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Can Bernese Mountain Dogs Be Guard Dogs? (Answered)

If you’re looking for a guard dog to adopt, you can take a look at Bernese Mountain Dogs. Among many other guard dog breeds, they stand out due to their attractive appearance and robust body structure.

Can Bernese mountain dogs be guard dogs?

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a robust appearance who prefer to live outdoors which makes them somewhat suitable as guard dogs. They’re cool-headed and usually don’t bark but will give a warning when they get suspicious. However, they’re not recommended to use as guard dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred in Roman times to guard livestock. They would eventually get aggressive when they notice something fishy. They trained the Bernese to chase any intruder for the sake of their security.

However, gradually Bernese Mountain Dogs lost the need for acting as guard dogs. And they got more calm and friendly.

Today’s Bernese Mountain Dogs are preferably more gentle and love being around humans. Even with strangers, they tend to be calmer. However, your Bernese pups do still have the instincts of a guard.

As a result, you can train her to turn into a guard dog with time.

With guarding instincts, Bernese dogs get aggressive when provoked. Consequently, if you ever feel the need for a guard dog, you can train your Bernese into one.

Do Bernese mountain dogs make good guard dogs?

Since Bernese mountain dogs were initially bred for guarding and watching purposes, they still have guarding instincts in themselves even though they’re bred out of it.

So, your Bernese mountain dog will surely make a good guard dog with efficient training and consistency.

Not to mention, a Bernese Mountain Dog has an attractive appearance with a large trunk big enough to intimidate any unknown intruder.

As they get pretty aggressive when provoked, you can easily train your Bernese pup to bark and chase away any suspicious stranger.

Moreover, Bernese Mountain Dogs are very affectionate towards their human family, hence, they’ll fight for their family if need be.

What makes a Bernese Mountain Dog be a good guard dog?

There are certain traits for a dog to be a good guard dog. Not every dog can have their name on the list of good guard dogs.

The following five traits make your Bernese Mountain Dog a good guard dog –


As Bernese Mountain Dogs are obedient towards their owners, they’ll certainly make good guard dogs. Due to their loyalty and dedication towards you, they’ll listen to you whenever you call them back.

It’s important if they attack someone physically to handle the situation.

Quick Learner:

Bernese Mountain Dogs are relatively quick learners and easy to train.

Even though they’re not used to guard anymore, you can effortlessly train a Bernese Mountain Dog, and he’s most likely to listen to you and learn the watching and attacking techniques quicker if you want him to attack.

You can also train him to be just a good guard and watchdog without attacking anyone depending on your preference.

Intimidating Appearance:

A Bernese Mountain Dog is comparatively bigger than the average dog with a big head and a large trunk.

He also looks attractive due to the beautiful tricolor effect and their fierce eyes and sharp barks are enough to chase any unwanted intruders away.

High Energy Level:

Since Bernese Mountain Dogs have a high energy level, they’ll chase and run after any burglar if there’s any need for it. They will not easily get exhausted if you maintain a proper healthy diet.

Due to their high energy level, they feel the urge to engage in activities 24/7. And sometimes as a result of less physical activity, your Bernese pup can act out at innocent strangers as well.

So you have to be aware of their daily exercise and diet.


Usually, owners of Bernese Mountain Dogs don’t have to deal with their temperament issues as they’re pretty cool-headed. The calm nature of this breed is what makes them more suitable to be a good guard.

They’re less likely to lose their calm rather than remain alert and focus on their job being patient.

How long does it take to train a guard dog?

It will probably take you three to five weeks to efficiently train a guard dog. However, spending 10-15 minutes training your dog is enough to have a perfect guard dog by the end of the month.

While training a guard dog, you first have to ensure that your dog excels at obeying you. Without obedience training, all your work for training him to be a guard dog will probably be in vain.

Because during an attack, if your pup doesn’t listen to you when it’s time to stop, it will only make the situation difficult for you.

