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Can Dogs Eat Clover? (Explained for Owners!)

We often find our furry buddies interested in eating plants without comprehending the consequences. Some of these plants might be injurious to their health.

Clover is an unusual plant even though it belongs to the genus Trifolium, of the Legume family somehow thousands of years ago the four-leafed clover was believed to be the symbol of luck.

Here arises a question. Is the four-leafed clover lucky for the stomach of our four-legged buddies?

You can gather all the information regarding clover and clover products and how they affect the stomach of dogs by following this article.

Can dogs eat clover?

Yes, dogs can eat clover. However, if consumed in large quantity it can cause Diarrhea and also kidney damage. It contains Oxalate Crystals which are toxic for dogs. It can result in Oxalate poisoning. Due to their horrible taste, it is highly unlikely for dogs to consume clover in large quantities.

Nonetheless, there are certain exceptions to clover products. Below provided is a detailed explanation about clover products and whether they can be consumed by dogs.

Clover honey:

The honey made from clover can be consumed by dogs to a moderate amount. They are allowed to have clover honey as much as raw honey.

Clover grass:

We often pick clover grass for our lawn especially, if we have a pet dog. It doesn’t stain as much as grass when exposed to canine urine.

But the furry little creatures can often end up swallowing the grass, which can be toxic if consumed in a large quantity.

Clover chips:

Clover chips are liked by almost all dogs. However, it is not recommended to feed them clover chips. It may not show immediate harmful effects but in the long run, it can cause a disaster if consumed in a large quantity.

Clover butter:

Even though clover butter is not considered to be toxic for a dog’s stomach still it is forbidden for a dog to consume it, as it can cause harmful effects in long term.

Clover weeds and spread:

Clover weeds and spread can also not be consumed by dogs. It can result in obesity and health issues in the long term.

Are clover plants toxic to dogs?

Yes, if consumed in large quantities clover plants can be toxic to dogs. However, it is extremely unlikely for dogs to consume them in large quantities.

It has a pungent taste that is not admired by canine animals. Clover plants contain oxalate crystal, toxin slaframine, and fungus which make them toxic for dogs.

It is definitely not recommended to feed your dog clover plants. And if they do consume it accidentally in a large quantity, necessary steps should be taken for the removal of clover plants.

Since it’s toxic for their stomach it can cause illnesses like diarrhea, stomach ache, etc.

Is white clover toxic to dogs?

If consumed in large quantities white clover can be toxic to dogs too. Even though it’s unlikely, it may cause indigestion, vomiting, and stomachache in dogs.

White clover mainly known as Trifolium repens is famous for treating diseases such as fever, cold, nausea, dizziness, etc for humans but it is not suitable for consumption by dogs.

White clover is mildly toxic to dogs because its leaves contain glycoside that converts to prussic acid. This acid is proven to be harmful to dogs.

Why do dogs eat clover?

There are few reasons why dogs eat clover even though it tastes bitter. Keeping these reasons in check will refrain your dog from eating clover and harming themselves.


Insufficient nutrition in your furry companion’s diet can cause them to eat clover.

As astonishing as it may sound dogs can actually realize the need for vitamins and minerals in their body. They consider plants such as clover to be a source of those vitamins and minerals.

Upset stomach:

Very often dogs eat clover plants when they have an upset stomach because they think it will help them with digestion.

Dogs also think eating clover and inducing vomiting will help them to get rid of the stomach issues they are having.


Yes, it is possible for dogs to eat clover simply because they are bored.

When you take your pet out for a walk and not give them enough attention or toys it is possible for them to get bored and start eating clover even if it’s bitter in taste.

What happens if a dog eats clover?

A dog’s exposure to health disease can be mild to serious due to excess clover consumption. Your pet might not get affected at all. It all depends on the amount of consumption, previous health issues, and immune system.

Mild Issues:

Vomiting, excessive thirst, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, frequent urination, lethargy, etc are mild effects of clover poisoning.

Minimal consumption of clover is highly unlikely to result in any of these happening but still, it is not impossible.

There are high chances of these diseases engulfing your canine friend if excess clover has been consumed.

Serious Issues:

Kidney failure, blood in urine, diarrhea, trouble breathing, etc are seriously damaging effects of clover poisoning.

These serious health issues can take place if clover is consumed for a long time in a large quantity.

It is not worth it to let your pet go through such terrible consequences of eating clover so staying cautious and monitoring their activities outside is very important.

How do I get my dog to stop eating clover?

There are few methods you can try to keep your dog from eating clover. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your canine friend from getting exposed to severe health issues.

Following a proper diet:

You can add proper nutrition to their diet so that they never feel the need to add fiber, minerals, or vitamins to their body.

As we know, they eat clover mainly to obtain nutrition that they think is missing from their body so providing a proper diet will prevent them to do so.

Taking care of their health:

They are likely to consume clover because of an upset stomach. Making sure to take them to the vet if they experience any health issues is one way of stopping them. Being cautious is another.

It is essential to keep them in extra care if they are experiencing any sort of health issues leading them to eat clover.

Providing sufficient attention:

We also know, one of the reasons for your dog’s clover consumption is boredom. So, you need to give them enough attention when they are outside.

Playing and running with them will keep them busy and will do your work of keeping them from eating clover.


You can also train your pup to avoid plats such as clover. It can be done by giving them treats.

You can easily forbid your dog from eating clover and when they listen to you, you can provide treats to encourage them.

It can be done by being strict and consistent.

Do dogs eat clover and vomit?

Yes, dogs are likely to eat clover and vomit. This is because they might be unable to digest the excess amount of this plant.

The oxalate crystals in clover can cause oxalate poisoning resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

There is also a possibility that the dog might have eaten clover due to having an upset stomach which did not show any symptoms before.

So, the vomiting may not be because of eating clover. As for oxalate poisoning to take place, a large amount of clover needs to be eaten by the dog which is unlikely as they have an extremely bitter taste.

Is a clover lawn safe for dogs?

Yes, a clover lawn is safe for dogs with necessary steps being taken. In fact, it is better than a typical grass lawn as it is harder and more resilient.

A clover lawn does not stain as much as a grass lawn when exposed to canine urine. It is safe for dogs if you keep an eye on your dog and don’t let him/her consume the clover at a large amount.

You can follow the steps mentioned above to train your dog to avoid eating clover. It’ll be beneficial for both you and your pup.

Final thoughts

To sum it up, it is permissible for dogs to eat clover in a small quantity. But, it is highly discouraged as clover poisoning has some serious effects on a pup’s health. It is possible to prevent your dog from swallowing clover and getting exposed to fatal health issues.