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Are Catahoulas Affectionate? Do They Like To Cuddle?

Many of you prefer affectionate and cuddly dogs as your four-legged furry companion. But not every breed of dog likes to spend smuggling time, neither do they like to show affection often.

If you are a friendly and snuggly dog lover, before getting a Catahoula Leopard dog in your life, you certainly would want to know whether Catahoulas like cuddling and they are affectionate or not. 

So, let’s learn deeper about these two factors of Catahoula Leopard’s personality. 

Are Catahoulas Affectionate?

Catahoulas are really affectionate, particularly they are fond of their owners and their favorite human in the family. Often in a day, most of them will express affection differently. They are affectionate and gentle towards children and the other pets in the home too if they are raised together.

Catahoulas are beyond affectionate than they can foresight to be. They are the most affectionate towards their masters and other people from their human families.

Catahoulas are seen to shower love and affection to their family members. They act very gently and are fiercely devoted to their masters. 

Catahoula Leopards show affection towards children in the families too. They get along with children pretty well, tries to protect them, and show fondness. 

In many cases, Catahoula Leopards are seen to be affectionate towards the other pet cats/dogs in the family. But it’s a kind of rare case, as Catahoulas will accept another pet only if they were raised by the same master since they were just little creatures. 

Do Catahoulas Like Affection?

Catahoula Leopards are very loving dogs that love getting attention. In fact, all the time Catahoula Leopards are noticed to crave attention from every one of the family, specifically from their masters. 

This breed of dog particularly thrives well if they receive loads of love and compassion because Catahoulas bred as seekers of constant attention.

They love staying in contact with the human touch and enjoy passing time interacting and cuddling with them. So they are seen sleeping with their owner, cuddling them, and following them. 

How Do Catahoulas Show Affection?

Since Catahoulas are affectionate dogs, as a Catahoula owner you surely would wonder how these adoring dogs show affection. So, to make you understand their ways of showing affection, here the main expressions are described. 

Leans Their Body: 

Catahoulas lean their body against their master’s body and it’s a very common way for them to show affection. 

Often you will notice that your Catahoula will lean his side body against you while sitting on your lap/legs. By leaning his body he expresses that he loves you and he wants to get petted by you. 


Catahoulas are real snugglers and snuggling is another manner of them to demonstrate affection. 

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you discover your Catahoula is waiting for you in bed to spend some quality snuggling time, just know that it’s your Catahoula’s time to shower you with their love.

He can even place his head on your lap while you are sitting on the couch or place his paws on your feet. Both signs mean he is showering affection. 

Gazing Into Eyes: 

Direct gazing into the eyes of masters is a common dog expression of showing affection, and Catahoulas are no exception. 

With eyes full of compassion and admiration for you, your Catahoula will also look straight into your eyes. And dog owners describe this expression as your dog saying, “I love you” to you.

If you get a glimpse of such an act from your Catahoula Leopard, be ascertained that you are admired and your dog is expressing affection. 

Wagging Tail: 

Another usual body language of dogs showing affection is wagging their tail. So there is no wonder that your Catahoula Leopard will do the same to affirm their affection for you. 

If Catahoulas are extremely pleased with their owners, are excited to see them, and are really comfortable staying near them, they excitedly wiggle their tails. 

When you notice your Catahoula is wagging tail happily looking at you, know that he is being affectionate to you. 

Follows Everywhere: 

Catahoulas are extremely attached to their owners, therefore, they like to follow them happily anywhere they go and it’s a form of showing affection. 

Therefore, when you notice that your Catahoula is also walking under your feet, it means he wants to stay with you and conveying his love towards you. 

Do Catahoulas Like To Cuddle?

Catahoula Leopards extremely like to cuddle which really is the opposite of their independent hunter dog nature. But Catahoulas enjoy cuddling only with their masters and their favorite persons. And they are highly wary of outsiders, so they will never prefer cuddling with any stranger they meet. 

Catahoulas have an independent nature as they are hunting dogs. But the most interesting fact is despite being such a strong-willed dog breed, Catahoula Leopards are exceptionally cuddly and require a lot of cuddling to stay with a happy temperament.  

