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Can Dogs Eat Green Onions? (Read This First!)

Green onions are one of my favorite vegetables. I mostly add it to every recipe. It makes my recipe delicious and turns out to make a perfect dish for me. You can also add the green onions to cook any vegetable recipe or other dishes. 

Besides, you will find protein, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Unfortunately, your pets don’t have a sound digestion system that can adequately digest all the foods like you. Let’s find out if your dog can eat green onions or not?

Can dogs eat green onions?

Your dogs should not eat onions since it becomes toxic to your pet’s stomach. However, if you offer a limited amount of onions with other dog food, it will eat the onion mixed foods. But you never try to provide onion foods to your pet dog to ruin its health. So, be careful about it.

Green onions are toxic to dog health since they can’t bear the onion smells and bitter taste. So, you cannot use the onion in any dog food, or you will not find these ingredients in other ready-made cooked dog food. 

Manufacturers know the dog’s habits and dislikes and avoid toxic elements in making dog food.

It would be better to introduce some spicy free foods to your dog and help it to maintain good health. No parts of the onions are suitable for your dog’s health since they are all toxic to dog health. They will fail to digest and will never try to eat green onions.

If you offer some onions to your dogs and puppies, they will refuse to eat onions or any part of these elements. You can always get the best healthy puppies and dogs if you can provide quality and protein foods to your puppies. 

But the puppies and dogs will not eat onions for their smell & taste. 

You will find two different types of onions that you can add to your recipe. One is the raw green onion, and the other is cooked green onions. But they both are toxic to dogs’ health since they will come with a strong smell and bitter taste to dogs. 

Let’s see why you cannot offer these foods to your dog and puppies.

Raw green onion:

The dog cannot eat raw green onion since it will have a strong smell and a bitter taste that ruins the dog’s health. Your dog will also avoid eating or taking in the onion smell. 

If you scatter some onions around the dogs and other animals, they will try to avoid that area and get something better to taste and eat.

Raw green onion contains a pungent smell that doesn’t allow the dogs and other animals to eat it. If your dog is too hungry and fails to get food, it might eat some onion foods but might face other health and stomach problems. 

So, avoid using raw green onion in your dog food and try to offer healthy foods.

Cooked green onion:

The dog cannot eat the cooked green onion since the entire recipe will come with a raw onion smell that will damage the dog’s health. 

If you make any recipe with raw onion and heat it for a while, the onion smell will scatter around the air and through other recipe elements. Therefore, the dog will fail to eat that cooked green onion.

Since the cooked green onions contain the same ingredients, taste, and smell, you cannot offer this food to your puppies and dogs. If they eat the cooked green onions, they will get sick and face different stomach problems that you cannot avoid.

How toxic is green onion for your dog?

The green onion is highly toxic for your dog since the dog cannot digest and bear the onion smell. If you offer some green onions to your puppies and dogs, they will refuse to eat any green onion recipe or raw green onions. 

When they smell the green onion, they leave that food unless they are too hungry.

Sometimes, the green onions might come with other dog foods with a better taste and smell, whereas the green onion smell is not that bitter. If dogs find such food once in a while, they will devour that food but will fail to digest it safely. It will face stomach issues for a long time.

If you continuously use green onion foods for your dogs, they will face different difficulties in growing and recovering. The entire stomach will be ruined by the smell and taste of the green onion. If there is any smell left on the dog food, your dog will refuse to eat that food.

You will get a perfect idea when you consider that the onion’s solid & pungent smell will also become a toxic element to your dog’s health. You cannot offer any green onion foods to your dog since the entire digestive system, and good health will be ruined. 

So, avoid using raw and cooked green onions for your dogs since it is entirely toxic.

What parts of the green onion are toxic for your dog?

All parts of the green onion are toxic for your dogs since every part contains the same pungent smell and bitter taste. Leaves, onions, roots, and everything will have a similar smell that your dog cannot bear. Using any part of the green onions will make you sick.

We also cannot bear the raw smell of the green onions since it has a pungent smell to make us uncomfortable. Let’s talk about the leaves of the green onion that contain less toxic elements and smell than the onion itself. 

If you use some green onion leaves to make dog food, it will not eat their food. 

Using the onion roots in making different dog food will also ruin your dog’s entire digestive system by increasing or creating gas inside the stomach. Your dogs will fail to avoid creating gas inside the stomach and face it for a long time. 

If you offer any onion-made dog food, you should check the taste and smell of that food since they can damage the food quality and ruin the dog’s health. So, it’s better you avoid using any parts of the green onions in your dog food to maintain the excellent health of your dog. 

Symptoms of green onion poisoning on dogs:

Depending on how much onion is consumed, the symptoms of onion poisoning can appear within a day or so after intake, or they can take place over a period of weeks. 


If your canine consumes a considerable quantity of onions all at once, they may unexpectedly get anemia over the subsequent days. 

Consumption of even a moderate amount over a protracted period can lead to anemia’s slow, steady progression.


The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, rapid breathing and heart rate, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, mouth irritation, dark urine, lethargy, and pale gums. 

Rapid Breathing:

Other symptoms include rapid breathing and heart rate. Because of the low number of red blood cells, the worst thing that could happen to your dog is that he could pass out from lack of oxygen. 

The dog mourns from hemolytic anemia, which destroys red blood cells.

What to do if your dog accidentally ate green onion?

If your dog has consumed them, the best course of action for you is to seek immediate veterinarian attention, mainly if your dog appears to be feeling unwell or fatigued and weak

When you get to the clinic, the treatment your dog receives will be determined by when it eats the onions. If it happened just before you brought your dog into the veterinarian’s office, the veterinarian would likely induce vomiting to empty your dog’s stomach and assess the situation. 

Activated charcoal may also be used as a treatment for poisoning and any potential allergic reactions. The amount of onion that is absorbed by the digestive tract is diminished by the presence of activated charcoal. 

Your veterinarian may also choose to clean and dry your dog to reduce the likelihood of a skin infection. You may also need to keep an eye on your dog for a predetermined time and ensure he stays hydrated.

Because of the decreased circulation of red blood cells within their bodies, certain dogs might need additional oxygen to make up for it. 

There will be instances when this requires you to keep your dog for the night or for a more extended period of time.

Final thoughts

The dog cannot eat green onion since it has a pungent smell with a bitter taste that can ruin the entire digestive system. You cannot use any part of the raw green onion since every part will come with the same elements that can destroy the dog’s health, including the stomach.