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Are Majesty Palms Poisonous to Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

Majesty palms are mostly used to decorate one’s home. The beautiful leaves of the majesty palm and its height increases the beauty of the house. A green nature to admire.

If you have pets at home, especially dogs or cats, you might get a little bit confused if majesty palm is good for them or if it’s good to bring majesty palm at home.

Well, the information added below on if majesty palm is good or not to dogs, cats and animals will satisfy all your questions.

Are majesty palms poisonous to dogs?

Majesty palms are not poisonous to dogs. Even if your dog eats the leaf, it will do no harm. Moreover, there are spines noticeable on the majesty palm. These spines may hurt the little and soft skin of the dog. Nevertheless, these spines do not have any poisonous chemicals and are safe for dogs.

Majesty palms are known as one of the most indoor suitable plants to use. It mostly doesn’t come with harm. Unlike other palm trees, it is quite free from spines. Even doesn’t release any toxic components that can harm dogs.

The spines may get through into their skin if they come in contact. That may cause scratches or marks. Therefore, till now there have been no problems found in dogs because of majesty palms. Even though some palms are poisonous.

Meanwhile, majesty palm is not poisonous at all. A perfect plant to decorate your home without worrying over your dog’s safety.

What happens if a dog eats a majesty palm?

Majesty palm is not poisonous and by eating it, dogs may not have any harm. If your dog eats a majesty palm, it will be all okay. Even the leaves are not toxic at all.

Eating other palm leaves may cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea to the dog. As majesty palm is free from toxicity, it hardly causes any harmful reaction to the dog.

That’s why your dog is absolutely safe after eating majesty palm. Even though eating leaves is not a good sign for dogs. Pay attention to your dog if your dog eats a leaf.

What palms are not poisonous to dogs?

Palms are not poisonous to dogs unless it is sago palm. Palm trees are mostly safe for dogs. Still, you have to look out for spines.

Even though that doesn’t contain toxic components, may create scratches on the dog’s skin. The spines are sharp enough to cause a cut.

Here, we are listing some of the palm trees which are safe for dogs.

  • Majesty palm.
  • Bamboo palms.
  • Areca palms.
  • Dwarf Majesty palm.
  • Bottle palm.
  • Kentia palm.
  • Pineapple palm.
  • Adonidia palm.
  • Chinese fan palm.
  • European fan palm.

Other than that, all the true palms are not poisonous to dogs.

Are majesty palms poisonous to cats?

Majesty palms are not poisonous to cats. Instead, cats might do harm to your majesty palms. Majesty palms don’t contain toxic substances like sago palms. Even chewing the leaves of majesty palm will not cause any problem to your cat. Moreover, your cat might pull off the leaves and destroy them.

Majesty palms may not cause harm to the cat but your cat may get vicious with the majesty palm tree. Cats are impulsive. It may tear the leaves and scratch the tree with its claws.

Even though majesty palm tree doesn’t have thrones and even the small thorns doesn’t contain toxic component, may create cut on the skin of the cat. Even pulling the leaves may hurt the cat instead.

Lastly, majesty palms may be safe to play with it but the aggressiveness of cats may cause them to hurt in return.

What happens if a cat eats a majesty palm?

No harm will happen to the cat if it eats majesty palm. Majesty palms don’t produce any toxic components. Even it is like other plants which are non-toxic and suitable for the home.

Eating leaves itself is bad for the cat as it may cause diarrhea or vomiting. Leaves are not suitable for cats to eat even though it doesn’t have toxicity. Cats cannot consume it properly.

Most probably your cat will not eat it. Instead, destroy the tree with scratches and do some damage to the tree. Though eating majesty palm will not create a poisonous reaction, cats should not eat the leaf.

Which palms are safe for cats?

Every true palm trees are safe for cats. Cats may be safe from the tree but the tree might be in danger because of the cats.

Ironically, cats are quite impulsive towards trees and might not like the existence of trees around them. Here we are adding a shortlist of palm trees that are safe for cats.

  • Bottle palm.
  • Pineapple palm.
  • Kentia palm.
  • Chinese fan palm.
  • European fan palm.
  • Adonidia palm.
  • Majesty palm.
  • Bamboo palms.
  • Parlor palm.
  • Lady palm.

This list contains some of the beautiful palm trees which are suitable for home decor.

Are majesty palms poisonous to other animals?

Majesty palms are not poisonous to any animal. Even though, animals are quite impulsive towards trees. Moreover, might tear apart the leaves and thrones. In that case, animals are safe as majesty palm doesn’t secrete toxic substances. Still, eating the leaves may cause ill health in return.

Majesty palms are known as non-toxic and produce no poisonous reactions on animals.

Majesty palm belongs to the species of palms which are known to be safe for animals as well as humans. You can keep them at home and increase the beauty of the house. At the same time, can give it a place in your family garden.

Even the animals are totally safe as majesty palms have more leaves and no toxic or sharp spine. Even though the spines are not sharp, they can hurt the sensitive skin of animals easily. Overall, it will not cause any poisonous effect on animals.

Are Palms pet-friendly?

Most of the true palms are pet-friendly. Meanwhile, sago palm which is not even a true palm is known as quite toxic to pets.

Animals have quite softer and tender skin. Even unknowingly they can come in contact with poisonous stuff and get health problems.

Palms which have a sharp spine and toxic spines may be unsafe for pets. Toxic spines contain some chemicals which may create toxic reactions on the body and even lead to the end of their life.

But true palm trees are different in that case as they don’t have toxic spines.

What animals have a poisonous threat from majesty palm?

No animals have poisonous threats from majesty palm. Ironically, animals are quite impulsive towards trees and might not like the existence of trees around them.

Moreover, might tear apart the leaves. They are more likely to cause harm to the trees.


Majesty palm trees are non-toxic to birds as it doesn’t have thrones. Birds will not get poked by the tree and get scratches on it.


Majesty palm doesn’t secrete harmful substances for dogs. Still, eating leaves may harm them as dogs are unable to consume leaves.


Unless the cat uses its claws on the tree, it is safe. Otherwise, the sharp leaves may swell their skin.

Do majesty palm tree needles have poison?

Actually, the majesty palm tree doesn’t have needles. Even though you find a little number of needles, they are non-poisonous.

The palm trees are safe for animals unless the spine is present there as it may get them scratches. Apart from scratches, the thorns may cause cuts and stiffness. Most importantly immense pain on the cut spot.

Which in turn will hurt them. That’s why to be aware of the thorns though it doesn’t contain thorns like needle palms.

Overall, you can keep a majesty palm tree at home. At the same time, you have to be careful as aggressive touch toward the tree may harm you instead.

Can you get an infection from a palm tree?

Definitely, you may have a little chance to get an infection from a palm tree. It depends if you are poking on the thorns or aggressively playing with its leaves.

Poking on the thorns of a palm tree is indeed not a good idea. By chance it goes in the skin, it may create cut leading to bleeding. Otherwise, it can also lead to puffiness, stiffness, and immense pain on that spot.

Also, there are some palm trees that can cause skin disease. Most probably people do not use those trees at home. Finally, needle palms may be harmful while other palm trees are gentle.

Final Thoughts

Finally, majesty palms don’t cause poisonous reactions on cats, dogs, or other animals. Instead, they are quite pet-friendly and human-friendly. Even it doesn’t have many thrones and does not contain poisonous substances that can affect animals. One can keep majesty palms if one has pets at home.