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Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Live in Hot or Cold Weather?

Dogs feel temperature differently than us. This makes it very important to research how they cope with different temperatures before getting them. This will help determine how comfortable they will be in their new home.

Can Bernese mountain dogs live in hot or cold weather?

Bernese mountain dogs prefer cold weather over hot weather. They are dogs with black, thick double coats. This makes places with cold weather perfect for them as their fur keeps them warm. But they can also live in places with warm climates as long as they are kept in temperature-controlled homes.

Bernese mountain dogs were originally bred to live in the Alps which rarely get extremely warm weather. Their fur coat is black and thick to absorb the sun’s heat and keep the body warm. This is why they enjoy being outside in the cold so much.

But this does not mean they can’t survive in places with warmer climates. They can tolerate the heat but it is best to keep them indoors when the sun is at its peak and always check that they are not getting overheated.

Especially because it doesn’t take long to happen and they instantly lose their energy as they overheat and can even suffer from a heat stroke.

What temperature can a Bernese mountain dog withstand?

Bernese mountain dogs can withstand extremely cold conditions, which is a good thing. But this also means their tolerance level is lower in hotter climates and it can be tiring for them to be in high temperatures for an extended period of time.

How cold can Bernese mountain dogs withstand?

Bernese mountain dogs are most comfortable in the cold, surrounded by snow. They can easily withstand temperatures up to – 20 °F / -12 °C and stay outside in temperatures close to this for a while.

But they should not be left unsupervised out in the cold for too long because once the temperature begins to fall below – 20 °F / -12 °C, they might start to suffer from cold-associated illnesses such as frostbite or hypothermia.

How hot is too hot for a Bernese mountain dog?

Bernese Mountain dogs can withstand warm temperatures up to 30 °C. But it is highly recommended to keep them indoors or underneath some sort of a shade when the temperature is this high.

Because they are dogs who are well accustomed to cold weather and find it hard to cope with the heat. When they stay outside for long in the heat, they can suffer from exhaustion or stroke caused by the heat.

How do Bernese mountain dogs do in hot weather?

The black fur coats of Bernese mountain dogs tend to absorb the sun’s heat instead of reflecting it. This makes them more prone to overheating in the summer months. 

But as they are double-coated dogs, their thick undercoat sheds on its own as spring and summer approach.

This and their body’s natural ability to keep them insulated helps keep their body temperature normal despite the surrounding temperature being high. But even then, they will not enjoy being out for too long and will be either less energetic or just find a cool, shady spot to rest in.

Do Bernese mountain dogs like cold weather?

The physical build of a Bernese mountain dog makes them more suited for cold weather. Their thick, black fur keeps them warm even in freezing temperatures. This is why they are so playful and lively outside when it is cold and snowing.

Also, since they have double coats, the one underneath is soft and keeps them warm and cozy while the outer layer resists water. This allows them to run and play in the snow for hours without getting wet and cold after a while.

Do Bernese mountain dogs overheat easily?

As Bernese mountain dogs are more suited to cold weather, they can get overheated very easily. And don’t particularly enjoy being outdoors during the daytime in summer.

Even if you do decide to take them out on hot days be sure to have a bowl of water nearby and also a spot with shade. This way the chances of your dog getting dehydrated or exhausted from the heat will lower.

But their tolerance to hot weather will get better if they are introduced to it slowly and live in a place with hot weather for a few years. It is best to give them time and let them adjust at their own pace.

How long can a Bernese mountain dog stay out in the cold?

The black and thick double coats keep them warm and comfortable on the coldest of days. But Bernese mountain dogs should not be left outside for more than 1 hour when the temperature reaches or drops below – 20 °F / -12 °C.

Because when this happens they are more prone to get frostbite or hypothermia because of the cold. And to protect your dog from this, it is best to either watch them while they are outside or check on them frequently.

How to cool Down Bernese mountain dogs?

If you live someplace with warmer weather with your Bernese mountain dog, then it will be very helpful to know how to help them cool down or stay cool during the hot, summer months.

It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy, the simplest things can prevent them from overheating and being uncomfortable in their own skin.

Take them inside and turn on the air conditioner:

If you notice them panting hard with their tongue hanging out, take them inside and turn on the air conditioner or someplace with shade and an overhead fan. This will help them cool down easily.

Let them take a dip in water:

When they seem to have gotten too hot, let them take a dip in the water. Small pools for dogs are widely available for that or even your bathtub will work.

This will instantly both clean and refresh them while lowering their body temperature. This is also a great activity for them.

Water with ice cubes:

During hot months, if they get overheated, giving them water with ice cubes or fun ice treats will help keep them cool from within and also lower the risk of dehydration.

How to keep a Bernese mountain dog warm?

Since Bernese mountain dogs love the cold and snow so much, they will be reluctant to come indoors. But it is essential to keep them warm to avoid cold-associated illnesses as those can be quite fatal.

Intaking the proper amount of food:

It is extremely important to make sure your Bernese mountain dogs are intaking the proper amount of food, especially during the winter months as this helps keep them warm and their energy levels up.

As it is very easy to get cold when hungry.

Coats and boots:

Coats and boots may seem ridiculous for dogs but they actually help keep them warm when they are taking a walk or playing outdoors when it is freezing outside. The boots will also protect their paws.

Bringing them indoors:

The most obvious way to keep them warm is by bringing them indoors where there is a fireplace or a heater, once they have been out in the snow for over 1 hour or more or begin to show signs of being cold.

Can Bernese mountain dogs live outside?

Even though Bernese mountain dogs love being outdoors especially in cold, winter months. It is very dangerous to leave them outside for prolonged periods of time and it is highly advised not to let them stay outside overnight.

Something else to note is that Bernese mountain dogs are very attached to their owner. And being away will be lonely for the dog.

Similar to winter, they should not be made to sleep outside during hot, summer nights. They already have a low tolerance to heat and even though the temperature cools a little when the sun goes down, they still might not be completely comfortable outside, all by themselves.

Do Bernese mountain dogs prefer to be outside?

Bernese mountain dogs enjoy being outside and gladly partake in walks or hikes with their owner. Exercise is also highly effective for them to stay fit and healthy.

But it is best to supervise them when they are outside and make sure they are not too exhausted, irrespective of the weather.

How to tell if your Bernese mountain dog has heatstroke?

During summer, always check to see how your dog is faring when he is outside because it takes less than 10 minutes for them to get overheated and suffer from a heat stroke.

Some signs which will let you know if they are suffering from a heat stroke are excessive panting or drooling followed by disorientation in movement, their gum may become reddened, they might begin to vomit and collapse as well.

If this happens, rush them to a vet as soon as possible without wasting time.

How to tell if your Bernese mountain dog has hypothermia?

Bernese mountain dogs will enjoy being out in the snow for hours but if you notice them looking a little pale and unresponsive to your voice, mainly caused by lethargy and shivering uncontrollably, they might be suffering from hypothermia.

You need to instantly bundle them up to raise their body temperature and take them to the vet immediately.

Final Thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs can be a great companion but it is essential to know what their bodies are capable of and monitor them closely when they are outside in any extreme weather. This helps prevent health problems such as hypothermia in winter and heatstroke in summer before it is too late.

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