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Can Cats Eat Cheesecake? (All You Need to Know)

Cats are a type of pet that everyone wants to keep in their home. Due to their predatory nature, these animals protect their nests from various pests. They have certain eating habits. Today we will talk about the food habits of your beloved cat. 

Can cats eat cheesecake? 

Although cheesecake is considered a favorite food for humans, it should not be given to cats because it contains too much sugar and dairy products which can cause digestive problems in cats and can lead to chronic physical problems in cats such as excess weight gain, diabetes, joint pain, etc. 

Cats are considered as one of the most liked pet animals that people want to keep in the house. It helps to keep the house clean by eating the insects and other harmful animals that can cause damage to the house. 

The cat has a specific type of food habit. Although it can consume all types of food, they have a special attraction to sweet things. Cheesecake is one of them. 

The cheesecake can be considered as a great snack or dessert for humans, but in many cases, it can be impossible for cats to digest. 

Although you can share a smaller slice of your cheesecake with the cat, feeding them cheesecake regularly or providing them with a large portion of cheesecake might cause damage to their body and growth.

Cheesecake contains dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese and a high amount of sugar in it, which can be difficult for the cat to digest. As a result, they can be affected by different types of diseases. 

Below is a brief discussion on whether cats can consume different types of cheesecake: 

Strawberry cheesecake: 

Strawberry cheesecake contains a high number of dairy products in it. 

As the cats do not produce a significant amount of lactase in their body, providing them with cheesecake that contains milk and other dairy-based products might cause them diarrhea or digestive upset. 

So, it is recommended to avoid strawberry cheesecake for cats. 

Chocolate cheesecake: 

As mentioned earlier, cheesecake contains a high amount of sugar that is harmful to cats. Adding chocolate with that will add more sugar to it. You can share a smaller slice of your plain cheesecake with the cats. 

But a larger portion of chocolate cheesecake might cause damage to the cat’s growth.

Do cats like cheesecake? Is cheesecake safe for cats? 

Generally, a cat has different types of flavor profiles which they enjoy when eating. Cheesecake is one of them because it is sweet. 

Cats can be easily attracted to cheesecake since it contains sugar, milk, and cheese in it. But it is not mandatory for all the cats to like cheesecake. In some cases, they might share no interest in cheesecakes. 

Cheesecake is safe for cats if you provide a smaller portion of the cake to your cat. In addition to that, plain cheesecake to your cat will help it to avoid any type of harmful health issues. 

Generally, cheesecake contains milk, dairy products, and a high amount of sugar, which can cause long-term health issues for your cats. 

That is why it is better to avoid. But in case your cat likes the cheesecake, you can provide it with a smaller portion of the cheesecake so that it can be easy for your cat to digest.

3 reasons why cats should not eat cheesecake  

Cats have a very sensitive digestive system. They do not have enough amounts of lactase in their body which is an enzyme that helps to break down the lactose in milk. 

As a result, providing them with food that contains daily products in it might cause sickness due to lactose intolerance. 

Moreover, providing your cat with cheesecakes in the long run will cause it to gain overweight, have diabetes, and have other health-related issues. Below is a brief discussion on why cats should not eat cheesecake: 

Cats are lactose intolerant: 

It might become difficult for the cats to digest the milk and cheese in the cheesecake that is a dairy product. 

Cats do not have a significant amount of lactase in their body. As a result, it could affect their body and cause diarrhea and other digestion-related issues. 

Cheesecake contains sugar: 

The cheesecake is made with an excessive amount of sugar that can be harmful to the cat. It can cause the cat serious health issues, such as obesity, diabetes, and digestive upset. In some cases, cats might face joint-related issues. 

Cats are not designed to eat dairy: 

The food habit of cats contains meat products mostly. As they are lactose intolerant so they usually avoid milk and cheese. Also, cheesecake is not a part of their natural food habit. That is why it is not safe for the cat to eat cheesecake.

What if my cat ate a small amount of cheesecake? What to do?  

It’s totally fine if your cat ate a small amount of cheesecake. It can digest a small amount of cheesecake. They can digest almost every type of food if it’s not in their food habits. 

In case the small amount of cheesecake is not supposed to affect your cat’s health, you may notice your cat vomiting or causing diarrhea. This happens because your cat has not been able to digest the cheesecake it has eaten. 

You can observe her for a day. It is supposed to fix the issue within a day. But if it takes longer than usual to solve the issue, you should immediately take your cats to a veterinarian. 

Generally, the smaller portion of cheesecake consumed by a cat does not affect its health seriously.

How much cheesecake can my cat eat?  

The cats are lactose intolerant and it is completely prohibited for the cats to provide cheese, milk, and cream because it contains a high amount of dairy. Providing your cat with cheesecake might cause digestive upset, diarrhea, vomiting, etc

No specific amount of cheesecake is mentioned for your cat to eat, you can still provide a smaller slice of cheesecake to your cat

It is advised for your cats to provide with the plain cheesecake because it has less sugar than the regular cheesecake and is made using less amount of daily milk. 

The chocolate and strawberry cheesecakes are filled with a lot of sugar and dairy products. So, it is better to avoid these for your cats.

Can kittens eat cheesecake? 

Providing your kittens with cheesecake will be a very bad idea. As they mature and adult cats are already considered lactose intolerant, the digestive system of the kittens should be more sensitive. 

So, providing them with cheesecake might cause them serious health issues. Also, kittens do not like cheese, milk, and dairy products. If you feed them cheesecake, they will feel sick immediately. 

Feeding the kittens with cheesecake will immediately lead to digestive issues and cause diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting. A kitten does not produce enough enzymes to digest daily products. 

So eventually it will create a problematic food for the kitten to digest. Although the adult cats can eat a small slice of cheesecake that is plain and does not contain any flavor. 

It is completely prohibited for the kittens to feed any type of cheesecake, and major health issues for the kittens.

How to make cheesecake for my cats?  

Most of the cats get attracted to the food by its smell. So, it depends on your guide whether it will like cheesecake or not. Since the cheesecake is sweet and flavorful, your cat would like it to be a dinner for it. 

But cats are lactose intolerant. That is why it is recommended to avoid cheesecake. But if you still want to provide your cat with a smaller treat of its favorite food, you can simply try this way to make a cheesecake for your cat. 

Simply follow the steps to make cheesecake for your cats:  

Gather the ingredients: 

Make cheesecake for your cat you need specific ingredients that are different compared to a human recipe. You’ll need a crust mix, melted butter, and very little amount of sugar along with eggs. 

Mix the ingredients: 

Once your ingredients are ready now, you should focus on making the topping of your cheesecake. First mix cream cheese with sugar and eggs in a bowl. After that, pour it into a pan and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Add some toppings: 

You can add some toppings to make your cheesecake look tastier. Simply make sour cream with vanilla and spoon it evenly over the baked cake. 

Put the mixture in the microwave and bake for 10 minutes more. Once cooled down, the cheesecake is ready for your cat to eat.

Final Thoughts 

Cheesecakes are not recommended for cats since they are lactose intolerant and can face serious digestive issues. Although you can provide a smaller slice of cheesecake to your cats. But you need to remember that it should be a plain cheesecake that your cat should be fed.