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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peaches? (Explained)

Are you wondering whether or not bearded dragons can eat peaches? Are you thinking of adding peaches to your bearded dragon’s diet? However, are you not sure whether or not you should give your bearded dragons peaches every day or once a week?

Can bearded dragons eat peaches?

Bearded Dragons can eat peaches because they are filled with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and so on. However, it is always better to give your bearded dragon peaches to eat once a week rather than regularly as it can also cause serious health hazards if consumed by your bearded dragon regularly.

It is always better to be aware of whether or not peaches can be consumed by the baby bearded dragons to surpass unnecessary accidents.

Baby bearded dragons: 

Baby bearded dragons can definitely eat peaches and can be very benefited by all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that are derived from the peaches.

In addition, the soft texture of the peaches allows the baby bearded dragon to easily devour sweet peaches with ease.

Moreover, in the forming years, baby bearded dragons can definitely be highly benefited by the peaches’ fibers, water content, vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, sugar, energy, and so on.

However, you need to give peaches to your baby bearded dragon in a minimal amount, meaning once a week as overdoing it can cause serious health issues.

Are peaches good for bearded dragons?

Peaches are definitely good for bearded Dragons. However, it is always better to give them peaches occasionally as overdosing on peaches can also cause health issues.

In addition, peaches are good for bearded dragons because they are jam-packed with minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

Moreover, bearded dragons need to have hydrating food all the time, and to satiate this need, peaches can be the best option as it is filled with water.

Additionally, vitamin C which is found in peaches helps to strengthen the immune system of your bearded dragon.

Moreover, bearded dragons can also benefit from vitamin A that comes from the peaches which will help them with their vision.

Can bearded dragons eat all peaches? 

Bearded dragons can eat different types of peaches however, there are some exceptions. Therefore, being knowledgeable about the kind of peaches that are beneficial and edible for bearded dragons can help you to mold your decisions accordingly.

White peaches: 

Bearded dragons can definitely eat white peaches as they are filled with all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

In addition, white peaches are also filled with lots of water content which is why these white peaches are very much hydrating for the bearded dragons as they need an ample amount of water to survive.

Diced peaches: 

Your bearded dragon will definitely eat diced peaches as it is better to dice the peaches and then give them to your bearded dragon.

Accordingly, this is because the skins and pit of peaches have harmful chemicals absorbed in them which is why diced fresh peaches are the way to go.

Canned peaches: 

It is always better to give your bearded dragon nice and fresh fruits rather than canned ones. In addition, when it comes to giving your bearded dragon canned peaches, you should keep in mind that these peaches can really be a health hazard for your bearded dragon.

Consequently, this is because canned peaches are actually preserved with preservatives and harmful chemicals which when consumed by bearded dragons can result in several diseases. 

Dried peaches: 

Bearded dragons can not eat dried peaches as they have very low chewing ability. In addition, another reason why dried peaches are not good for bearded dragons is because of the high sugar level due to the extraction of water during the drying process.

Accordingly, these dried peaches can cause several health hazards like diarrhea, obesity, liver disease, tooth decay, stomach problems, and so on.

3 reasons why bearded dragons can eat peaches 

There are several reasons behind the fact why bearded dragons can eat peaches. Therefore, being knowledgeable about the proper reasons can help you to act accordingly.

Necessary Vitamins: 

One of the most common reasons for this consumption of peaches by your bearded dragon is due to the fact that peaches are very much safe to consume; however, the consumption rate should be once a week.

In addition, another important aspect is related to the necessary vitamins that are found in peaches.

Therefore, vitamins like vitamin C derived from the peaches are very good and can help to boost their immune system and thus fight off any potential disease.

In addition, peaches are also rich in vitamin A which is also very useful in prolonging the eyesight of your bearded dragon and it also ensures a strong immune system which is why bearded dragons seem to have peaches in their diet.

Sufficient Water:

Bearded dragons normally stay hydrated by licking the water off of the leaves and this is where the peaches come as a great source of water content for the bearded dragons.

Therefore, this hydrating quality of peaches makes them very much palatable for the bearded dragons and it is said that peaches even contain almost 88% water which is enough to give them a hydration boost.

In addition, this not only ensures their water intake rather it also helps with their nervous system, water retention, and also enhances their digestion system.

Additionally, bearded dragons’ consumption of peaches also ensures that they don’t face any sorts of lethargy, constipation, lack of appetite, and so on.


Another reason why bearded dragons can eat peaches is related to the idea that it is very much palatable and enjoyable for these bearded dragons.

In addition, the soft flesh of peaches is highly preferable for the bearded dragons as they do not like to eat hard foods.

Therefore, bearded dragons enjoy eating peaches but you need to make sure to not give your bearded dragon peach skin or pit as these can cause choking problems in your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat peach skin? 

It is always better to serve your bearded dragon soft foods which will not cause any health issues for them. The skin of peach fruit seems to have a very hard texture to it which is very tough for the bearded dragon to chew.

In addition, it is usually believed that bearded dragons do not have a very good chewing ability and that is why it is best to serve them soft foods otherwise peach skin can cause a choking problem in your bearded dragon.

In addition, you should also refrain from giving peach skin to your bearded dragon because of the chemicals or pesticides that are stuck to the skin of the peach fruit.

Accordingly, the reason behind this phenomenon is that there is a tendency of spraying pesticides or chemicals onto the fruit and leaves of the peach tree. 

These harmful pesticides get absorbed into the skins of the peach fruit which is why it is better to not give your bearded dragon peach skin.

How often bearded dragons can have peaches?

You should never give your bearded dragon peaches regularly; rather you should only give peaches once a week to accentuate the health benefit.

Although peaches are really good and beneficial for your bearded dragon, it also causes some serious health hazards when consumed regularly.

Consequently, the element called goitrogens is found in peaches which when consumed in a heavy amount can actually cause your bearded dragons to have thyroid gland related problems and can also cause problems with absorption of iodine.

In addition, bearded dragons thrive a lot when there is calcium in their diet, however peaches are filled with more phosphorus and less amount of calcium which is again why the ratio of phosphorus and calcium becomes imbalanced if your bearded dragon eats peaches every day.

Moreover, several diseases like bone disease, tremors, cardiac failure, weaknesses, bone fracture, skeletal problems, and so on can also be caused by irregular consumption of peaches.

How to feed peaches to bearded dragons? 

There are several steps that need to be followed before feeding peaches to your bearded dragon. Therefore, you first need to peel the peaches as there can be harmful pesticides absorbed into the skin.

After that, you also need to make sure to wash peaches thoroughly to eradicate any types of germs or dirt.

Additionally, you also need to make sure to throw the pit of the peaches away as this can cause choking problems in your bearded dragon.

Moreover, you now need to slice the peaches very thoroughly and can mix them with celery, bell peppers, collard greens, carrots, and so on to make a delicious salad for your bearded dragon to enjoy.

Final thoughts:

To sum up, a lot of health benefits can be derived from the consumption of peaches by your bearded dragons as peaches are filled with vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, and water. However, several serious health hazards can also result due to the overconsumption of peaches by your bearded dragon.