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Can Cocker Spaniels Be Left Alone? (Quick Answers)

Cocker spaniels are a loving breed, and they love to please their owners. They appreciate a family where they will get lots of attention. They are social and easily trainable. Given their high energy levels, can they be left alone? 

If you have the same concern, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Can cocker spaniels be left alone?

Cocker spaniels can be left alone but only for a short period. Cocker spaniels friendly dogs that reportedly have separation-related disorders or separation anxiety. Therefore, if you keep your dog alone for more than 3-4 hours, it will start showing aggressive, destructive behavior.

Cocker spaniels are highly social beings that want nothing more than spending time with their owners. But sometimes you have to leave your dogs to their own. While some feel guilty when it comes to puppies, others just deal with it.

Cocker spaniels have got intense energy levels. They are immensely playful and tend to be puppyish throughout their life. So, you need to have a complete vision of them while they play with children, so no one gets hurt.

There are many ways you can train your cocker spaniel to be alone without getting anxious. You can tell your family members or friends, or someone is known to pass the time, or you can even hire a dog sitter.

English cocker spaniel:

English cocker spaniel can be left alone. They are known to have separation anxiety, so do not make them wait for long. You can leave them to be alone for hours.

But for that, you will need to have some preparation at first. You need to make sure they are well-exercised, have access to food and water and have a potty place ready when needed.

Working cocker spaniel:

Professionals suggest not to leave your working cocker spaniel alone for more than 6 hours. They are social animals that have a hard time coping on their own.

American cocker spaniel:

Like other cocker spaniels, American cocker spaniels cannot stay alone for a prolonged period. But if you keep them satisfied with exercise, affection, and food, they can stay alone without trouble for 6-8 hours.

Can cocker spaniel puppy be left alone? Does cocker spaniel puppy cry when left alone?

Yes, cocker spaniel can be left alone. The independent character of your cocker spaniel should be built from a very early stage. This skill of being alone will benefit both the cocker spaniel and the owner in the long run.

The time you leave your cocker spaniel alone should not be more than 8-10 hours if they are trained. The steps of training your cocker spaniel to be alone are discussed at the end.

A puppy cannot endure the separation anxiety it faces from being alone, which will overwhelm them. You can keep a cocker spaniel puppy alone, but you have to regulate the time and surroundings.

The first mistake pet owners make is that they spoil their puppies with undivided affection and care. Cocker spaniel puppy barks or whines and shows destructive behavior that is hard to tame when left alone for a prolonged period

Do cocker spaniels like to be left alone? Do Cocker Spaniels do well alone?

Cocker spaniels are a loving breed that loves to spend time with their owners. They require lots of cuddles and attention, so they are better suited as family dogs.

Cocker spaniels do not like to be left alone, but you can leave your dog alone if it is well trained. They are easily trainable. Cocker spaniels are receptive to highly efficient training.

Cocker spaniels take on commands and gestures very quickly. So, it will not be hard to train them to be alone.

This breed of dog does not generally do well alone. They are social dogs that show symptoms of separation anxiety if left alone.

If you have provided them with affection, food, and lots of physical exercise, they can be left alone for several hours. Just make sure they have access to food, water, and a potty place, and they will be fine.

Can cocker spaniels be left alone for 6 & 8 hours? Can cocker Spaniels be left alone during the day?

Yes, you can leave cocker spaniels alone for 6 to 8 hours, but first, you must train them properly. You should not leave Cocker spaniel alone for long because they mourn most from separation anxiety.

Dogs are social animals; they prefer interaction and playtime. Cocker spaniels have high energy levels that need to be worked out. So, leaving them alone for more than 8 hours could negatively impact your dog.

You have to slowly build up the confidence in your puppy to stay alone. It is natural to shower your puppy with love and affection every time you interact with them. But doing this only hinders their ability to stay alone.

If you build them up from early childhood, you can easily leave your Cocker spaniel alone for 6 to 8 hours. Slowly train and build up their patience. Get assistance from family or hire a dog sitter. You can leave them during the day with the proper precautions mentioned above.

How long can cocker spaniels be left alone?

Cocker spaniels can be left alone for around 3-4 hours at max. Otherwise, they will mourn from separation anxiety.

It is not fair to leave a dog alone for several hours. They have a hard time coping with loneliness, which translates into destructive behavior. The dog will bark, whine, cause damage to your household stuff out of separation anxiety.

Cocker spaniels, by their nature, expect a lot of interaction and like to be around their owners. So, this gets enormously hard when you have to let them be on their own.

You can prolong the time for your Cocker spaniel by training them. They are an excellent learner and will positively react to impulses.

When can a cocker spaniel be left alone? Can you train a cocker spaniel to be alone?

A Cocker spaniel can only be left alone if it has sufficient training. You should never leave your Cocker spaniel puppy alone because they still have a lot to learn about your surroundings.

You should regularly train with your young Cocker spaniels. After playtime, leave the puppies alone so they do not grow up to be entirely dependent. This will pay off hugely in the future.

You should constantly monitor your puppy while training because they are susceptible to their surroundings. When they have reached a certain maturity, you can leave them alone for a prolonged time.

You can train your Cocker spaniel to be alone. This breed of dog is one of the excellent learners out there. It takes some time to get them used to loneliness, but this training builds their character and confidence.

How do you train a cocker spaniel to be alone?

It is not usually recommended to leave your cocker spaniel alone for 6 hours. But you have to go on with your life and here are some steps you can follow.

Alone time builds confidence:

You would like to spend all your time with a puppy you just got. Who does not want to spend their whole time and give undivided attention to their adorable puppies?

But if you let your Cocker spaniel be alone some time in the growing stages, it will grow up to be less dependent. The dog builds confidence and learns a valuable lesson from this.

You have to do this gradually in a safe environment

Invest in Dog crate:

Select a dog crate that will be large enough for your dog when it grows up. Crate training makes your dog calm themselves down.

You need a crate for cocker spaniel puppies until it is old enough to be left alone at home. Adult dogs can be trained to get familiar with crates. They will embrace the crate as their safe sleeping place.

Make the crate nice and inviting by including a soft dog pillow and blanket covering the top. Slowly extend the time your dog spends in the crate.

Planning ahead:

Planning before getting a Cocker spaniel will save you and your dog from traumatic experiences. In the early days, let your puppy out for potty training and do a little interaction.

But you have to be fully committed to your dog after working hours because that has to be enough for your dog to be content and sleep the rest of the day in their crate happily. 

Final Thoughts 

Cocker spaniels are such a lovely family breed that will spread happiness all around your family. But this upside comes with a downside as they have difficulty spending time alone. However, you can train Cocker spaniels to be alone. A little bit of patience and assistance will go a long way.