas until you make any restrictions or provide a limited amount of sugar peas. There must be a clear picture to provide only a few snap peas to your dog. 

If your dog is sick and you are looking for an ideal fruit for recovering its health, you should offer this sugar pea.

It will provide enough protein and other vitamins to recover from the injury or damage to health. Since it contains carbs & sugar, it will successfully produce enough heat and can fight against viruses and other bacteria. 

But it’s crucial to know whether your dog can eat different snap peas or if they are safe for your dog’s health.

Raw sugar snap peas:

Your pet dog can eat raw sugar snap peas since it doesn’t have any harmful elements or chemicals to damage your dog’s health. 

If you have some peas plants in your garden, you may get some and offer them to your pet dog, and it will be happy to eat them all. Raw sugar snap peas can also damage your dog’s health.

If your dog overeats raw sugar snap peas, it will produce gas in the stomach and ruin the entire digestive system. So, it’s essential to maintain a diet plan and offer your dog a limited amount of raw sugar peas to help it be fit and not become weak.

Pickled snap peas:

The dogs cannot eat pickled snap peas since they will contain some harmful ingredients for dog health. You might be delighted to have some pickles with some snacks, but the added spices are not beneficial to your dog’s health. 

They may create difficulties in digestion or other areas.

If you offer pickled snap peas to your dog, it may eat some peas from there but can’t digest them like other fruits. Whenever you offer fruits to your dog, be sure not to offer any toxic elements, unhealthy oil, or anything like that. 

So, avoid the pickled sugar peas for your dog.

Cooked snap peas:

If you don’t add any extra spices to the raw snap peas, you can offer the cooked snap peas. 

Your dogs can eat cooked snap peas and extract the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from this recipe, but the recipe must be simple and free from added toxic elements. You can only offer some fresh and cooked snap peas once a week.

You cannot offer cooked or raw snap peas if your dog is weak and has kidney disease. It will damage the kidney further and will not allow it to get through the kidneys. Therefore, you should use some raw snap peas and allow your dog to eat them whole.

Are snap peas good for dogs?

Snap peas are good for dogs since they contain all the nutrients for a healthy dog. It contains protein, vitamins, carbs, sugar, and minerals to become an ideal food for most animals and humans. 

Moreover, the taste of these peas is really good, and a perfect natural sugar is there to maintain the health requirements.

The nutrient benefits of using snap peas are many. For instance, your dog will get enough protein from every snap pea and can build muscle accordingly. It will help the dog build bones since it contains a lot of protein. Besides, vitamin C is there to restore the dog’s health.

Suppose your dog is having different diseases. In that case, you may offer some beans or peas regularly to get enough vitamin K & C. 

These two elements will recover the dog’s health sooner than usual, and the other vitamins will help your dog to fight against everything. Apart from that, snap peas or sugar peas contain natural sugar.

If your dog needs sugar to maintain his health, you should avoid added sugar and offer some peas. It will meet the sugar needs of your dog’s health. 

You may offer your dog a few grams of snap peas and allow it to take them every week and get all the nutrients from the single fruit & veggie. 

Dogs with kidney problems shouldn’t eat peas:

If your dogs have kidney problems, they shouldn’t eat peas. The snap peas contain purines, the main culprit in worsening the kidney problems of your dog kidney. These purines contain high uric acid that might damage the kidney further, but it will be a good thing for a healthy dog.

Providing snap peas or sugar peas to your dog will add uric acid to the already damaged kidneys. Sometimes, this uric acid might turn into stones in the kidneys, and it will damage the kidneys and health. 

So, you must avoid giving peas and sugar peas to your dog & provide other fruits that don’t have purines.  

How much and how often can I feed my dog snap peas?

You can feed your dog a maximum of 4 to 5 snap peas weekly. The diet of your dog does not need to include any vegetables. Instead, they require a diet that is abundant in protein to thrive. 

Even if your dog doesn’t like sugar snap peas, you can still give them to him as a treat because there’s no rule against it. 

If you have decided to provide sugar snap peas to your dog as a dietary supplement, you only give your dog four to five at a time and not give them daily but once a week.

Tips to feed snap peas to your dog safely:

Follow the tips I will describe below to feed your dog’s snap peas safely. You may add any other tips to make the food more attractive.


You can feed them to your dog washed and whole, chopped into little pieces, and used as a topping on your dog’s usual meal, as an ingredient in your dog’s homemade dog food (either cooked or raw), or you can feed them whole after washing them.


Be careful that pea pods in their whole might induce choking in certain dogs; therefore, it is recommended that you first slice the pods up and observe how your dog reacts to them before feeding them to your pet in their entirety. 

They can also obstruct the intestinal tract, particularly in dogs of smaller breeds. 

In this situation, you’ll need to use your best judgment to determine whether your dog can handle eating whole sugar snap peas or whether the peas should be broken up into smaller pieces.

Avoid Salt: 

You shouldn’t give your dog any remaining sugar snap peas if they were cooked with salt or if any flavor was added to them after cooking.

Be Cautious: 

Be on the lookout for any symptoms that your dog may have had an adverse reaction to the new food, just as you would with any other food. They might, for instance, throw up or get diarrhea. 

In that case, you should immediately cease giving them sugar snap peas and consult your veterinarian if the symptoms do not improve.

Final thoughts

Although dogs can eat snap peas, you must make a routine and provide peas once or twice a week. But you should never give snap or sugar peas to your dog if it has kidney problems. Otherwise, snap peas will be an excellent food you can offer your dog’s regularly.