However, if you’re unable to train a guard, you don’t have to worry about it. Various dog training centers train your dog to be a good guard dog.

How do I train my Bernese Mountain Dog to be a good security guard?

It is always a beneficial thing to train your dog as a guard dog. Be it your handsome Bernese Mountain Dog as well. Seeking assistance from a dog training center to train your Bernese as a good security guard can get quite expensive.

Here are some steps to train your Bernese Mountain Dog as a good security dog –

Early Socialization:

Start socializing your pup early with other dogs and strangers to get rid of the social anxiety. By the time they reach adulthood, they’ll be able to figure out any potential intruder and warn you about them.

Bernese Mountain Dog can act both as a watchdog and security guard dog however you train them.

Basic obedience:

You can start with basic obedience training like ‘START’, ‘STOP’, ‘SIT’ etc. These basic commands will help your Bernese to listen and obey you whenever there’s an emergency.

Mark territory:

Provide your dog with a definite territory that a Bernese has to guard. First, he has to realize he’s there to protect your territory and you. Guide him to return to his territory after giving treats.

This will make him realize he’s to protect that territory for you.

Time for assessment:

When your Bernese Mountain Dog will be able to stay in his territory alone, you have to start testing him. For this step, you take help from one of your friends who your pup has never met before.

And ask him to walk in front of his territory and take note of your pup’s attitude.

If your training was done right, your furry friend will bark and try to warn you about the stranger’s presence.

Level up:

When you’re doing this practice test every day, it’s time to level up his training. Ask your friend to try to lure your pup with treats and with a positive attitude and see how he reacts.

However, if the training was efficient, your pooch will not fall for the trap. Thus, you can have a good security guard dog.

Is a Bernese Mountain Dog protective?

Bernese Mountain Dogs can get very protective of their owners when they sense any danger or unusual activities. And they’ll do anything to protect their owners and the property they’re assigned to.

In most cases, you’ll not be disappointed in appointing a Bernese Mountain Dog to protect your house and property. However, sometimes they can get aggressive if they feel that you’re in danger.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their owners?

Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their owners big time. They’re very loving and affectionate towards their owners. And often get aggressive and destructive when it’s time for them to fight for you.

As Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred for guarding and herding purposes, they have a nature of being overprotective of their owners or whatever they’re in charge of guarding.

You’ll often find your Bernese barking at strangers or other dogs bigger than themselves if they think your life is at stake. That’s how protective this adorable breed is of its owners.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs herding dogs?

Bernese Mountain dogs have been notoriously herding dogs since the time they were bred. Romans used them to take care of livestock and also as working dogs.

Moreover, you can train a Bernese to deliver mail or to pick up milk bottles or newspapers in the morning.

Can a Bernese Mountain dog be a police dog?

A Bernese Mountain Dog, however, is not suitable to be a police dog. Surely, he can watch your house for you and also act as a guard dog. But the aggression level is not up to that of a police dog.

To be a police dog requires to have a strong sense of smell, high intelligence, aggression, and strength.

Will a Bernese Mountain Dog attack?

Usually, a Bernese Mountain Dog tends not to attack anyone unless you train him to. They’re peace-loving and cool-headed animals and love to be with their owners.

Furthermore, they’re patient enough when strangers approach and they don’t immediately bark or act out unless they fear something wrong.

Can a guard dog be friendly?

Even though it’s required for guard dogs to show aggression, they can surely befriend people they’re socialized with and introduced before.

No matter what guard dog you’ve got, with early socialization, you can teach him not to act out in normal situations. Guard dogs are smart enough to get hold of the situation and be calm.

Final Thoughts:

Whether as a guard dog, or family dog, a Bernese Mountain Dog surely knows its way to your heart. You can also have him train as a working dog and see him do all the small work just to please you. However, for its various qualities, a Bernese Mountain Dog will be a great guard dog indeed.

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