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Can Cats Eat Strawberry Yogurt? (Read This First!)

Cat’s taste buds are not as developed as humans. They depend on their sense of smell in detecting food. In fact, they have digestion issues as they have a lack of enzymes. Actually, it has proven that cats have some limitations in food. 

So, if you’ve cats or are willing to adopt, you must be aware of them.

Can cats eat strawberry yogurt?

Cats can eat strawberry yogurt but it can be harmful for their health. Actually, strawberry yogurt is a lactose-containing dairy product with artificial ingredients and extra sugar that’s hazardous to cats. They can’t even digest dairy because of the lack of several digestive enzymes.

Cats have a strong sense of smell by which they can detect odors of their foods. Protein and fat are their favorites and they detect the smell in yogurt. So, they prefer to have yogurt but in a certain flavor. 

But before giving yogurt to your cats, you must have the knowledge that they can’t digest yogurt or any kinds of dairy. 

Actually, because of the lack of several enzymes, they can’t digest yogurt. Moreover, high sugar and additives can cause a severe reaction to them and they might fall into stomach pain, diarrhea and dehydration. 

However, there are different kinds of yogurt that have different effects on cats. 

Strawberry Greek yogurt: 

Strawberry Greek yogurt doesn’t contain that much lactose that other yogurt contains. Actually, it has half of the amount of lactose of a full fat yogurt because it goes through many straining processes that helps to remove whey and lactose. 

So, cats can have Strawberry Greek yogurt for a certain amount without any reaction. However, giving cats Greek yogurt without any flavor or sugar will be wise. They’re completely lactose free and contain high nutrients. 

As a result, there’ll be no chance of causing digestive or stomach issues to your cat. 

Strawberry banana yogurt: 

Strawberry banana yogurt is rich with sugar. Actually, it’s a  creamy and delicious combination of fruit with dairy that has a large amount of lactose. We know, cat’s can’t have dairy products as they can’t digest it. 

They can fall into diarrhea, vomiting or dehydration. However, kittens might have this yogurt as they can also digest sweets.

Is yogurt toxic to cats? Is strawberry yogurt bad for cats? 

Yogurt is not toxic to cats. In fact, cats can have a certain amount of yogurt which can improve their digestion as well. But yogurts that are rich in sweetness, have additives, and contain flavors are not good for cats. 

Actually, these yogurts can cause serious health issues to them. Cats can’t digest this type of yogurt and can face severe stomach illness. However, plain yogurt doesn’t contain sugar and they’re free from any flavors. So, cat’s can easily have them.

Strawberry flavored yogurt is really bad for cats. They contain large amounts of lactose that the cat’s can’t tolerate. Cats can’t digest the sweetness of yogurt and as a result, they face stomach pain, diarrhea and dehydration. 

However, kittens can have yogurt in small amounts without falling sick but after a certain age, they lose their ability to digest yogurt and face health issues.

How much strawberry yogurt can you give a cat? 

Strawberry flavored yogurt is not safe for cats’ health. In fact, if you don’t want to see your cat facing severe illness, you should skip this one. However, kittens can consume sweet yogurt as they contain the enzymes that can digest dairy. 

Moreover, as  they are mammals, by birth they are attracted to dairy products but they should strictly limit the amount. Kittens can have strawberry yogurt 1 to 2 tablespoons, not more than 3 to 4 times in a week without any sickness.

After becoming adults, they lose their digestive enzymes and so, they can’t eat dairy anymore. Having yogurt can cause serious health issues and they might face severe stomach pain, dehydration, diarrhea and other stomach illnesses. 

However, adult cats can consume plain yogurt that’s completely sugar free. They can have plain yogurt 3 to 5 tablespoons in a week.

3 Reasons why cats should not eat strawberry yogurt

Cats are particularly sensitive to food because they lack crucial digestive enzymes and are easily ill. Strawberry yogurt is high in sugar, which triggers an unfavorable reaction in cats’ stomachs, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. 

