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Are Impatiens Toxic to Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

There are many house plants that may be harmful to pets. And there are plants that are perfect to be kept around with pets. You just have to know which plant is good for your pet.

Are impatiens toxic to dogs, cats & other animals?

If you have pets and want to get flower plants that won’t harm your pet animals, you can get the impatient plants. The flowering plant is not toxic for dogs, cats, or any other animals. It is a beautiful flower plant that is harmless to almost all animals. Rest assured that the plant is not toxic.

Are impatiens flowers or plants poisonous to dogs?

It is common for some plants to be toxic for dogs, and most of these plants are flower plants surprisingly. But the impatient flower plant is harmless for dogs. These plants are not toxic and the entire plant is safe to keep around the same place as your dog plays or stays.

Double impatiens:

The very beautiful flower from the impatiens family, the double impatiens are naturally non-toxic for dogs. There are no harmful or toxic substances that will hurt your dog. The flower and the plant are very safe to keep around your dog.

Starting from the petals to the stem, the plant is safe for your dog.

New Guinea impatiens:

This is a relatively new variation of the plant and is gaining a fair amount of popularity. And as the plant is new, dog owners are not known about its toxicity.

Just like the other plants of this family, the New Guinea impatiens are not toxic for dogs.

It can be difficult to find a plant that is not toxic for your dog as your dog might go near the plant a lot. Any plant from the impatiens family is perfect in this case. The plants are not toxic for dogs.

Are impatiens flowers or plants toxic to cats?

Cats tend to get allergic to a lot of plants. So when getting plants inside or outside the house you have to be very careful to choose plants that will not harm your cats. The impatiens plants do not cause any harm to cats.

The plants of this family are very cat-friendly and non-toxic.

New Guinea impatiens:

The new variety of the impatiens are safe to be kept together with cats. There is no risk of poison or any health issues if you have a New Guinea impatiens around your home with your cat.

Double impatiens:

These are the most common type of impatiens and can be found almost everywhere. Which is a good thing because cats are not harmed by them. The plants are not toxic for cats and can be kept side by side with cats. No part of the plant will harm your cat.

Impatiens are very much cat friendly and they do not contain any natural substances that might harm cats. Cats are not allergic to the plants and the plants are not toxic for cats. Is the perfect combination for any cat and plant lover.

Are impatiens toxic to the birds and other animals?

The very color impatiens plants are known to be animal friendly. Which means the plant is not toxic for any animal. A very common substance of poison or toxin like saponin is not present in any part of the impatiens plant. This makes the entire plant very safe for animals to be around.

Birds & Chickens:

The impatiens are completely safe for birds. Most birds are attracted to the plant because they are very colorful. And as the plant is very much safe for birds, no bird gets hurt and they are happy around it.

Rabbits, Horses & Goats: 

Though the impatiens plants are known to be rabbit resistant, there are many rabbits who eat and chew on the leaves of the plant. But for horses, the impatiens plant is completely non-toxic. And the same goes for goats as well.


There are some plants that make the water toxic which can cause harm to the fish inside. But impatiens are non-toxic for water and fish as well.

What to do if your dog or cat eats impatiens flower?

The flowering house plants are pet-friendly and do not cause any harm to the animals. This is why most pet lovers keep the plant inside their homes along with their pets. And if their pets anyhow eat a flower or leaf of the plant there is no problem.

if your pet eats the flower or leaf of the impatiens plant you should not worry and let it naturally get out of their system. In a day it will be digested. There is no harm or reason to worry.

Are impatiens considered pet friendly?

There are not many plants that are safe for all animals. But the impatiens plant has been known as a pet-friendly plant as it is not toxic to most animals. There are no toxins in any part of the plant which makes it harmless for animals.

This is why the plant is considered pet-friendly. It is common for plants to be animal friendly. But most house plants can cause some problems for pets. That is not the case for the impatiens flowers. These plants are harmless and are pet-friendly.

Are impatiens flowers deer resistant?

Impatiens flowers are not deer resistant. In fact, deer love the flower and it can be a difficult job to keep them away from the plant. Most of the time you will have to put up fences around the plant to keep the deer away. Some even followed chemical methods to keep them away.

Deer love the impatiens plant. They are very much fond of the colorful plant and will go on eating up the entire plant if they can. But most of the time they will only eat the flower. The beautiful impatiens plant is most definitely not deer resistant.

Are impatiens flowers edible?

The very bright and cheerful impatiens flowers are very much edible and are more often eaten by small animals and pets around the house. The delicate petals of the flower are edible. And the plant has a sweet taste just like the outlook of the flower itself.

This is why it is desirable to the other animals.

The plant looks very colorful and unlike other plants, it tastes the way it looks. the plant looks edible and the flowers of it are definitely a delicacy for the animals. Even the pets inside the house have a leaf or a petal from time to time.

What flowers are safe for dogs and cats?    

When it comes to plants and flowers, you should be very careful about them being toxic or harmful to your cat or dog. There are some plants that are not healthy for cats and dogs. you should do proper research before you get any house plants if you have a pet. 

Some of your choices are –

  • Zinnia
  • African Violet
  • Areca Palm
  • Bachelor’s Button
  • Camellia
  • Marigold
  • Snapdragon
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Rose of Sharon

These are a few common plants that are good to be kept around the house and around your pets. Cats and dogs are not allergic to them and these plants are not as toxic for them as well.

Final thoughts

There are many plants that can cause harm to cats, dogs, or other animals because of the poisonous substances they have. But the impatiens plant has no poison in them. These plants are very much safe for animals and pets. It is a pet-friendly plant that can be kept around the house with other pets.