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Are Beggin Strips Good or Bad for Dogs? (Explained)

Just like any other animal, dogs also need food to survive. But not all foods are healthy for dogs. So choosing what to feed a dog is very important. Beggin strips is a dog food and today we are going to discuss if it is bad or good for the dogs.

Are beggin strips good or bad for the dogs?

Beggin strips are not good for dogs. Beggin strips cause severe health problems for them. They contain a lot of harmful ingredients that are dangerous for dogs in both the long term and the short term. Begging strips are not easily digestible and do not bring any health benefits for dogs.

As the vets doesn’t consider beggin strips to be fed to your four-legged companion, lets dig deep to know the reasons behind them.

Purina Beggin Bacon Strips:

Purina Beggin bacon strips are bad for dogs. They possess harmful salt and bacon fat. They also contain BHA(butylated hydroxytoluene).

BHA is one of the major causes of cancer. So if you don’t want your dog to catch cancer, then don’t feed Purina beggin strips to it at any cost.

Purina beggin bacon strips contain a large amount of food color. Food colors are extremely harmful for a dog’s health.

The main ingredient of Purina beggin bacon strips is bacon. Dog’s digestive system is not built in the way to digest bacon easily. So this digestion problem is not good for your dog’s body.

Bacon is also extremely bad for the pancreas of your dog. It can swell the pancreas of your dog. Eating bacon regularly can finally result in pancreatitis.

How bad are beggin strips for your dog?

Beggin strips are extremely bad for your dog. Beggin strips can result in a significant amount of weight gain for your dog. They can also temper the blood sugar level of your dog and make it diabetic.

One of the main ingredients of beggin strips is bacon. Bacon contains sodium nitrite that can cause cancer if it is consumed for a long time. Bacon is not an ingredient that can be digested easily by your dog.

5 reasons why beggin strips are bad for your dog:

There are many reasons why beggin strips are considered bad for your dog. Here are some given for you:

Can Cause Diarrhea:

One of the main ingredients of beggin strips is bacon. Bacon is a food item that is not easily digestible. It can cause your dog’s stomach a great number of problems and ultimately cause diarrhea.

Can Cause Cancer:

Beggin strips contain a large amount of cancer-causing ingredients and elements.

For example, it contains BHA(butylated hydroxytoluene) which is one of the major causes of cancer around the world. The main ingredient of beggin strips is Bacon. And bacon has a lot of sodium nitrite that is another agent of cancer.

Can Cause Obesity:

Consuming beggin strips can make your dog obese. With weight gain comes health concerns and complications. So you need to be careful about how many beggin strips you are feeding your dog.

Can Cause Diabetes:

One of the ingredients of beggin strips is Corn. Corn possesses a high level of sugar and it is a bad addition to your dog’s chart. It can cause your dog’s blood sugar level to deter and can cause diabetes.

Can Cause Erratic Behaviour:

As beggin strips contains a lot of harmful ingredients, it can cause your dog to behave erratically. It can break the behaviour pattern of your dog in a very bad way. Your calm and discipline dog can suddenly start behaving out of character.

How many Beggin Strips can a dog eat?

The dog food manufacturing company would suggest you feed your dog at least one and at most five Beggin Strips per day. But in reality, beggin strips are extremely harmful to your dog.

So try to avoid feeding it to your dog as much as you can. Because consuming too many beggin strips can become a habit all of a sudden. And it will be a very bad habit for your dog’s health.

What are the healthiest dog treats?

Not all foods and snacks are healthy for dogs. Here are some of the healthiest dog treats:


Egg is an extremely healthy treat for dogs. It can quicken the growth of your dog in a healthy way. Egg will increase protein in your dog’s body. But be careful about the number of eggs your dog consumes.


Banana is another source of a healthy treats for your dog. It possesses K(Potassium), vitamin B6 and C. Feed your dog bananas in a controlled portion.


You can feed your dog potato as a healthy treat. It contains Fe(Iron), Mg(Magnesium),  vitamins B6 and C. But do not add any extra ingredients to the potato.


Strawberry can be fed to dogs as a healthy treat. They contain a large amount of fibre and vitamin C. It is extremely good for your dog’s dental care as well.


Watermelon is a healthy treat for dogs. It can help the hydration process of your dog. It is full of K(Potassium), Mg(Magnesium), vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, and C.


You can feed carrot as healthy treat to dogs. It contains Ca(Calcium), Fe(Iron), K(Potassium), fibre, vitamins A and K. Carrot is extremely good for dogs’ eyes.


Apple is a great treat for dogs. It contains K(Potassium), antioxidants, fiber, vitamins A and C. Feeding your dogs apple can be beneficial for their digestion. It can also help your dog to maintain its weight.


Blueberry is one of the healthiest treats for dogs. It is full of fiber, antioxidants and vitamins C and K. It can make your dog’s immunity better than before.

Ice Cream:

Ice cream can be a healthy treat for dogs in summer. It help your dog to come down in the heat of the summer and keep it in a cheerful mood.


Yogurt is another healthy treat for dogs. It is full of protein and Ca(Calcium). So it is extremely beneficial for the bones of a dog’s body.

Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter is another healthy treat for dogs. It is full of protein, fiber and vitamin B. It is extremely beneficial for the natural growth of your dog.

Do beggin strips cause diarrhea in dogs?

Yes. Beggin strips cause diarrhea in dogs. Consuming too many beggin strips can result in diarrhea for dogs. Beggin strips have bacon as one of the key ingredients.

Bacon is an item that is not easily digested by dogs’ stomachs. So, naturally, this causes diarrhea. Be careful and keep an eye on your dog’s diet to avoid this kind of circumstances.

How to break the diarrhea cycle in dogs?

Dogs can easily suffer from diarrhea because of excessive food consumption or because of eating the wrong foods.

If your dog suffers from diarrhea, you need to immediately cut off its food supply. You have to give your dog a famotidine tablet to stabilize its condition.

Then you have to start feeding it low ingredients food. After maintaining this for one or two days, you should start feeding your dog its usual foods like before. These steps are effective for breaking the diarrhea cycle in dogs.

Final Thoughts

Beggin strips are bad for dogs, and one should refrain from feeding them to dogs at all cost. Beggin strips can cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, diarrhea, and erratic behavior. Instead of beggin strips, dogs should be fed healthy treats that are good for their health.