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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Onions? (Answered)

Bearded dragons are lovable animals that love to eat veggies and insects or bugs equally. They have a high percentage of diet that is in only vegetables.

A few examples would be collard greens, beet greens, broccoli, turnip greens, cilantro, and many more.

Since they eat so much green, they must eat green onions too, right? Green onions have a lot of vitamin K that helps certain blood clots and keep our bones strong too.  

It also consists of vitamin C which sometimes acts as an antioxidant that helps in protecting our cells from damage.

Surely onions are good for bearded dragons? However, to answer that question and many other aspects of it, please keep reading below.

Can bearded dragons eat green onions?

Onions and green onions are the same thing. Onions should be avoided at all costs in feeding a bearded dragon. Under no circumstances we should feed a bearded dragon onion. Onions are simply too acidic that will cause complications to their delicate digestive system of them.

The nutritional facts about onions that matter to the beardies are essentially the acidic, calcium to phosphorus ratio, sugar, protein, fat, water, and fiber.

After a little bit of research, we get to know that onions have several acidic nutrients. That is essentially the main reason why the onions are too acidic.

We as humans do not care about such acidity levels. However, a delicate digestive system like the bearded dragons can be burdened heavily. Ultimately causing severe health problems in our little beardie. 

Baby Bearded Dragons:

Regardless of their age Bearded dragons cannot eat onions. Whether it be a green onion, spring onion, or just any regular onion. The bearded dragons cannot eat them.

It is especially true for the baby bearded dragons. Even the adult ones cannot handle the onions. It is a lost cause if the younger ones consume onions. Therefore, we should be taking extra precautionary steps in handling baby beardies.

This is because the onions are potentially toxic to the creature regardless of them being raw or cooked. It will not matter for bearded dragons, and thus you should never feed your bearded dragon or any lizard both green and mature onions.

Can bearded dragons eat green onion leaves? Can bearded dragons eat spring onion?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat spring onion or any onion for that matter. They might be named differently but these vegetables are essentially the same thing. Therefore, they also have the same type of properties.

This is why they should never be fed any type of onions for their safety. Furthermore, onion leaves release slippery fluids that also fall on the greens and vegetables. Due to that, it becomes very unpleasant for the beardie.

Therefore, bearded dragons cannot eat green onion leaves either. Anything regarding onions is a no-no for the beardies.

They pose many problems than benefits for the beardies and thus they should be avoided at all cost for the safety of our reptilian friends.

Are green onions good or bad for bearded dragons?

Green onions present no good qualities for the bearded dragons. They should be avoided at all costs for the safety of our beloved pets.

Bearded dragons should never eat green onions as they are the same as normal onions or even spring onions.

They are pretty high in acidity and have little to no nutritional value for the beardies. Furthermore, the sensitive bodies of the beardies also cannot handle the high acidic contents that are present in the onions.

Feeding onions to the beardies will only bring unwanted health problems.

Some people still think that cooked onions are okay for bearded dragons. But that could not be further from the truth as, onions cooked or raw, has more or less the same properties.

Onions should be marked as the “forbidden vegetable” for the beardies.

5 reasons why bearded dragons cannot eat green onions

If you need more convincing about why not to feed your bearded dragon onions, then here is a list of reasons why bearded dragons cannot eat green onions or any onions for that matter.

High Acidity:

The acidity’s so potent on the vegetable that it will cause a burning sensation on the tongue and the mouth of the beardie.

Also, it will create irritation down the throat too. This will result in the beardies not eating anymore.

Low Nutritional Value:

The vegetable’s rather toxic to the creature but has no potentially good nutrients that would make it worth it. Due to how low nutritional values are present in the onion.


Due to how high the acidity of the vegetable is, it will cause serious unwanted health problems. Serious problems like heartburn. This will make the beardie agitated.

Disrupting Digestion:

After ingesting the onions, the contents of the onions will mess up the digestive enzymes beyond recognition and make them inactive.

Eventually, the beardie will get weaker due to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Disproportionate CaP:

The onions have an unbalanced amount of calcium and phosphorus.

We know that the proper ratio between the calcium and phosphorus for the beardies needs to be 2:1 respectively. However, that’s not the case in onions.

This is because there’s too much phosphorus in the onions, and that interferes with the calcium intake of the body for the beardies.

What to do if my breaded dragons eat green onions?

Even though our bearded friends know to avoid the onion. There are times when they will mistakenly eat them, which might put you in a panic mode. However, we have made a list below.

It contains things you could do if such a situation happens. Therefore, fret not and keep reading below to find out more.


Sometimes a small portion of onion may not be as harmful as the whole thing.

Therefore, instead of panicking in such situations we can rather pay attention to them and try to notice if there is any change in their behavior.

If we find them to be as they were, then you will have nothing really to worry about.

Reptile Vet:

So, after observing if you notice there is something wrong with their behavior then waste no time and get over to a reptile vet as soon as possible to get your beardie checked out.

Activated Charcoal:

If the situation of the reptile is too dire, then we can take activated charcoal and crush it, mix it with water and then administer it as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, mix a small amount of 1/16tsp of charcoal with 1tsp of water.

Then proceed to give that to the beardie via a plastic syringe. The dosage should be based on weight. For 300-450g offer .07ml, for 451-600g offer .09ml, and finally if the weight is above 600-750g offer .13ml.

What green vegetables can bearded dragons eat?

Since we got to know that not all green veggies are harmless for our beloved little reptilian buddies. We should at least get to know some of the ones that are good for our beardies. Given below is a list of such vegetables.

Bok choy:

These greenies are crunchy and delicious. Our beardies love to eat them.

Furthermore, they are also full of fiber that helps with digestion. Not only that they are also filled with vitamins and minerals as well as other essential nutrients.


This vegetable has anti-inflammatory properties, unlike some other veggies that do the opposite. This in turn can lower the risk of getting arthritis and other heart diseases.

Regardless it is a portion of quality food for your little reptilian friend that helps in fighting bacteria in their body.


Cabbage has a lot of calories even if we consume a very little amount of it. The same goes for the bearded dragons.

Celery leaves:

These might be a very good choice for weight loss programs. However, they are a treat for your beardie. These can boost their health and provide essential vitamins, minerals as well as fiber.


Kale is a vegetable that is not just good for us but rather so many different animals ranging from dogs even to our little bearded dragons too. Kale is a superstar when it comes to the amount of vitamins A, K, B6, and C.

Final Thoughts

Green onions should not be fed to bearded dragons under any circumstances. The vegetable has a high concentration of acid and thus it will render the digestive enzymes of the bearded dragons useless. This is because they have a very delicate digestive system and thus onion is harmful to them.