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Can Dogs Eat Green Tomatoes? (Quick Answers)

Dogs are omnivores which indicates they almost eat everything from plant-based food to meat-based like humans. They also require proper protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals for a sound health. 

But their stomachs are very sensitive so they can’t digest everything like humans. 

Can dogs eat green tomatoes?

As dogs have sensitive stomachs, they can fall sick if they consume green tomatoes. Green tomatoes contain various toxic elements such as solanine and alpha tomatine which cause various health issues like abnormal stomach disturbance, gastrointestinal issues, perspiration, vomiting and weakness. 

Dogs and puppies shouldn’t eat it since it contains hazardous ingredients that could make them feel sick after eating it. Their stomachs are reported to be upset by green tomatoes and their leaves. They might risk losing their lives if they eat too much. 

Additionally, because green tomatoes contain a tomatine-like chemical that is dangerous for the intestine to digest, ingesting them leads dogs and puppies to vomit and have diarrhea. 

The main offender is solanine, which is primarily found in green tomatoes and is thought to be a very toxic element for dogs and puppies. 

 As green tomatoes are a nightshade species of plant, it is advisable to keep dogs away from tomato plants, especially the green ones, as nightshade plants are typically not good for animals, especially dogs and puppies. 

Nightshade plants contain highly concentrated toxic chemicals, so any animal that consumes any part of them, such as the leaves or stems, will experience negative effects. 

Since tomatoes belong to the same family as nightshades, they also contain highly concentrated toxic compounds that are unsafe for dogs. Therefore, veterinarians advise against feeding dogs and puppies these green tomatoes because they are also high in toxic chemicals.

This is the main reason why, after eating green tomatoes, dogs and puppies become lethargic or experience abdominal cramps. 

In comparison to ripe tomatoes, which are also advised to be consumed in moderation, green tomatoes have greater drawbacks and should never be given to dogs or young pups, even in moderation. 

Anything that includes toxins can have negative effects on dogs and puppies because of their sensitive stomachs, such as excessive perspiration, excessive salivation, diarrhea, or frequent vomiting. 

Consuming too many green tomatoes exhibits all these symptoms and might occasionally result in a life-threatening disease.

Therefore, green tomatoes should never be fed to dogs or puppies, either directly or cooked, as the negative effects intensify and the side effects are clearly visible. 

Puppies in particular shouldn’t be allowed too close to a green tomato farm because their bodies are still developing and won’t be able to handle the effects, which will cause them to get sick quickly. Additionally, dogs shouldn’t be allowed near the green tomato farmland.

Symptoms of tomato poisoning on dogs:

Ingesting green tomatoes can be hazardous for dogs even if it’s a small amount. The most harmful components of green tomatoes are solanine and alpha tomatine that causes tomato poisoning on dogs which is known as tomatine poisoning. 

The toxins are high in number in mostly the green stems, leaves or unripe tomatoes. So, dogs and puppies should always be kept away from green tomatoes or they may face tomatine poisoning. Here are the symptoms given below: 


Green tomatoes can upset their stomach due to the toxic element solanine. Dogs feel abdominal cramps, continuously vomit and become too weak. 

Loss of appetite:

Dogs feel no interest in their regular food because of the uncomfortable feeling they are facing like cramps and pain due to green tomatoes. 


Because of the tomatine poisoning in dog’s feel fatigue and weakness throughout their body. They find no interest in their daily routine.

Gastrointestinal issues:

For having acid reflux on green tomatoes, dogs highly mourn from Gastrointestinal issues. Their stomach is very sensitive to acidity and it causes so many health issues at a time. 

Allergic reactions:

Though it’s rare having allergic reactions due to green tomatoes, it can make a dog’s life miserable if it happens. 

What to do if your dog accidentally ate green tomato?

Due to the toxin compounds solanine and tomatine, green tomatoes are always suggested to avoid. Unripe tomatoes and its foliage such as stems, leaves or bushes are equally harmful for dogs. 

