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Are Pomskies Good with Cats & Other Dogs? (Answered)

If you already have a dog or cat, and you’re wondering if you could adopt a Pomsky too, you have to be extra careful if that’s the case. You see Pomskies have few temperament issues which you can curb with proper training at any time. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Are pomskies good with cats?

Pomskies can be good with cats if socialized correctly from a young age. However, if you have small pets or kittens at your home, it is recommended not to adopt a Pomsky as they inherit high prey drive instincts from the Siberian Husky parent dog and the situation can get dangerous whatsoever.

Do pomskies get along with cats?

Pomskies are not very cat-friendly. But with proper socialization and exposure to cats, you can make your Pomsky get along with cats. It is best to start the training from four to six weeks of age.

With early socialization, even if you got your Pomsky to get along with cats, don’t expect them to be best of friends immediately. Keep a keen eye on them. Nonetheless, some dogs get along very well with cats and treat them as one of their own. It depends on your pup’s personality and instincts.

However, every cat and dog is a different individual. And sometimes they won’t just get along with each other and you have to acknowledge your pet’s personality. It is perfectly normal for cats and dogs not to like each other since they don’t have friendly instincts towards other creatures like humans.

How are pomskies with cats?

According to Pomsky breeders and owners, pomskies do great with cats depending on the factors like temperament, personality, compatibility, size, and behavior of both pets.

However, Pomskies do inherit strong prey drive instincts from one of their breeding parents – the Siberian Husky. So if you want your pup to get along with cats, you need to socialize them with cats in the first year. This is the time when dogs learn the most.

From studies, it is seen that Pomskies go well with cats eight of ten times. And they are seen to be friendly and playful with each other. But it is recommended that you don’t leave them alone for a prolonged time.

How to introduce your cat and your Pomsky?

Introducing as kittens and puppies:

Your Pomsky will get along with your cat very well if you introduce both of them at a young age preferably in the first year. This allows them to grow up together in a very friendly manner, creating their comfort zone.

Bringing home a Pomsky:

Many owners adopt a Pomsky when they already have a cat at their home. This is the time when you have to be careful. After bringing your pup home, let her feel at ease with the new environment and gradually start making face-to-face interactions between both of them.

However, if you already have a Pomsky, you shouldn’t adopt a kitten midway. Also, it is recommended not to adopt an adult Pomsky if your cat is still a kitten.

How to train your Pomsky and your cat to get along?

Step 1:

First, allow both your cat and Pomsky to settle in their secured zone. Then, pet your cat. Now, let your pup come and sniff your hands to get used to your cat’s scent. Now, do the same with your cat too.

Step 2:

Now, put your Pomsky in her crate or room. Let your cat start the first face-to-face interaction and set the pace as your pup will most likely get overly excited and start jumping and lifting.

Step 3:

Notice how they’re reacting. If you find either of them growling, hissing, or whining; it indicates they’re not liking each other’s presence. Then, it’s time to take a break. Don’t force them to get to like each other immediately.

Step 4:

Don’t leave them alone, once they get comfortable with each other. Treat them and give a lot of praise when they start getting along with each other. You can gradually increase the time length.

Are Pomskies good with other dogs?

Pomskies are not one of those breeds that easily get along with other dogs as they inherit behavioral traits from both breeding parents, the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. However, with early socialization and proper training, Pomskies can become good with other dogs under specific conditions.

Do Pomskies get along with other dogs?

If you introduce your Pomsky to other dogs from her puppyhood, she’ll get along well with them as she grows up. Moreover, she’ll not create any fuss when you’re taking her out on walks and won’t be over territorial and possessive when a dog approaches your house.

However, Pomskies’ breeding parents are the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. And they do inherit temperament issues from both breeds. Pomeranians are known not to get along with other dogs.

Despite the small size of your Pomskies, they never back down in any situation and you can even find them barking against a Labrador or even German Shepherds; that is if they don’t like that particular dog’s presence.

