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Can Dog Toys Make Dogs Sick? (Explained)

If you are a pet dog owner, you must know about dog toys. Many people claim that dog toys are not safe. Toys can make dogs sick. But you may not know how the toys can affect your dog.

Dog toys are essential for your dog’s entertainment and comfort. You must know what things are harmful in dog toys for your dog’s safety. Unsafe toys are responsible for some of the diseases of dogs. So, we are here to inform you about what and how dog toys make dogs sick.

Can Dog Toys Make Dogs Sick?

Dog toys can make dogs sick. Dogs often chew their toys. Some toxic materials like lead, plastics, and chemicals in dog toys can make dogs sick by chewing. Some toys are not safe for their size and dimension. If the dog swallows a part of a toy, it can cause choking in the dog’s throat.

It is important to ensure safety while buying dog toys. Dogs are very obedient about picking their toys. Most of the time, they are not picky about choosing toys. So, you have to make sure the toys are not composed of harmful elements.

Toys can be unsafe for two reasons. Either they are toxic, or they are in inappropriate shape and dimension. For these reasons, you have to know what things you have to avoid while choosing dog toys.

Can dog toys be toxic?

Manufacturers often make dog toys with plastics. We know plastics are not suitable for the environment because they contain toxic materials.

Dogs play with their toys and chew them. Some chemicals of hard plastics can come out while chewing. These chemicals include phthalates, chlorine, PVC, BPA, etc.

Lead is another toxic material. The manufacturer use lead in some common dog toys. That’s why toys also become toxic.

These materials and chemicals can leach out from toys and make the toys toxic and unsafe for your dog. So, before making your dog happy with toys, ensure its safety.

Some toxins which can be present in dog toys:

  • Lead: Lead is one of the hazardous metals found in dog toys. It can cause canine seizures. So, try to avoid toys containing lead.
  • PVC: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common element in plastics. Toys are often made with plastic. PVC manufacturers mix phthalates with plastic which is more toxic. Chlorine is also present in PVC. Chlorine is too dangerous for dogs to consume.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA): Bisphenol A (BPA) is also present in plastics and is very common. It is not appropriate for the metabolism of dogs.
  • Chromium: Some dog toys contain chromium. Dog’s insulin supplement may also contain chromium. But it isn’t safe for dogs because it is one of the cancer-producing agents.
  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is used to preserve Rawhide chews. If chewed and consumed in an excess amount of Formaldehyde, it can cause respiratory or digestive problems.

Can dog toys cause diarrhea?

Dog toys can be responsible for diarrhea. If your dog swallows the saliva after biting or chewing toxic toys, it can cause diarrhea.

The toy plays the role of the foreign object if the dog swallows it. This foreign object can remain in a dog’s lower intestines and cause indigestion and diarrhea.

One of the leading causes of acute short-term diarrhea in dogs is toxic materials. These toxic materials and toxins come from dog toys. So, dog toys may be a reason for your dog’s diarrhea.

Can dog toys cause seizures?

You have already known that lead can be present in dog toys. Lead is one of the toxic substance which can cause seizures in a dog. The more your dog consumes lead, the more the risk of being sick. It can cause canine seizures in a dog.

Plastic toys can also be responsible for seizures. Plastics contain many types of toxins. Toxins can be the reason for canine seizures.

A dog can have seizures of stress and anxiety also. If your dog swallows unusual toy parts or small toys, it can cause choking, and your dog can become nervous.

There are many common reasons for dog seizures. But toys and their elements might cause seizures too. So, you better be careful choosing toys for the dog. 

What things make dogs sick?

There are a lot of things that trigger your dog’s sickness. The most common causes include food and other things that dogs consume because it’s difficult to understand what is suitable to consume.

Dog’s metabolism is not the same as human’s. So, some foods and chemicals can cause no harm to humans but cause sickness to dogs. Here’s some of the things which make dogs sick:

Human food:

Dogs can’t consume and digest all human foods. Some food can be harmful to the dog’s health. Because the ingredients of human food might not suit the dog’s digestion system. Some human food’s toxin may be safe for human but not for the dogs

Some of the human foods which can make your dog sick are:

  • Avocado
  • Dairy Products
  • Apples and cherries
  • Caffeine products
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Xylitol
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Nuts
  • Onion, Garlic and peppers

Garbage and Chemicals:

Dogs can be naughty enough to jump into your garbage bag or bin. There can be rotten foods and other spoiled materials. If your dog consumes these waste materials, it can cause indigestion, diarrhea, and other diseases.

Sometimes, dogs may consume garage liquids and paints. These oils and paints have a huge amount of hazardous chemicals. These also can cause serious illness to your dog.

Toxic toys:

You can give your dog many types of toys to play with. One of the typical toys is artificial or plastic bone. This bone is mainly given to dogs for biting or chewing. Because dogs need to chew to prevent plaque build-up on their teeth.

But toxic toys are actually not safe for dogs. Toxic chemicals can leach out from the toys while chewing. Dogs can be sick if these chemicals are consumed.

Unusual Foods:

Dogs can be sick after eating unusual foods. Foods that are new to the dog may cause some digestion problems. Moreover, dogs can eat unusual foods from outside that can cause sickness.

So, be careful about what your dog is eating. You should maintain a diet routine for your dog. This routine will help you to know which food you should follow and which you should avoid.

What toys are harmful for dogs?

Dog toys are necessary for playing, chewing, and comfort. But many toys can be harmful for dogs. So, you have to monitor what toy your dog is playing with. There are two reasons for which toys should be picked carefully:

  • They can be toxic
  • They can choke in your dog’s throat.

Some harmful toys for dogs are:

Squeaky toys:

Squeaky toys have small plastics in them. If dogs swallow the small plastics, these can choke in the throat.

So, while your dog is playing with squeaky toys, you have to supervise to avoid the illness of your dog.

Toxic Toys:

Toxic toys are dangerous and can cause serious health issues to your dog. But it is difficult to know what toxins are present in a toy.

You can check for the elements in the toys from the shop service. You can also search the internet for harmful toxins containing in the toys.

Common toxins found in dog toys are phthalates, chlorine, PVC, BPA, lead, bromine, etc.

Latex Toys: 

Latex toys can cause an allergic reaction to your dog. If allergy spreads over the skin, your dog might lose its body hair.

Tennis Ball:

Tennis Ball is a common toy in houses where pets are. But if dogs chew off a tennis ball’s surface and swallow the pieces, it can cause choking.

Dog Bones:

Chicken and rib bones are not suitable because they can break into pieces. These pieces can be stuck into the throat and can cause difficulty swallowing.

Stuffed Toys:

Dogs like to tear apart things while playing. They can rip off the stuffed toys and swallow the parts. Stuffed toys contain clothes, plastics that are hazardous for swallowing.

Are dog toys bad for dogs?

All the toys of dogs are not bad. But dogs are often like to chew, swallow and tear off toys. This can lead to health issues.

Toys contain toxins, plastics, chemicals, and other things. These are dangerous for swallowing.

It is up to you whether you can monitor your dog’s activity or not. If you can avoid toxic material toys and supervise your dog, you can give toys.

But if you can’t monitor most often, you should make a choice carefully. Because toys can be harmful and make dogs sick.

Dogs find toys enjoyable. They also like to play to prevent boredom. So, toys should be chosen carefully, and dog’s activities should be supervised carefully.

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