If consumed, dogs can face gastrointestinal issues, breathing issues, weakness, dry throat, vomiting, abnormal stomach, etc. If a dog accidentally ate green tomatoes or any parts of it, first you have to find out the amount it has eaten and moderate its health condition carefully. 

If a dog has eaten a small amount of green tomatoes, they may not have any serious issue or only just vomit. If the tomatine poisoning symptoms are seen, they should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible. If they’re having breathing issues, the vet will suggest an ECG. If they’re having stomach disturbance like diarrhea or gastrointestinal issues, they need to be given fluid therapy. However, if the symptoms are minor, feeding them a lower quantity of charcoal as it will wash away all the impurities from their stomach. 

Are ripe tomatoes safe for dogs? Is it good for them?

As tomatoes belong to nightshade plants, both green and ripe tomatoes are not suitable for pets to consume. Nightshade plants bear various toxic elements and can harm a lot. Among the Nightshade plants, green tomatoes are very dangerous to dogs. 

The most toxic element tomatine is concentrated 5-7% in green tomatoes which is very high to tolerate for dogs. However, while tomatoes begin to ripe, the concentration also begins to decrease. As a result, ripe tomatoes become safer if compared to green tomatoes. 

A small amount of ripe tomatoes won’t do any harm to dogs but after giving tomatoes it’s better to keep them in moderation to observe if they are having any abnormal issues. 

Ripe tomatoes are a great treat for dogs that can be given occasionally. Though tomatoes contain some toxic elements, there are also a great number of health beneficial elements. 

Lycopene is the element which protects dogs from cell damage, ultraviolet rays of sun and even prevents cancer. Tomatoes are high in fiber which lowers cholesterol levels and helps to control blood sugar levels. 

Minerals, water and different kinds of vitamins like A, B, E are present in tomatoes which ensure disease free health. But ripe tomatoes should only be given a very small amount and also occasionally

Tips to feed tomatoes to your dog safely:

There are specific steps to take if you need to feed dogs or puppies tomatoes, because they are not the sort of food that they should eat. To avoid the harmful effects, however, tomatoes should be consumed in smaller quantities than other fruits. 

These are some efficient strategies for feeding tomatoes to dogs, because providing tomatoes to dogs on their own may have unfavorable effects.

Tomatoes can be well-blended and combined with dogs’ regular foods. Another tip is to slice them into pieces and give the dogs a small amount at first to monitor their reaction. If any negative reactions are noted, stop giving tomatoes right away. 

Giving tomatoes to dogs in tiny doses will quench their thirst because they are high in vitamins and contain water. 

It is better to blend tomatoes with other dog meals or cut them into little pieces before feeding them to dogs, because giving them a piece of tomato alone could make them choke and have other unfavorable effects.

Small pieces in dogs’ diet:

First, choose the ripe tomatoes; if they are not totally ripe, discard the unripe section before selecting the ripe tomatoes and washing them thoroughly. After washing it properly with clean water, cut it into small pieces. 

These can then be added to the dogs’ diet, or tomato slices can be salted and then given to them in very small amounts. Red tomatoes should only be chosen as green tomatoes are toxic and can have negative effects if consumed.

Mashed tomatoes:

You can properly mash tomatoes and add them to their usual food. Tomatoes will digest more quickly and readily in the dog’s stomach if they have been blended. 

Given that tomatoes are a healthy food source for dogs, consuming them in this manner in a very small amount may not have the negative effects that are typically associated with consuming tomatoes whole.

Mixing with other fruits:

Tomatoes can be added to a fruit mixture that includes other fruits. This will meet the dogs’ need for nutrients in one spot. Additionally, they will find it enjoyable and won’t object if tomatoes are offered alone. 

Final thoughts

Tomatoes can have negative impacts on dogs and puppies because of the toxic component tomatine is highly concentrated in green tomatoes. It can cause several health issues to dogs. In fact, it can be life-threatening if consumed in high amounts so dogs shouldn’t allow green tomatoes.