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Can Bird Mites Live on Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Generally, bird mites are avian parasites that live on birds or other animals. Bird mites can live on the skin of domestic and wild animals too. Even they can affect humans also.

Generally, they live on the surface areas of the body and bite sometimes. But it’s rare that they can burrow into the skin and go inside.

But when it comes to taking care of your dog, you might be confused about whether bird mites can live on dogs or not. Well, you have to know about the possibility of bird mites’ surviving on dogs and the consequences.

Can bird mites live on dogs?

Bird mites can live on dogs. Generally, bird mites are pretty adaptable and they can live many days on dogs or other animals. These mites can also bite your dog and affect other things in your house. Even they will infest bedding, carpeting, upholstered furniture, clothing, etc., in your house.

Bird mites are pretty harmful to your dogs. If you have a dog in your house, you might be conscious of your dog. But bird mites can lead to your dog’s discomfort. They will bite the dog and cause itchiness of the dog.

Sometimes, you will notice red bumps on the skin of your dog. The biting sensation of bird mites is also like other insects. So, this will lead your dog to have pain. The dog will ultimately face discomfort.

Bird mites can’t burrow the skin. So, they will not cause any dangerous effects on your dog. But they will make your dog itching. Moreover, bird mites will spread into your house through dogs. They will make your house dirty and unhealthy.

Generally, bird mites infest different materials of your house like bedding, carpeting, clothing, etc. Bird mites will make these things unusable. So, bird mites will make it difficult for both dogs and your house.

How long can bird mites live on a dog?

Bird mites can live on a dog for many days. Even sometimes, they can live on a dog for 8 to 9 months. Generally, bird mites don’t use a human as a long-term host. But they will live on a dog for many days.

Generally, when bird mites live on a dog’s skin or hair, removing them is not that easy. Moreover, they might not be noticeable for many days. So, they will live on a dog for months.

How do dogs get affected by bird mites?

As the name implies, bird mites live on birds. But dogs can also get affected by bird mites. Bird mites can adapt to a dog’s skin or hair. They can affect dogs in different ways. So, let’s see how dogs get affected by bird mites.

From dog to dog:

Generally, bird mites can affect a dog from another dog. They will easily travel through the skin of the dog when two dogs are close to each other, this way bird mites spread so fast.

When dogs are in a shelter or in a training session, they will live close to many other dogs. So, passing mites will affect other dogs. Sometimes, you might get your dog outside to play with other dogs.

From other dogs, your dog might get affected by bird mites.

From environment:

Getting affected by bird mites can also occur from the environment. Bird mites can also live on the household materials like bedding, carpeting, furniture, clothing, etc. So, if your dog gets contact with these materials, it will be affected by bird mites.

Moreover, they can get affected when they are playing on the ground. Besides, sometimes, your dog might get affected by walking outside. Because bird mites will be anywhere you might not notice.

From other animals:

Like other dogs, your dog can get affected by bird mites from other animals too. Generally, bird mites can live on different types of animals. Even, they can live on human hair and skin also.

So, if you have other pets with the dog, your dog can get affected by other animals.

What are the symptoms of bird mites on dogs?

Bird mites are pretty irritating for dogs. They will live many days on dogs. But these mites are so small that you might not notice them easily. So, you have to know from the symptoms the dog is growing.

However, here is a list of symptoms that you can check for bird mites on your dog.

  • Intense itchiness (The dog might express in scratching, biting, licking, rubbing on furniture)
  • Excessive hair loss (might be in patches or all over the coat)
  • Scaly or crusty skin
  • Excessive dandruff problem
  • Inflammation and redness
  • Raw skin
  • Sores
  • White flakes
  • Lesions on the elbow and ankles
  • Oily, smelly substance
  • Red skin as a sign of irritation
  • Shaking the head and scratching the ears (if the dog is affected by ear mites)
  • Black or dark brownish-red residue (if the dog is affected by ear mites)
  • Obstruction of the ear canal (ear mites)
  • Excessive scratching of different parts of the coat
  • If you look closely in the dog’s coat, you might be able to see mites on their coat.

How do I get rid of bird mites on my dog?

After seeing so many symptoms, you might know that your dog can be in pain if he gets affected by bird mites. So, you have to remove the mites anyway. However, you can follow the processes below to get rid of bird mites on your dog.

Clean up:

Empty bird nest around your home first. Sometimes, passed away birds might be around your house and spread bird mites. So, clean those first so that mites might not come to your dog anymore.

Use bird mites spray:

Use bird mites spray for removing bird mites. You can spray on your household materials so that bird mites from any other place might not affect your dog.

Clean your dog:

Clean your dog well. Use antibacterial shampoo and conditioner while giving him a bath. Moreover, use antihistamine sprays (vet-approved) on the dog to remove mites from his coat.

Consult a vet:

Consult with a vet. If the bird mites are still present on the dog’s skin, you have to consult with a vet. The vet will treat your dog with appropriate treatment to get rid of bird mites.

Do bird mites burrow under your dog’s skin?

No, generally bird mites will not burrow under your dog’s skin. Bird mites live on the fur or coat of the dog. They will live on the skin for months. So, the bird mites can live on the surface level of your dog’s skin.

But it’s rare that bird mites will burrow under the skin. If the bird mites affect the dog’s ear, they can go inside the ear and affect the dog. But they will not go too much inside the ear.

When bird mites affect your dog, the dog will start to show so many symptoms. Though bird mites don’t burrow under the dog’s skin, they will make your dog uncomfortable in many ways.

What repels bird mites instantly?

Vinegar is one of the best solutions for repelling bird mites instantly. You can clean various materials with vinegar or spread vinegar to remove bird mites.

You can also make a bird mite repelling spray. You have to add vinegar with a few drops of essential oil and make the spray. You can now spray the solution on the farm or poultry. Even you can spray the solution in your house too.

Do you need an exterminator for bird mites?

You can repel bird mites following different methods. But an exterminator is also recommended for bird mites. Generally, bird mites can reproduce quickly. Moreover, they can infest on many things.

They can affect humans and animals and make their lives disturbing. So, removing bird mites immediately is essential. Exterminators use many sprays and different methods to repel bird mites.

Moreover, you might not know the appropriate process to exterminate bird mites from everywhere. But a professional will do the work with efficiency and properly. So, you can assign or hire an exterminator to remove bird mites from your home or pet.

Final Thoughts

Bird mites can live on dogs’ coats and skin easily. Bird mites can live on many animals, even on human hair and skin. Bird mites will bite your dog and make him itchy. Moreover, many other symptoms will start after bird mites affect your dog. So, removing bird mites from the dog is essential.