Are Pomskies good with small dogs?

Pomskies inherit strong prey drive instincts from their breeding parent the Pomeranian. Hence, they might get chase drive in front of small breed dogs and make a mess.

However, you can effectively curb this behavior with proper training starting from an early age. Dogs learn the most during the first year of their life. Try to introduce them to small dogs since their puppyhood. Gradually, they’ll grow fond of small dogs.

But avoid bringing small dogs near to your adult Pomsky if she wasn’t socialized with them earlier.

How are Pomskies with other dogs?

Pomskies are playful, intelligent, loyal, and active hybrid dogs. Usually, they’re easy-going with other dogs if trained properly from an early age.

However, if your Pomsky is more Pomeranian-like, she’s most likely to be yappy around other dogs and will get territorial when a stranger dog steps at your house. Moreover, a Pomsky can get very protective of you just like a Pomeranian.

Nonetheless, you can curb this behavior by spending enough time with your Pomsky and taking him out on walks. Introducing other dogs at an early age also helps. But, if your pup doesn’t seem to like the company of other dogs, don’t force her into it.

How to train Pomsky to get along with other dogs?

Start socializing early:

Socialize your Pomsky starting from four to six weeks of age to get her along with other dogs. This way, she won’t get overwhelmed when passing a dog in the park. Always treat your pup for being so well behaved.

Basic obedience:

Train your dog to listen to your commands like ‘COME’, ‘STOP’, ‘SIT’. Thus, you can stop your pup from doing anything harmful and she’ll learn that you’re in charge. Hence, she’ll obey your commands.

Do not force:

When starting to socialize, if your pup doesn’t seem to like the company of other dogs, don’t force her into it. Take a break. Start afresh the next day. It could also be that your furry friend doesn’t want to get along with other dogs. In such cases, you have to respect her choice.

Make a change:

Pomskies can get extremely territorial. Hence, you can start socialization at a park, dog centers, or at a friend’s place to make her feel at ease.

What dogs do Pomskies get along with?

Well-trained Pomskies can get along with any dog breed. Your small-sized Pomskies don’t back down even when there’s a Labrador or Shepherd in front of her. But Pomskies don’t seem to get along with small breed dogs since they have high prey drive instincts.


The breeding parent Huskies do get well with Labrador, so do the Pomskies. Both breeds are highly active, intelligent, and playful. But you have to watch out since the Labrador is quite bigger than your average Pomsky.

Australian Shepherds:

Australian Shepherds and Siberian Huskies also have common personality traits. They both make amazing companions and family dogs, which make them perfect for your Pomskies as well.

Golden Retrievers:

Golden Retrievers are very friendly, loving, and affectionate. This breed is kind towards kids, strangers, and other dogs and has similar personalities to the Huskies. Hence, Pomskies easily get along with Golden Retrievers despite their sizes.

With proper training, your Pomskies may get along with small dog breeds like Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pugs, or toy Poodles.

Can Pomskies be left alone with other Pets?

You can leave Pomskies alone with other Pets if trained properly from an early age, but not for a prolonged period. It is recommended to keep a keen eye on them even when they’re getting along.

However, Pomskies do inherit a strong prey drive from one of their breeding parents, the Pomeranian. Hence, it is not ideal to leave Pomskies along with other small dogs and pets without training.

Are Pomskies aggressive?

Pomskies can be somewhat aggressive and show signs of growling, biting, nipping, lunging, and snapping. It has something to do with their personality and temperament instincts which they inherit from either breeding parents, the Siberian Husky or the Pomeranian.

In fact, any dog can become aggressive if not trained properly. However, Pomskies are not recommended for families with kids. Since kids don’t always understand how to play with dogs gently in their way which can trigger your pup any day.

All in all, you can adopt a Pomsky if your heart always cares for one. But you have to be serious about her training so that she can get along with your other pets and cats if you have any.

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