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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn? (Quick Answers)

The bearded dragon can be a great fit for your home as a pet. Although they look dangerous, they can be very polite and calm. They have certain eating habits. In today’s article, we will discuss their eating habits. 

Can bearded Dragons eat corn? 

You can feed the bearded Dragons corn as their meal. But you should keep in mind that cooked or canned corn is not suitable for their body or their diets since they have salt and additives. You can feed them raw corn if you want. This will not have any adverse effect on their body. 

The eating habits of bearded dragons are complicated. Generally, they like to eat worms and crickets that contain vitamins and nutrients for them. 

In addition to that, they need to eat multiple times a day. Corn is processed in many ways. Below we will discuss how to feed a variety of processed corn bearded dragon: 


One thing you need to remember when feeding your bearded Dragon is that your bearded dragon should eat raw corn rather than eating cooked or processed corn. 

So, cornbread should not be provided for the bearded Dragon scenes; they contain no nutritional value. 

Corn on the cob: 

Organic corn is always the ideal option for the bearded dragon. They love to eat corn on the cob. If they do not like to eat that way, you can simply peel off some individual kernels and feed them. 

Corn tortillas: 

It is not recommended for bearded Dragon to feed corn tortillas because they need dietary fiber and efficient nutrient absorption for proper digestion. 


The bearded dragon can eat the leaves and flowers of corn. This will eventually help the bearded dragon to grow up nicely. In addition to that, it will also fulfill the nutrition it needs. 

Corn worms: 

Since the bearded Dragon needs very high-value protein to live, they rely on worms and crickets. That is why corn worms can be a great choice for the bearded Dragons as their meal. 

Corn husks: 

Corn husks are a great source of fiber, and that will help the bearded dragon to grow up nicely. 

Corn and peas: 

You can feed the bearded Dragon corn mixed with peas, but canned corn and peas contain preservatives and salt in it that are harmful to the bearded Dragon. 

Corn flakes: 

Corn flakes do not contain any nutritional value so there is no use of feeding corn flakes to your bearded dragon.  

Corn chips: 

Just like the corn flakes, the corn chips do not have any nutritional value in them, so it won’t be beneficial to feed your bearded Dragon the corn chips.  

Corn salad: 

The corn salad consists of a mixture of a lot of spices and ingredients that are not suitable for bearded dragons.

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat corn?

Yes, you can feed the bearded dragon with corn as long as no extra ingredients are added to it. Bearded dragons need multiple meals once a day So, they need food to keep fit so that they do not feel hungry. 

From there, corn is considered a great choice for bearded dragons. You should avoid feeding the bearded corn that comes in tin or cans. The product contains a high amount of sodium, salt, and preservatives that are harmful.

It will affect their growth and digestive system as well. You should also avoid feeding them cooked or baked corn because that has no nutritional value in it. So, feeding them this type of food will eventually not help them. 

Feeding them with corn, you should keep in mind the variety. The more you can add varieties to their diets, the less chance of having nutritional problems. 

Can baby bearded dragons eat corn? Can bearded dragons eat canned or cooked corn?  

The corn can be provided to baby bearded dragons in limited amounts. Providing the larger portion of corn to baby bearded dragons can be harmful to their health. 

Also, feeding them corn in the long term will affect their growth and health. You should rather focus on providing them with proteins than corn.  

It is completely prohibited for the bearded Dragon to eat canned or cooked corn. First of all, corn contains many types of preservatives and additives in it. 

Apart from that, they are full of sodium and salt that is harmful to the bearded Dragon’ health. Sometimes many chemical mixtures are added into the canned corn to make it more testing, which is harmful to the bearded dragon. 

Cooked corn does not have any nutritional value, so it should also be avoided.

3 reasons why bearded dragon can eat corn

Although bearded dragons need a high number of proteins in their body for better growth, it is important to make sure they get enough fiber to keep their digestive system functioning. 

In addition to that, the bearded Dragons need to be fed multiple times a day. So, corn can be a great option to prevent them from getting hungry. 

Corns are also helpful to boost the bearded Dragon and it contains types of vitamins that help to improve the immune, vision, and reproduction system of a bearded dragon. Below is a brief discussion on the reasons why bearded Dragon can eat corn:

They contain a high amount of fiber: 

The bearded Dragon mostly relies on protein-related elements such as worms and crickets. 

But apart from that, they also need to ensure a high amount of fiber in their body to keep their digestive system running properly. That is why feeding corn is the best choice.

They can fulfill the hunger of bearded dragon: 

Corns can be a great option to fulfill their hunger. The bearded dragon needs to eat multiple times a day, so they will need plenty of food supplies around them. 

That is why you can rely on corn, which is cost-efficient and convenient for the bearded Dragon as well.

They provide a hydration boost: 

The corns are a great choice to provide your bearded Dragon with a hydration boost. This simple crop contains 77% of the water that can be helpful to provide your bearded dragon with a healthy immune and growth system.

How often can bearded dragons eat corn? 

Corns can be a great option for the meal of a bearded Dragon. Even though they rely on a variety of foods, corn can be a cost-efficient and convenient choice. It contains a high amount of nutrients such as water, fiber, calcium, and vitamins. 

It depends on your perspective on how often a bearded dragon should be fed corn. You can simply feed your bearded dragon corn once a month or less frequently

Keeping the nutritional value of corn in mind, you need to be careful when feeding them corn. 

Due to overeating. The bearded Dragon may face serious health issues. That is why you can decide by looking at the bearded Dragon’s diet plan to ensure when and how often to feed them corn.

How to feed corn to bearded dragons?  

When you are about to feed corn to the bearded Dragon, you need to make some preparations before that. First of all, buying the right type of corn with fresh and raw textures is important. 

After that, you need to maintain the cleanliness of the corn by washing them and removing any available chemicals if added. 

Sometimes a bearded dragon won’t eat whole corn, so you can simply peel off the kernels from the corn and feed some of them to the bearded Dragon. 

Depending on its nutritional value, you need to decide how much you want to feed your bearded dragon. The following is a brief discussion on how to feed corn to bearded Dragon: 

Wash them thoroughly: 

When you buy coins from the market, you need to make sure that they are fresh and raw. Providing the raw corn to your bearded Dragon is important. 

After that, you need to wash them to remove all the chemicals and additives from them. Some coins contain salts in them, so it’s important to wash them.

Peel off the kernels from the corn: 

Bearded dragons might not be able to eat whole corn, so you can simply peel off the kernels from acorns and provide some of them to your bearded Dragon for eating.

Feed them occasionally: 

Corns are not something that should be fed to a bearded dragon regularly because it doesn’t match their nutritional value for daily diet. 

That is why when you are feeding them, you need to make sure you do not feed them regularly so that it doesn’t affect the growth of the bearded dragon. 

Final thoughts 

Bearded Dragon can eat corn, but you need to make sure that they are not cooked, canned, or processed. Raw corn is considered as the best option to feed the bearded dragon because they have high nutritional value and do match the balanced diet of a bearded dragon.