These have little nutritional value for cats and hence provide no health benefits for them. To avoid these side effects, plain yogurt is preferable to strawberry yogurt. Here are the reasons briefly given why cats shouldn’t eat strawberry yogurt:

Increased digestive problems: 

Because cats cannot digest the hazardous ingredients in strawberry yogurt, it can cause gas in their stomachs, worsening stomach pain and leading to constipation. 

These contain sugar, which cats are unable to digest due to a lack of amylase enzymes, causing them to vomit if fed in excess of their tolerance levels. They also have an intolerance of the lactose in yogurt.

Diabetic cats’ condition deteriorates: 

The condition of diabetic cats can be aggravated by strawberry yogurt. The sugar in it raises blood sugar levels, and they begin to experience the negative effects of diabetes, such as weight loss, frequent urination, and so on. 

No nutritional value: 

The additional sugar, additives, and fats in strawberry yogurt have no nutritional value. There is no apparent health advantage to consuming it. Rather, the added sugar or fat may raise the likelihood of obesity in cats, causing health problems. 

It also adds to the cost of purchasing other nutritious foods on a daily basis, as this yogurt does not provide those nutritional benefits.

Why do cats love yogurt? 

Cats have an excessively keen sense of smell, which they may utilize to detect the odors of fat and protein in yogurt and are drawn to it because fat and protein are favorites of cats. 

Despite the fact that they are unable to digest dairy products owing to a lack of enzymes, they adore yogurt and are lured to it by its perfume since they adore fat and protein.

Cats have no taste buds for sweets, so they don’t get the conventional taste of yogurt; instead, it’s the smell that attracts them. There are a variety of flavored yogurts available, and depending on the cat, they may prefer a certain flavor. 

Apart from the fact that cats are mammals at birth, they grow up drinking milk, so it is in their genetic makeup to enjoy dairy products. It also aids digestion, so eating yogurt satisfies both nutritional needs and allows them to enjoy it while eating.

What kind of yogurt can I give my cat? 

For cats, plain Greek yogurt with no added flavor or sugar is a good choice. Greek yogurt is high in nutrients and contains beneficial microorganisms that have been fermented. There is no extra sugar or fat. 

Some flavored yogurts, such as vanilla yogurt, include ethanol, and strawberry yogurt contains sugar, both of which are detrimental to their health. 

Furthermore, because a cat’s digestive tract is undeveloped, it lacks several enzymes necessary to break down the sugar in fruity yogurts. So Greek yogurt is recommended for cats because it contains many nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium. 

Calcium is good for strengthening cats’ bones and muscles and preventing gum disorders, and magnesium is good for absorbing other minerals and thus improving digestion and boosting cats’ immunity. 

Yogurts other than unsweetened Greek yogurt can be dangerous for cats, as they have poor appetites and sensitivity to materials. Therefore, only fat-free and sugar-free yogurt are recommended for cats.

Is plain yogurt good for cats? Can it give your cat diarrhea? 

Yes, cats can eat plain yogurt without any extra flavors or additives. It’s high in microorganisms and minerals and doesn’t include any potentially dangerous chemicals or flavors that could trigger an allergic reaction. 

Because it contains good bacteria that aid digestion, it strengthens the immune systems of cats when administered in small amounts. 

Plain yogurt is preferred over flavored yogurt because flavored yogurt contains sugar, which cats cannot metabolize due to a lack of the amylase enzyme. Plain yogurt with no fat or sugar is therefore recommended for cats.

Plain yogurt does not promote diarrhea in cats, but it does eliminate undesirable germs and improve the quality of the bowl. It will alleviate constipation in cats by resolving indigestion. It should, however, be ingested in modest amounts to get the health benefits. 

Bloating may occur if consumed in excess. Aside from that, plain yogurt will soothe the digestive tracts of cats. 

Final thoughts

Strawberry yogurt is not safe for cats. Though cats tend to eat yogurt, they can’t digest it. Actually, yogurt is a lactose-containing dairy product. But cats have a lack of digesting sweet dairies and as a result, they might fall into serious stomach illness.