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9 Month Old Puppy Training – Potty, Crate, Leash, Obedience

The 9-month-old puppy is an adult dog. You cannot consider it a puppy anymore since it will understand everything. It should already be through some training program and learn all the basic and standard living systems. Still, you need to take your 9-month-old puppy to some refreshing programs.

When you raise a small puppy, you can influence its life easily. If you have a 9-month-old puppy, you cannot take it as a small puppy and train everything. You must be familiar with its traits.

Can a 9 month old puppy be trained?

A 9-month-old puppy can be trained, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to put extra effort and spend a long time training your adult puppy. Since the puppy has already reached adulthood, you must respect it and then take some interesting training methods.

Today, I’ll show you how you can train your 9-month-old puppy. You cannot force your adult puppy to do something. You must know how to punish and give proper training to your adult puppy. So, keep reading to learn how to train your adult puppy or dog.

Tips to train a 9 month old puppy:

Friendly behavior, positivity, and spending time would be the best tips to train a 9-month-old puppy. Since your puppy is already in adulthood, you cannot treat it like a little puppy. Sometimes, you must show your angry face and command your voice. Voice command is the best tip.

You cannot train your adult dog or a 9-month-old dog with punishment or negativity. You must follow all the positive ways and teach your old puppy enough courtesy.

Let’s get some simple tips for training your 9-month-old puppy.


You should have patience to train your 9-month-old puppy. It needs some extra care and time to get used to your training program and implement it in their practical life. Sometimes, you will face difficulties understanding your puppy.

The same happens with your puppy. It will also fail to understand your language or voice command. So, you must keep faith in your puppy and keep trying for a long time. Never lose hope in letting your puppy understand your training program and voice command.


Another tip for training your 9-month-old puppy is positivity. You should always appreciate your puppy if you do something as you want.

Especially when you are playing with your adult puppy, you must show positive intensity towards your puppy and let him trust you.

Positivity could be to help him in danger and keep company while your puppy is feeling alone. It will help the puppy get some positive ideas about your personality.

Then, it will be easier to train your puppy in different ways. Once your puppy trusts you, you can follow any hard training program and pass it successfully.

Join Training Program:

Since your puppy is 9 months old, it has enough strength and maturity to understand the purpose of the training program.

You must join some regular training programs in your nearby training center. It will be the best way to teach your adult puppy different skills and help it grow naturally.

These training programs might come with some excellent company. Since there are various types of puppies in the training program, your puppies will love them and try to follow all the other puppies accordingly.

So, it will be easier to train your puppy correctly.


You must take your puppy outside your home and regularly walk daily. When you take your pet out daily, it will love to notice other puppies and human beings. It will help make your puppy mature and become a good pet. The outing is also essential for natural growth.

If you give several training sessions together, your pet will need some recreation. Here, the outing could be the best thing you can offer your pet. It will also help to create a good relationship with your 9-month-old puppy.

How long does it take to train a 9 month old puppy?

It takes only 3-4 weeks to train a 9-month-old puppy. Understanding everything and getting used to those training programs will not take too much time.

If you follow a strict routine and give the same training everyday, your pet might learn everything in two weeks. Learning them fast is not a big deal for an adult puppy.

But the entire process and the exact time will depend on your patience and effort. The 9-month-old puppy will learn things quickly. But you need to put your 100% effort and love to spend time with your puppy.

Potty training for 9 month old puppy:

It’s very easy to potty train your 9-month-old puppy. This process is pretty much similar for all other puppies. You need to follow a straight process and give proper potty training to your old puppy. Let’s the process of potty training for a 9-month-old puppy.

Select Potty Spot:

You must first select a potty spot for your 9-month-old puppy. You can make a new spot outside your home if you have babies in your home.

It will make things easier and healthy for the entire family. Besides, you can also use your existing bathroom and fix that for the training program.

Make a Habit:

When you have that potty spot, you should always try to go there with your puppy.

It’s better if you know when your puppy wants to leave. If you know that time, you can ask your puppy to go to the bathroom and leave. If you continue it for a week, your puppy will get used to it and start going there regularly.

Watch Videos:

besides making that habit, you may also help your puppy with videos. You should play potty training videos in front of your 9-month-old puppy to get familiar with it.

Training Program:

If you don’t have enough time to follow the first three pieces of advice to potty train your puppy, you should attend some programs for potty training. It will be easier to follow and will save your time.

Crate training for 9 month old puppy:

Here are the details of crate training for your 9-month-old puppy. So, follow them accordingly.


Scatter bits of nourishment or little treats around the front of the carton, driving to the interior. Empower your puppy to go in and get the treats. It’s all right in case your puppy won’t go inside, to begin with. Be understanding and keep at it.


There are numerous puppy commands. You can always use any sign or clear instruction so your puppy can understand it’s time to go into the crate. Whatever word or state you choose, be steady to assist dodge confusion.

Gradual Time Extension:

Only leave your puppy within the crate for some minutes, to begin with, and then gradually stretch the time on the off chance that your puppy cries; you will have stretched the time as well rapidly.

Obedience training for 9 month old puppy:

If you follow some tips, you can obedience train your 9-month-old puppy.


Address an issue as it were on the off chance that you capture your puppy within the act. A puppy that has chewed through the screen entryway won’t get it that you’re troubled with this once you condemn them ten minutes afterward.


A firm “no” from you signals your puppy that their behavior isn’t all right, but shouting or physical hostility will frighten them fairly.

The ideal way to precise your dissatisfaction is through vocalization or physical evacuation, like taking your puppy for some entertainment.

Positive Reinforcement:

Commend, treats, petting or recess are all positive ways to compensate your puppy for great behavior. When your puppy does something you like, allow them a treat, pet them, and fair luxurious them with laud.

Positive support is instrumental in helping them understand what you need from them. You’ll be able to utilize a clicker or a verbal signal such as “yes!” to let them know they’ve done something well.

Leash training for 9 month old puppy:

You can provide leash training with the following tips. They are:


Begin by letting him get used to wearing a collar or saddle and a chain. They must adore collar-and-leash time since it speaks to nourishment and fun. Make the puppy come to you.

Whereas he’s on his way to you, still wearing the chain and collar, back up some paces and after that compensate him when he gets to you.

Home Exercise:

Now, as your puppy gets how to come to you, feeling and seeing the chain around him will be sufficient of a challenge. Offer treats and lauds as your puppy gets utilized to coming to you.

Outside Training:

You’re ready to test your puppy’s abilities within the external environment. This step will have unused challenges since all the sounds, smells, and sights your puppy experiences will be captivating and unused to him.

Whereas you’re on a walk, if your puppy looks like he’s about to lurch toward something, make your signal sound and move a few steps absent. At that point, compensate him with a treat for taking after you.

Final thoughts

Positivity, patience, and friendly behavior are the best tips to train your 9-month-old puppy. Since your puppy is an adult, you can also attend some training programs that will help your puppy learn something quickly. Especially if you don’t have time, you may attend some training programs.