However, they have reserved their cuddles for only their family members and masters. Sometimes Catahoulas may cuddle with outsiders only if they trust and adore them.

Except for these people, Catahoulas will not prefer to cuddle with strangers. Because they are very cautious of strangers and do not trust anyone so easily. So if any outsider approaches to love and cuddle them, Catahoulas will not like it. 

Are Catahoulas Cuddly? Are They Loving?

Catahoulas, these four-legged buddies are cuddlier than you expect. Catahoula Leopard owners have stated that they have seen their Catahoulas make space in the bed during nighttime to have some cuddling while sleeping.

Catahoulas are also seen to lean onto their family members anywhere they spot them sitting. 

Seeing a Catahoula Leopard, it may appear that they might not be as loving as toy dogs. But it’s a total misconception, these Catahoulas are really loving dogs that behave softly with family members, and are gentle around their known people.

They admire those who love them. And needless to mention that Catahoulas are soft and clown at heart. 

How Do Catahoulas Cuddle?  

Catahoulas have certain ways of cuddling. Here 3 of their main cuddling manners have been explained. 

Bedtime Snuggling: 

Catahoula Leopards have a common tendency of cuddling while sleeping. Therefore, at night while sleeping your Catahoula will go up to your bed and will make space for him to sleep next to you. 

Some cuddling time while sleeping makes Catahoulas feel secure and comfortable, therefore, bedtime cuddling is the most preferred cuddling way of Catahoulas.

Leans On You: 

Leaning onto the master’s body is the other manner of Catahoulas to cuddle. It not only shows affection but also expresses that Catahoulas are demanding for some cuddles. 

So, while you will be sitting on the couch or sofa, you will notice your Catahoula approaching you and leaning their body onto you or against you. 

They will either mean their side body against your side body or they will sit on your lap and lean their full body onto you. 

Places Their Head: 

Another cuddling way of Catahoulas is placing their head on their master’s lap. Therefore, if your Catahoula sees you sitting, you will sit next to you and place his head in your lap. 

By placing his head in your lap, your Catahoula wants to convey that he admires you and wants you to spend some time smuggling. 

Are Catahoula Leopard Velcro Dogs?

Catahoula Leopards are velcro dogs. Dogs that are extremely clingy, desire to stay with their owners 24/7, and craves for attention all the time are known as velcro dogs.

And Catahoula Leopard dogs show a similar personality when they are suffering from separation anxiety. As at that time, Catahoulas become excessively clingy, follow their owners anywhere they go, and yearn for affection severely. 

Therefore, it plainly makes the point that Catahoula Leopards are velcro dogs. 

Do Catahoula Dogs Make Good Pets?

It’s needless to say that Catahoulas make really good pets. Because Catahoula dogs are fiercely faithful to their family and masters and make really good companion dogs. 

They are active dogs too, so Catahoulas help their masters in various types of chores. Catahoulas also make exceptionally good both guard and watch dogs. They are super protective of their family and even watch over kids from the family. 

Are Catahoula Leopard Dogs Protective?

The natural protective instincts of Catahoulas have made them born protective of their home, owner, property, and other family members including children. 

Their sense of being cautious of strangers makes them more protective as if they notice anyone is breaking through their home’s territory, Catahoulas make him run off. 

Catahoulas make sure that everyone from his family is safe. 

Are Catahoula Good Guard Dogs?

Catahoula Leopards are really good guard dogs because they are strong, powerful, decisive, and alert. And all of these qualities belong to guard dogs.

Also, they are efficient in protecting their owners. Their loyal and aggressive nature makes them to attack anyone who is being a hostile intruder which is an essential quality of guard dogs. 

Are Catahoulas Loyal?

Catahoula Leopards are as loyal to their owners as any other dog breed. Their loyalty can make them put themselves first in order to protect their human family.

They can become aggressive too if the matter comes down to the safety of their masters. They hardly leave their master’s side and ensure that their home is always safe. 

Final Thoughts: 

Catahoula Leopard dogs are both affectionate and cuddly but these personalities are only evident in front of their family members. They are naturally cautious of strangers, so Catahoulas don’t really show any affection, nor do they be cuddly with outsiders until they trust them.

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