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Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good for Hiking? (Answered)

Hiking is a fun adventure. Especially if you have an enthusiastic companion. Though a dog seems to like the perfect partner for a hike, not all breeds are on board with walking this long trail. Make sure you take the right type of dog on your journey.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good for hiking? 

The Bernese Mount dogs can be your perfect companion for the long mountain hikes and tracks. These large dogs are patient enough and enjoy the long trip up and down with you. They can carry small packs. These easy-to-train dog breeds can even be let off the leash once you start hiking.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good hikers?

It is common to mistake the Bernese Mountain Dog as a breed not suitable for hiking because of its size. But that is false judgment. These large dogs are perfect for hiking.

Their temperament and their build will make it convenient for you as a hiking companion on any good day.

The Bernese Mountain dogs were originally bred to be kept alongside their owner. They want to help their owners in any way possible. This is why the big breed has no issues being with and around you throughout a hiking session.

They will happily carry small packs as well and will give you their full enthusiasm.

Bernese mountain dogs are one of the best hiking companions that you can count on easily. They can match your pace easily. But you should be careful not to overtire them. And be sure to take breaks and give your dog enough time to cool down.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs like to hike? 

The large size and the laid-back attitude of the Bernese Mountain dog make them seem very unenthusiastic about exercise and running. But the dog has a completely different phase when it comes to hiking. The dog breed is amazing as hiking partners.

They love to hike and go on long trails with their owners. And not only that, the strong dog breed can carry small backpacks as well. They are amazing little helpers and great support during the long walks of the hike.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good climbers? 

The Bernese Mountain dogs are great climbers. The dogs were originally bred to pull carts mostly through the Alps and mountains. This is why the breeds are genetically good climbers.

This is also a reason that the Bernese Mountain dogs are such a good and popular choice as hiking companions.

There are a few complications related to the health of the Bernese Mountain dogs. This is why you should not make these dogs hike or climb at a stretch.  Take rest from time to time to keep your companion healthy and enthusiastic about the climb.

On a good day, your Bernese Mountain dog can climb at the top of a small hill.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs like to climb? 

It may come as a shock because of how they are, but the Bernese Mountain dogs love to climb and hike. Though some people might not believe it because the dog breed is large in size and they seem very lazy in nature.

But when it comes to climbing and hiking, the dog breed has much enthusiasm and interest.

Bernese Mountain dogs were genetically bred and mostly used to carry carts through the Alps and mountains. This is why they have a knack for climbing mountains, it comes to them naturally. The dogs may not be big fans of exercising, but they are always up for a good climb.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs do long hikes? 

As their name suggests, Bernese Mountain dogs are great at hiking and climbing mountains. Long walks on the mountains and trails of hiking are no issues at all for the dog breed. These dogs can walk for a long time. But of course, they need adequate breaks and time to rest.

Because of some genetic health issues, the dog breed can’t walk for a long time at a stretch. But they can walk for a long trail and road. They just need to stop and catch their breath every once in a while.

Other than this, the Bernese Mountain dog has no issues with going on long hikes.

How far can Bernese Mountain Dogs hike?

The Bernese Mountain dogs are great hiking partners. They can cover a long distance and with enough rest time, they can go more. On a good day, this dog breed can go up to 15 miles easily. And 10 miles is normal for them.

A lot of the distance covered depends on the health condition and the mood of your dog. If your Bernese Mountain dog has any severe health issues, it is possible for the dog to not go that long of a distance. But if there are no complications, your dog can hike up to 10 miles easily.

Things to consider before taking a Bernese Mountain Dog hiking

The Bernese Mountain dogs are great hiking companions and will happily travel with you for a long mile. The dog is pretty low maintenance as well. But hikes are long and you should consider a lot of things when you take your dog out for a hike –


Age is a very important factor when it comes to hiking. It is only natural that a younger Bernese Mountain dog will have more stamina to hike a long trail. But a puppy will not like it and an old dog will not be able to keep up.

Fitness level:

How much exercise your dog regularly gets determines its’ fitness level. If your dog has enough regular exercise it will face little difficulty during the hike. But if your dog is not regular with their exercise, they will have a hard time going up and down the trail.

Health condition:

The Bernese Mountain dog has some inherent health issues. Despite these, if your dog has some other issues related to its’ health, you should be careful with them. If possible avoid long hikes.

Take medicines and stop every once in a while to make sure your dog is okay.


The first thing you should check before heading out is the weather forecast. Though a sunny day is always preferred when it comes to hiking. Too hot weather can tire your dog out too soon.

And obviously, rainy weather can make the hike dangerous and messy. A nice windy and sunny day should be good for the ideal hike with your dog.

The hiking terrain:

The route of your hike matters. Make sure the route of the terrain is danger-free and smooth.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs good off-leash while hiking?

These cool-tempered dogs are great off-leash while hiking, and even on normal walks. These dogs are fast learners and love to stay by their owners. This is why the dogs can be let off the leash when they are being walked or when you are on a hike.

While some dogs tend to “follow their nose” as soon as they are let off the leash, the Bernese Mountain dogs are not like that at all. They will follow you and will walk beside you with or without their leash on.

How often should you walk a Bernese Mountain Dog?

The Bernese Mountain dogs may not look like it, but they are pretty athletic. And when it comes to exercise and walks the dog breed is pretty enthusiastic. You should walk your dog for at least 30 minutes every day, excluding their exercise and yard playtime.

You need to keep these large dogs in shape. Otherwise, they might get obese soon and that can cause a more dangerous outcome. Walk your dog three times, without play and exercise time, walk for about 30 minutes every day to make sure they stay in their best shape.

How many hours of exercise does a Bernese Mountain Dog need?

The least amount of exercise that your Bernese Mountain dog needs are 30 minutes. This means your dog should walk, play or exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

For the best outcome, you should walk your dog for 30 minutes while keeping the exercise time separate. An hour of vigorous exercise should be enough.

The dog breed requires a good amount of exercise and they can endure this amount without any trouble. Make sure to walk your dog for 30 minutes regularly at least, if possible three times.

And keep the yard playtime separate from the walking time. An hour of exercise is recommended.

When did Bernese Mountain Dogs originate?

The Bernese Mountain dogs are almost ancient dogs. They were first originated Two thousand years back. They were guard dogs and family dogs in the Switzerland area.

The funny story is the dog breed was first discovered by Roman soldiers who went to Switzerland to invade the land.

The dog breed was originally kept as general farm dogs and family dogs. Two thousand years back the dogs were loyal to their owners and families.

Maybe if it weren’t for those invading soldiers, the whole would have missed the opportunity to have these adorable dogs in their lives.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for the perfect hiking companion, you should definitely consider the Bernese Mountain dogs. These amazing dogs are great with hiking and long trails. They will not only give you company but they can also carry small bag packs. With enough rest and water, you can have a good hike.

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