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Can Cats Eat Dragon Fruit? (Answered)

Cats are lovely animals that can be kept in the house. Cats can eat various kinds of food. But there are certain foods that a cat cannot eat due to its diet.

You may ask if cats can eat dragon fruit or not. Let us answer your question and provide you with some necessary information about cats eating dragon fruit.

Can cats eat dragon fruit?

Cats can eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is listed as safe for cats by the ASPAC. Although dragon fruit contains seeds of a cactus species and comes with sweet and fleshy pulp, this is considered and found safe for a cat to eat. But it has to be given as a treat or supplementary food to cats. 

Dragon fruit is a special kind of fruit that is fleshy and sweet to eat. This fruit comes with high nutritional value and minerals as well. It is suitable for humans to have this fruit. Not only humans, but this is also good for cats as well.

Cats have a particular diet that has to be maintained to keep the pet healthy. For cats, dragon fruit is entirely safe to eat. This fruit provides various kinds of minerals and nutrients to the cats, which are considered vital for a cat.

There are various kinds of dragon fruit available on the market. You may ask among all of those dragon fruits which are good for cats. Let us discuss some certain dragon fruits that we think are common and famous in the market and discuss if cats can eat them:

Red dragon fruit:

Cats can eat red dragon fruit. Red dragon fruit is a kind of dragon fruit. From the name, you may understand that it is red in color both outside and inside. The red dragon fruit can be given as a treat to the cats occasionally.

White Dragon Fruit:

Cats can eat white dragon fruit. White dragon fruit is another kind of dragon fruit widely available in the market. There are not many differences between the white and red dragon fruit except the color inside in terms of nutritive value. 

The inside of the white dragon fruit is white and cats can eat this fruit as well.

Is dragon fruit toxic to cats?

Dragon fruit is not toxic to cats. Dragon fruit is said to be a type of cactus. Therefore, it may contain the seed of cactus plants. But although this fruit is a part of a dangerous plant, it is considered to be safe for cats.

An international non-profit organization called ‘American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’, which is known as ASPAC in short, has performed research on dragon fruit and its effects on cats. 

The research done by them shows that dragon fruits are completely harmless for cats.

Although dragon fruit is entirely harmless, it has to be kept in mind that you should not provide too much to them. It can be fed occasionally as a treat but should not be added as a staple in their diet. If this fruit is provided in a certain amount, it will be safe for cats to eat it.

Do cats like dragon fruit? Is it good for cats to eat dragon fruit?

Yes, cats like dragon fruit. According to various studies, cats like to eat dragon fruit. As dragon fruit comes with a fleshy and sweet pulp, it is liked by cats. The taste of a dragon fruit is considered to be a combination of kiwi and pear. 

Cats like this taste and eat dragon fruit without any problem.

It is good for cats to eat dragon fruit. Dragon fruit comes with various necessary nutrition values, which are vital for cats. Dragon fruit comes with a good amount of vitamin A which is crucial for cats. It also comes with low levels of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

This fruit also comes with critical minerals which are essential for a cat’s growth. These minerals are iron, copper and zinc. All these critical minerals help to increase the immunity of a cat and increase its metabolism.

3 reason why cats can eat dragon fruit

There are many reasons why cats can eat dragon fruit. Here are 3 key reasons why we think cats can eat dragon fruit and you should feed your cat as well:

They are easy and safe to eat:

Dragon fruit is easy to eat. The inside of the fruit is moist and can be spooned out without any hassle. The pulp inside is very soft, which cats can eat easily. Dragon fruit is also safe to eat, according to ASPAC. 

Therefore, it can be provided to cats as a meal or treat. 

They have a fleshy pulp:

It is said that cats like fleshly items in their meal. As dragon fruit has a fleshy inside, they like to eat the pulp without any hassle. Also, the pulp inside contains seed of a cactus kind plant, which is safe. This also attracts the cats to eat dragon fruit.

They are highly nutritious:

Dragon fruits come with high amounts of vitamin A. This helps to keep the skin and eyes of the cat well. Although high amounts of this are not good for cats, a small amount as a treat is good for them. 

It also provides critical minerals which help to keep cats healthy and well.

What are the nutritional benefits of dragon fruits for cats?

There are multiple nutrition benefits of dragon fruits for cats. The main nutrition that a cat gets from dragon fruit is vitamin A. This element helps to keep the skin of the cat healthy. It also helps to keep the eyes of the cat good.

Another critical element found in dragon fruits is low levels of phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. These elements help in various kinds of things in a cat. 

Such as magnesium helps prevent reverse pet constipation and urinary disorder, phosphorus helps prevent muscle weakness and many more.

Dragon fruits also provide critical minerals to cats. These critical minerals are iron, copper and zinc. These elements are essential for cats. They help to increase the immunity of cats. 

They also help in the absorption of nutrients and help cats to create new cells to replace the old ones.

Can kittens eat dragon fruit?

Kittens can eat dragon fruit but they should not. Kittens have a different diet compared to a fully grown cat. Kittens require necessary food for their growth. They need milk or growth formula in their meal.

Although dragon fruit is not harmful to kittens as it is not harmful to cats, it is better not to give them due to their age. Dragon fruit cannot provide any necessary nutrition element to kittens for their growth. Their proper growth is essential compared to anything during this time.

Dragon fruit has various nutritional values, but none of them can contribute to a kitten’s growth. Therefore, it is best not to give dragon fruit to kittens for eating. But it can be given as an occasional food as a treat. 

It has to be kept in mind that this cannot be given as a staple food and it may cause various health issues if given like that.

How to feed dragon fruits to my cats?

There are many ways to feed dragon fruits to your cats. If you want to know the easiest way to feed your cats dragon fruits, here is the best possible way from us just for that:

Cut the dragon fruit in half:

Collect the dragon fruit you want to feed your cat. Cut it half using a knife. Also, remove the outer leaves of the dragon fruit to have a better grip on the dragon fruit.

Extract the inside pulp of the dragon fruit:

Use a spoon and extract the inside pulp of the dragon fruit. Do not extract too much of the inside. If you do so, you may risk extracting the bitter part of the fruit.

Mix cat food if necessary with the dragon fruit:

At first, your cat may not like dragon fruit. To make your cats adjust, you may mix cat food with the dragon fruit and mix them well so that they understand that you have provided their usual meal.

Serve it in a food tray:

After making the mixture of the dragon fruit, serve it in an open tray. Let them eat it properly. At first, they need some time to eat as it may taste different. But they will adjust to the taste eventually.

Final Thoughts 

Cats can eat dragon fruit. It is entirely safe to let them eat dragon fruit. They also like the taste of dragon fruit as it is sweet and fleshy inside. This fruit provides various kinds of nutrition value to cats. But this has to be given as a treat and can not be given as a staple food.