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Are Mastiffs Good with Other Dogs? (Read This First!)

Most of the times dog owners want to have more than one dog. This is to make sure their dog has a furry friend of its’ own. But this decision depends on what breed of dog you already have. Not all dogs are okay with other dogs. Some get territorial and aggressive.

Are mastiffs good with other dogs?

Mastiff is known to be a territorial dog and they tend to be very protective. It is common for a mastiff to act aggressively towards another dog that they are not familiar with. But if the other dog is already known to your mastiff they will not be aggressive. In that case, the dogs get along well.

Tibetan Mastiff:

The Tibetan mastiff is generally aggressive towards other dogs. If they are properly introduced, they might not show any aggressive behavior. With other animals they are good, but with other dogs they get territorial.

This happens most with dogs of the same sex. Take time to introduce other dogs properly to them.


The naturally territorial bullmastiff is not great with other dogs. Only if they have been brought up with other dogs from their puppy stage can they adjust with other dogs. Their predatory instincts act up when new dogs are introduced to them.

This problem is more with same-sex dogs.

English Mastiff:

This mix of the breed is more tolerable towards other dogs but that depends on how they have been introduced to the new animal. A lot depends on how the English mastiff perceives the other dog.

If the English mastiff thinks of the new dog as a threat they will fight and aggressively.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan mastiffs will be okay with other pets and dogs if they are used to socializing from an early age. But there is still a chance that your Neapolitan mastiff might not be able to be normal with other dogs.

The domineering instincts are too strong when it comes to this breed.

French Mastiff:

The French mastiff is more tolerant towards other dogs. It is best to introduce other dogs to the mastiffs when they are puppies. The hunting instinct of the mastiff might make them want to chase the small dogs around most of the time.

But if they are used to the other dogs, they will not harm them.

Italian Mastiff:

This mix of the breed does not do great with other dogs of the same sex. They tend to be very territorial. Make sure the Italian mastiff is exposed to socialization at an early age.

Even so, in a small space, they will chase and try to hurt the other small dogs.

Pyrenean Mastiff:

Pyrenean mastiffs are relatively good with other cats and dogs. They do well with kids and other members of the family, along with other dogs. They can be overprotective sometimes.

As they are guard dogs, they can get aggressive if they feel threatened.

The mastiff in general is territorial and protective. It is in their nature to be a bit domineering. Socializing since their puppy days can help them interact with the other dogs well when they grow up.

Do mastiffs get along with other dogs?

It is not uncommon for a mastiff to get along with other dogs. They can be friendly and playful with other dogs. This happens when they are introduced to other dogs and socializing with other dogs from when they are puppies.

Otherwise, it might be difficult to get a mastiff to be used to other dogs. Their territorial instinct will kick in and they might get aggressive with the other dog.

There are some dogs that are great with mastiffs. But the domineering nature of the mastiff makes it difficult for them to bond naturally. Especially, if the dogs are of the same sex. But if your mastiff is used to playing with other dogs from their pup days, it won’t be an issue.

Are mastiffs aggressive with other dogs?

Mastiffs can get aggressive with other dogs. It is in fact a common problem with mastiffs. This aggressive behavior comes from their territorial instincts. They are guard dogs and they tend to get protective over their position. This is when they act out.

Most of the time, a mastiff will show hostility towards a new dog they met. This happens when your mastiff is not accustomed to being around other dogs. From their early puppy dog days, if the mastiff were used to being around other dogs, they would be less hostile and aggressive.

What dogs go well with mastiffs?

A lot depends on the breed of the dog that is being introduced to your mastiff. Some breeds go along better with your mastiff than any other breed. Some of the breeds that are friendly and perfect for your mastiff are –

  • Bernese Mountain Dog  
  • Havanese  
  • Labrador Retriever  
  • Golden Retriever  
  • Beagle  

These are some of the cool-tempered dogs that get along well with mastiffs. These dog breeds are calm and tend to not agitate the mastiff. The mentioned dog breeds would help your mastiff to socialize and be friendly with them within no time.

How to train mastiffs to be good with other dogs?

From a very early age, if your mastiff is used to getting along with other dogs, they will show less aggression towards new dogs once they have grown up. There are some basic training you can do as well-

Socializing from a very early age:

If possible, practice socializing with your mastiff from a very early age. Make sure your mastiff puppy is around many other dogs and has enough interaction with them.

Socialize around as much as possible:

Socialize with your mastiff around as much as possible. Show your mastiff dog that people and other dogs are not a threat.

Use a positive tone:

Always use a positive tone when instructing your mastiff. Assure them it is a safe place and there is no need to get territorial.

Give enough attention:

Give your mastiff enough attention so they do not get jealous.

Not to stretch the training for too long:

Make sure not to stretch the training for too long. 15 minutes is enough for your mastiff.

Not get too harsh:

Make sure to not get too harsh with your mastiff. Use a soft and loving tone while introducing your mastiff to other dogs.

What is the friendliest mastiff breed?

Among the mastiff breed, the friendliest and the most tolerant one is the English mastiff. This breed can adjust well with other animals and dogs. With training and some time they can socialize without showing much aggression.

English mastiffs have a very gentle and calm temperament. They are family dogs and do well with the other members of the family. These guard dogs are very popular for their protective and caring nature.

Are mastiffs good with small dogs?

Mastiffs have an instinctive caring side to them. These big dogs love to tend to kids, puppies, and other small animals. Around small dogs, they are likely to behave the same way. They might chase the small dog around to play sometimes.

The giant dogs have a soft nature as well and they are often good with small dogs. But you should always stay by their side when you leave them alone with a small dog. Just in case their hunting instincts kick in.

Are mastiff dogs aggressive?

If your mastiff is not used to socializing, they can get threatened and can show some aggression. And as the breed is practically a giant their aggressive side is very much dangerous.

Sometimes a mastiff can get aggressive when they meet a dog of the same sex, this is because of their domineering behavior.

They were bred for fighting and later on they had been used as hunting and guard dogs. They are naturally protective and territorial. This is why they tend to get aggressive. With new dogs, this aggression shows more.

Are mastiffs good dogs?

Mastiffs have gained a name for being well-behaved and well-natured dogs. They are gentle and protective. These giant dogs are one of the more popular family dogs. The calm and laid-back demeanor of the mastiff dogs makes them one of the best companions for adults.

Around kids and other small animals, the mastiff should be kept under supervision. They do tend to kids and small animals with much care, but they are big dogs. Just to be safe, you should keep them under supervision when they are around kids.

Will a mastiff attack an intruder?

It is common and there have been many reports of a mastiff attacking an intruder. The breed is very protective in nature. If their protective instinct kicks in they can get very aggressive towards the intruder.

It is important to properly introduce any new person to your mastiff. Otherwise, if your mastiff picks up the intuition of an intruder, they will get very aggressive and will most definitely attack the intruder.

Unlike some other protective dog breeds, a mastiff will not stop after barking. They will directly attack the intruder.

Final thoughts:

The very protective and territorial dog breed mastiff is definitely not one of the friendliest dogs out there. They tend to get aggressive with other new dogs, especially if the dog is the same sex as them. However, they can grow normally to other dogs. Mostly if they are used to it since pup days.

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