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Can Cats Eat Granola? (Quick Answers)

If you have ever owned a cat, you might have experienced confusion about a cat’s food. Generally, cats have a different digestive system than other animals and humans. So, deciding on the suitable food for your cat can be tricky.

Generally, granola is a common food for humans. But you might be confused about whether cats can eat granola or not.

Well, you have to know whether granola has any harmful elements for cats or not. Moreover, knowing the consequences of eating granola for cats is also essential. So, let’s see the details of it.

Can cats eat granola?

Cats can get granola, but they should not eat granola. Because granola contains some food items that are not safe for cats. For example, grains, nuts, and carbohydrates are the main ingredients of granola. So, these food items are not suitable for the digestive systems of cats.

However, granola can be available in different forms. For example, granola bars, cereal, etc., are also made of granola. So, these foods might have different effects on cats. So, let’s see whether cats can eat these granola food items or not.

Granola bars:

The main ingredient of granola bars is granola. So, if a cat can’t eat granola, a granola bar will also be unsafe for the cat. Because granola bars also contain nuts, grains, carbohydrates, etc. Moreover, the granola bar has oats, dried fruits, coconuts, etc.

These ingredients are not suitable for cats to digest. Moreover, the nuts in granola bars take a long time to digest. So, cats should avoid granola bars.

Granola cereal:

Cats also can’t eat granola cereal. Because granola cereal also contains granola and other ingredients that are not safe for cats.

Sometimes we think that cats can eat human foods. Some human foods might be suitable for cats. But that doesn’t mean that cats can eat all foods like humans. Granola cereal has some ingredients that take a long time to digest.

So, cats can’t digest those ingredients effectively. Even if cats eat granola cereal, they might face digestive issues. Furthermore, if a cat consumes granola cereal regularly, it may develop short- and long-term health problems.

Plain granola:

Cats should also not eat plain granola. Because plain granola also has carbohydrates in high amounts. Cats should not have a high carbohydrate diet. Moreover, granola takes a longer time to digest in a cat’s digestive system.

Is granola safe for cats? Will cats eat granola?

No, granola is not completely safe for cats. This doesn’t mean that consuming a little bit of granola can immediately harm your cat. But it can lead to some health issues if a cat consumes a large amount of granola.

Generally, granola contains some ingredients like grains, nuts, dried fruits, oats, coconuts, etc. These ingredients are not completely safe for cats. These ingredients can cause digestive issues in cats.

Cats might eat granola because of the smell and taste. The smell and taste of granola and granola-made food items might attract cats. But you should not let your cat eat granola. Granola also contains a large number of carbohydrates.

Consuming a large number of carbohydrates can cause obesity in cats. Moreover, digestive issues might arise from consuming large amounts of carbohydrates. So, cats should not eat granola or any granola-made foods.

Can cats eat nature valley granola bars? Can cats eat oats and honey granola bars?

Cats can eat Nature Valley granola bars. But the amount should be limited. A little bit of Nature Valley granola bars sometimes will not harm your cat. But if the cat eats a large number of granola bars, it can cause problems.

Generally, Nature Valley granola bars don’t contain toxic products. However, it contains a lot of sugar and grains. These ingredients are not suitable for the digestive systems of cats. So, cats should avoid eating too many Nature Valley granola bars.

Moreover, cats can eat oats and honey granola bars in small amounts. Because these oats and bars don’t contain too many toxic ingredients. Taking a large number of oats and honey granola bars, on the other hand, can be problematic for cats.

For example, oats and honey granola bars have high carbs. High carbohydrates are not safe for cats to eat. So, cats should not eat oats and honey granola bars in large amounts.

What is in granola that a cat shouldn’t have?

Now that you know cats should avoid granola, you might want to know the reasons. Granola has some ingredients that a cat shouldn’t have. So, let’s see what is in granola that a cat shouldn’t have.


Granola has nuts in it. You might know that nuts are full of fat and carbohydrates. A large amount of fat and carbohydrates is not safe for a cat’s digestive system.

Moreover, taking granola regularly can cause obesity because of the fat and carbohydrates. Even nuts can cause pancreatitis in cats.

Unprocessed grains:

Granola also contains unprocessed grains. Unprocessed grains are not safe for cats. If a cat overeats granola, a large number of unprocessed grains will be consumed. This can lead to short-term and long-term digestive issues.

Dried fruits:

Granola sometimes contains dried fruits. All dried fruits are not unsafe for cats. But some dried fruits, like dried coconuts and raisins, are not safe for cats. In particular, cats should not eat raisins.

Raisins can cause a toxic reaction in cats. Even raisins should be avoided for most animals. Moreover, too many dried fruits can cause digestive problems for cats.


Sometimes, granola contains sweetener. For example, honey and sugar are often used in granola. Taking sugar is not safe for cats. Because cats’ digestive systems are not suitable for eating sweeteners. This can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems in cats.

What happens if cats eat granola?

You might know that cats should avoid eating granola. But you might not know what can happen if a cat eats granola. So, let’s see what happens if cats eat granola.

Digestive problem:

Granola can cause digestive problems in cats if they eat it. Because the ingredients in granola are not safe for the cat’s digestive system. Even consuming a large amount of granola can cause intense stress in the pancreases of cats.

So, when a cat has a stressed pancreas, it can cause other serious problems. The problems might not arise instantly, but consuming granola regularly will cause severe problems.


Granola contains a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. You might know that fat and carbohydrates can cause obesity. Obesity might not arise instantly. If your cat eats granola regularly, it can lead to obesity.

Once a cat faces obesity, it can be difficult to treat. So, granola can lead to this serious problem.


Granola sometimes contains sweeteners. These sweeteners have carbohydrates that can lead to diabetes in your cat.

Other problems:

Consuming granola often can lead to many other short-term and long-term problems. You might see some symptoms. For example, eating granola in a large amount can cause diarrhea, vomiting, choking, etc., for your cat.

What to do if your cat ate too much granola?

Cats can eat a small amount of granola. It might not cause severe problems. But if a cat eats too much granola, it can lead to some health problems. So, let’s see what you can do if your cat ate too much granola.

Notice the ingredients:

If your cat ate too much granola, you should not panic. You have to notice the ingredients in the granola. Because different ingredients might cause different problems. If the granolas have any active toxins, you have to take your cat to the vet immediately.

Provide regular food:

If you don’t find any active toxins, the granola can still cause other problems. So, the cat might experience discomfort for a couple of days. So, you have to feed your cat regular food. Moreover, feed your cat a lot of water.

Visit a vet:

If you see symptoms in your cat that indicate digestive issues, you can take your cat to the vet. A regular check-up will find out whether the cat has a severe problem or not. Otherwise, the vet will treat your cat to resolve the digestive issues.

Sometimes, you might not see any symptoms at all. But if you can contact a vet, he can suggest to you what you have to do with the cat. Otherwise, you might be in a hesitant situation with the cat. 

Final Thoughts

Cats can eat granola in a small amount. But cats should not eat granola. Because granola contains some ingredients that are not suitable for cats. For example, nuts, raisins, grains, sweeteners, etc., are not safe for cats. So, eating granola can cause some health issues for cats.