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Are Bonito Flakes Good for Cats? (Read This First!)

When it comes to choosing healthy food for your cat a lot of cat foods and snacks are available. Some foods might be healthy, some might not. But if you want to ensure your cat’s good health and better diet, you have to know about his food.

Bonito flakes are pretty common. So, might think that whether bonito flakes are good for cats or not. Well, you have to know the ingredients and making process of bonito flakes. Then you can decide whether bonito flakes contain any harmful ingredient for cats or not.

What are bonito flakes for cats?

Generally, Bonito flakes are fish-made flakes. These flakes are made of dried bonito fish that are grated into flakes. Bonito flakes are considered good for cats. These flakes contain healthy contents for cats.

Generally, bonito flakes contain natural fish oil that is pretty good for cats’ urinary tract health. Moreover, bonito flakes also have a good smell and taste that the cats love. So, bonito flakes are both tasty and healthy. You can find bonito flakes in the cat snacks sections.

So, bonito flakes for cats are the special snacks for cats that are made of dried fish.

Are bonito flakes good for cats?

Bonito flakes are pretty good for cats. These flakes are made of natural dry fish and other natural ingredients. So, bonito flakes are not toxic to cats. Moreover, these flakes have excellent taste that makes the cat love these. Besides, bonito flakes provide some health benefits also.

Generally, for making bonito flakes, bony fish is used that is from the tuna family. You might know that tuna fish is healthy for cats. Moreover, these flakes contain fish oil that is good for cats’ fur shiny and healthy.

When you give your cat bonito flakes, you don’t even need to mix them with other seasonings or prepare the flakes. You just need to give the flakes as daily snacks or you can sprinkle them on your cat’s regular food.

Bonito flakes are also good for cats’ urinary tract health because of the fish oil. So, you can treat your cat with these tasty and beneficial bonito flakes.

Are bonito flakes good for cats with kidney disease?

Yes, bonito flakes are good for cats with kidney disease. Among the most other flakes, bonito flakes are the highest quality flakes. If your cat has kidney disease, you might be concerned about his health and healthy foods.

So, you can give your cat bonito flakes as dry food or snacks. These flakes don’t contain harmful elements for kidney disease. Even bonito flakes can help with kidney disease.

You might know that fish oil is great for cats with kidney disease. Dried bonito flakes are made of dried fish like bony, tuna, etc. So, the dried bonito flakes also contain natural fish oil. This fish oil helps to keep the urinary tract healthy.

Generally, when your cat’s urinary tract is affected, he might go through kidney diseases. So, you have to feed your cat food that is good for the urinary tract. That’s why bonito flakes are good for your cat with kidney disease.

6 reasons why bonito flakes are good for cat

You might have already known that bonito flakes are advantageous for cats. Some healthy benefits made bonito flakes a perfect treat for your cat. So, let’s see why bonito flakes are good for the cat.

Good for urinary tract health:

One of the most important benefits of bonito flakes is that they contain fish oil. This natural fish oil is excellent for the urinary tract of your cat. Even, for this reason, bonito flakes are good for cats with kidney disease.

Contain Taurine:

Taurine is one of the essential amino acids that is pretty beneficial for cats. Taurine protects cats from serious eye maladies. Bonito flakes contain Taurine. So, bonito flakes are also good for cats’ eyes.

Natural ingredients:

While making bonito flakes, natural ingredients are used. Generally, the dried bony fishes are used for making the flakes. So, all the natural nutrients are present in the bonito flakes. That’s why bonito flakes don’t harm your cat.

Good for hair and fur:

Bonito flakes are also good for cats’ hair and fur. The natural fish oil of these flakes helps to reduce build-ups of hairballs in your cat. Moreover, bonito flakes also help to make your cat’s fur shiny and strong.

Protein source:

Protein is one of the basic elements of your cat’s diet. You must provide your cat with a good amount of protein. Bonito flakes can be a good protein treat for your cat.


While feeding cats, the taste is pretty essential. Because if food tastes well to the cat, he must eat it. Bonito flakes are super tasty to cats. So, they also love to eat bonito flakes.

Do cats like bonito flakes?

Yes, cats like bonito flakes. Generally, bonito flakes are tasty and smell good. So, cats love to eat them. Many people use bonito flakes as a healthy protein treat for their cats. Either they give these flakes as snacks or sprinkle the flakes over cat food.

For being tasty, many people use bonito flakes in the training session of cats. Cats love to eat bonito flakes because it also has the smell of fish. Moreover, bonito flakes don’t have any preservatives and additives. So, the natural smell of these flakes makes cats love these flakes.

Why do cats love bonito flakes?

If you notice, you will see cats love to eat bonito flakes. Generally, bonito flakes have many healthy ingredients. But cats love them for many other reasons. Let’s see why cats love bonito flakes.


Cats are fond of the taste of bonito flakes. Bonito flakes don’t have an additive or extra ingredients for enhancing tastes. They have the excellent taste that the cats love. Generally, being made of fish, bonito flakes are a tasty treat for cats. 


Another important factor is the smell of bonito flakes. Cats love the smell of these flakes. These flakes have a savoury and fishy smell that makes cats love these flakes.

Moreover, being sea fish-made, bonito flakes also have a slight sea smell. So, cats also love bonito flakes for their smell.


Bonito flakes are pretty crunchy. Generally, most other flakes are crunchy. But the crunch along with their taste and smell, bonito flakes have become one of the favorite treats of cats. 

What are bonito flakes used for?

Bonito flakes are pretty popular for different purposes. So, let’s see what bonito flakes are used for.

Treat for pets:

Bonito flakes are an excellent treat for your pets like cats and dogs. You might know only about cats, but these delicious flakes are also good for dogs. The protein content and the healthy nutrients make these flakes good for dogs and cats.

Even these flakes are tasty. So, dogs and cats love bonito flakes. Moreover, these flakes have some elements like fish oil that is pretty good for the cats’ and dogs’ fur and hair. So, you can use bonito flakes as a protein treat for your dog or cat.

As a topping:

You can use bonito flakes as a topping on your food. For example, many people use bonito flakes in soups, stir-frys, and casseroles. These flakes add umami flavor to your food. So, people like these flakes as toppings.

Traditional food:

Bonito flakes are also used as the main ingredient in some traditional foods like Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki.

Do bonito flakes have mercury?

Bonito flakes might have a little amount of mercury. But the amount is too little that might not affect your pets health. Many people think that bonito flakes have mercury since they are made of bony fish which is a fast-growing skipjack tuna.

But bony fishes are low in mercury contamination. So, bonito flakes generally don’t contain mercury.

Many types of tuna fishes contain a high level of mercury. That’s why people often think that bonito also contain mercury. But bonito flakes are considered healthy for cats and dogs. So, these flakes are not that toxic.

Moreover, the making process of bonito flakes makes the flakes safer than mercury-containing bonito. So, if bonito flakes contain mercury, the amount is not too much.

Final Thoughts

Bonito flakes are one of the tasty and healthy flakes for cats. These flakes are good for your cat’s hair and fur. Moreover, they are considered good for cats with kidney diseases and eye maladies. Besides, bonito flakes contain a good amount of protein. So, bonito flakes are convenient snacks.