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Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Pretzels? (Explained)

Although peanut butter alone makes a safe and delicious treat for dogs if it’s consumed in moderation, pretzels containing peanut butter may or may not be as safe as peanut butter itself for dogs. Thereby, before feeding your furry friend peanut butter pretzels, you may wonder whether dogs can have peanut butter pretzels or not.

Therefore, let’s go through the detailed explanations ahead to learn the answer to this query.

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter Pretzels?

Dogs can’t eat peanut butter pretzels because there are 3x more sodium in just 11 pieces of peanut butter pretzels than a dog’s required amount of sodium per day. And an overdose of sodium can cause various salt poisoning symptoms in dogs that can lead a dog to an untimely demise in severe cases.

Pretzels are not only found with peanut butter coatings but there also are pretzels stuffed with peanut butter. And since it’s already known to you all that dogs can’t have peanut butter-coated pretzels due to containing too much salt in the coating, you may want to know if is okay for dogs to eat peanut butter stuffed pretzels or not.

So, here is an explicit explanation is added below regarding this question, read it to know the answer.

Peanut Butter Stuffed Pretzels:

Dogs absolutely can not eat peanut butter stuffed pretzels because it’s also a salty snack for humans like peanut butter coated pretzels and contain a high level of sodium which is harmful to dogs.

Just like the peanut butter coated pretzels, peanut butter stuffed pretzels contain as much salt which is undoubtedly too much sodium for a canine to consume daily. Therefore, peanut butter stuffed pretzels are also considered as the sodium powerhouse for dogs, and it’s indeed a bad idea to feed dogs these pretzels as snacks.

Moreover, peanut butter stuffed pretzels are made as a salty snack for humans to snack on, not for dogs, and these pretzels are also known as empty-calorie snacks. As a result, if dogs eat these peanut butter stuffed pretzels, they will not get any nutritional benefits, rather than just will be consuming lots of salt and carbs.

And note that consuming a high amount of salty peanut butter stuffed pretzels can lead to salt poisoning in canines and the symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, loss of hunger, frequent urination, dehydration, increased heart rate, and many more. If the case gets serious, such a condition can cause a dog seizure, kidney failure, coma, or even immature demise.

Are Peanut Butter Pretzels Good Or Bad For Dogs?

Peanut butter pretzels (either peanut butter coated or peanut butter filled) are not good for dogs to consume as a snack because they contain a very high amount of salt.

Peanut butter pretzels are basically a salty human snack with little to zero nutritional benefits in them, so even if humans like snacking on these peanut butter pretzels, they make an absolutely unideal snack option for canines. And this is why these pretzels are also called empty-calorie snacks for dogs. Thus, if dogs are feed peanut butter pretzels, they only will be consuming an absurd amount of salt as well as carbs from the pretzels.

An over-consuming of salt later may cause the canine harmful health conditions that are enough to clarify that peanut butter pretzels are bad for dogs.

Is It Okay For My Dog To Eat Peanut Butter Pretzel?

It’s definitely not okay for your beloved furry friend to eat peanut butter pretzels because these pretzels might be a popular snack for you but it’s bad for your pooch. It’s because the coating of peanut butter pretzels has too much salt that’s assumed to exceed the amount of salt intake of dogs on a daily basis.

Thereby, if your dog consumes peanut butter pretzels, it would be a very unhealthy as well as harmful food for it. And your dog may face various symptoms of salt poisoning as well that can even lead to the worst health condition, including immature demise.

Moreover, peanut butter pretzels also contain a high point of carbs like the other pretzels, thus, ingesting too much carbs can make it overweight.

Thence, consuming peanut butter pretzels will not provide your dog with any nutritional benefits, which makes these pretzels not okay to eat at all.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Peanut Butter Pretzels?

The most possible health symptoms that a dog can manifest after consuming peanut butter pretzels have been listed below.


Almost all breeds of dogs naturally aren’t that much tolerant to salt, even a dog weighing 33 pounds can only have 100mg of salt in its everyday diet and the amount becomes even less if is a small dog. Thus, consuming 1-2 hard-baked peanut butter pretzels can even make dogs too thirsty and dehydrated almost instantly affecting their hydration balance.


The digestive system of dogs is different from humans, plus dogs can’t tolerate too much salty foods as their sodium level is very delicate. Thus, when a dog eats peanut butter pretzels, the salt in them cause a digestive problem, and dogs vomit, sometimes they can even go through watery diarrhea condition along with vomiting.


Consuming too many pretzels also can cause lethargy in a dog. You will notice a lack of enthusiasm and energy in a dog if it has eaten too many peanut butter pretzels.


If a dog has eaten too many peanut butter pretzels, facing a sudden seizure/seizures is one of the serious conditions. And later seizures can lead to more lethal health conditions.

Increased Heart Beat:

As peanut butter pretzels contain too much salt, consuming them can cause an increased high bear rate in dogs because dogs are highly intolerant in tolerating excessive salty foods that cross their limitation.

Kidney Failure:

Kidney failure is the other severe health condition that a dog can face if it eats lots of peanut butter pretzels every day and kidney failure surely can lead to an untimely demise.

Neurological Damage:

If the consumption of salt through peanut butter pretzels is too much in a dog, soon the dog will undergo from salt poisoning showing many symptoms. And if such a condition keeps going on without any treatment or without taking it into consideration, very soon salt poisoning will turn into neurological damage.

If a dog reaches this stage, he may not be able to survive.

Untimely Demise:  

When any of the symptoms of severe cases reach their limit or the dog is left with no treatment at all, the dog can pass away before it reaches its old age.

What Should I Feed My Dog Instead Of Peanut Butter Pretzels?

Since dogs love munching on snacks, here is a list of healthy yet delicious treats that you can feed your dog instead of peanut butter pretzels.

Peanut Butter

A moderate amount of peanut butter without xylitol or extra sugar can be a delicious treat for your dog. Besides, peanut butter contains healthy fat, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and protein, so it’s healthy for your dog too.

Strawberry & Blueberry:

Strawberries and blueberries make both delicious and healthy fruity treats for your dog, as both of these berries are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that dogs need.


Carrots are enriched with fiber and beta-carotene antioxidant that helps dogs prevent certain illness. Besides, dogs like to munch on these crunchy carrots. So you can cut them into bite-size and feed your dogs, also can add some peanut butter to make them tastier.


Bite-size apple slices can be a healthy and tasty alternative to peanut butter pretzels for your dog. Apples are rich in fiber which can improve your dog’s digestive system. Also, they contain antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C which can protect your dog against free-radical issues.


You can feed your dog organic pumpkin puree too instead of peanut butter pretzels. Pumpkin puree is super healthy and will offer your dog fiber, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and potassium.


Watermelon makes a very hydrating treat for your dog as it contains 92% water, also it has potassium, Vitamin A, B-6, and C.

How Many Pretzels Can A Dog Eat?

In reality, you should not feed one pretzel of any kind to your four-legged furry friend because both soft and hard pretzels have a high amount of carbs and are coated either in sugar or salt, which is unhealthy for dogs.

However, if you really want to feed your dog pretzels as a treat, give it just one plain pretzel with no salt/sugar coating. In the case of feeding a puppy pretzel, the amount should be a lot less, and get should recommend.

Final Thoughts

Peanut butter pretzels are high in carbs and salt, and offer dogs zero nutritional value if they eat these pretzels, thereby, dogs can’t ever eat peanut butter pretzels. Besides, ingesting such a high amount of salt can cause the canines several salt poisoning symptoms, and even an immature demise.