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8 Month Old Pitbull: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Dogs are known as the most loyal among animals. Meanwhile, Pit bulls are loyal, obedient, and affectionate which makes them stand out. Pitbull is not exactly a breed. Rather it refers to an American pit bull terrier or an American Staffordshire Terrier. 

Some may consider it a breed as well. Following the below tips and information regarding 8 months old pitbull and their food, size, weight, and more would give you an idea of how to take care of them. 

8 month old pitbull size: How big should a 8 month old pitbull be?

A pitbull grows rapidly in the 8th month and keeps on growing till 3 years. The size of the pitbull also varies with their food habits. A mature pitbull grows up to 17 to 21 inches. Well, in 8 months the pitbull may show a growth in the range of 14 to 16 inches and it will increase rapidly.

The size of a pitbull is quite unpredictable. The size increases with age. Moreover, the size also depends on ancestors. If the ancestors were short, the pitbull is likely to be short when they become adults. They may not follow the moderate range. 

And it is not a matter of worry as it will not affect their health.

Food habits can also influence the size of a pit bull. An American pit bull terrier can grow almost 13 to 15 inches in 8 months. Well, the sizes would vary for male and female pitbull. Normally a male pitbull has 2 inches longer in height than a female pit bull. 

Meanwhile, American bully pitbull grow faster than American pit bull terriers. They can grow up to 14 inches in 8 months. Nevertheless, pitbull can only grow up to 20 to 21 inches if they get sufficient food and environment. Otherwise, they can also face stunting. 

8 month old pitbull puppy weight: How much should a 8 month old pitbull weigh?

An 8 month old pitbull puppy can weigh an average in the range between 50 to 65 lbs. Well, the weight would vary depending on their food, health, and gender. Most male 8 month old pitbull have a weight between 60-65 lbs. Meanwhile, the female pitbull has a weight in the range of 45-57 lbs. 

Pitbull is not a breed but rather refers to a certain breed or many. Pitbull is observant, affectionate, obedient, and intelligent. They can also socialize smoothly which makes them desirable to have. The growth of the pitbull may vary with their age and food. 

Moreover, with a certain age and weight, they should reach a certain range.

Male pitbull of 8 months mostly grow in the range between 60 to 65 lbs. Less than this weight can indicate that they are still weak. However, female pitbull weigh between 50 to 57 lbs at the age of 8 months. 

The range can vary with the nutrition and environment or the ancestors’ food habits.

Well, some pitbull may look thin yet weigh in the moderate range. In that case, you should not worry as the proper weight is maintained. And the size also has an influence on their ancestors which is not a matter of worry as it is in their genes. 

8 month old pitbull weight:

8 month old pitbullMale weightFemale weight
8 month old American pit bull terrier55-65 lbs45-55 lbs
8 month old American bully pitbull60-70lbs50-60lbs

8 month old pitbull puppy food:

What to feed 8 month old pitbull?

You can feed your 8 month old pitbull dog foods which are specialized for puppies. You can also feed dry puppy foods. When the pitbull is in its 6 to 8 months, it will have rapid growth. Well, the size, height, weight everything will increase. 

In this phase, you should focus on the growth of a pitbull. Sometimes, rapid growth can be dangerous as they grow bigger and bulkier. More than what to feed, you should rather focus on the amount of the feed. 

Though growth has the influence of the ancestor, the proper feed can influence it too.

You should not give full access to food to the pitbull. Rather limit the time and amount. Moreover, the marketplace has many specialized foods according to the diet of a dog. They may require more protein in their diet and provide them with so.

How much should a 8 month old pitbull eat? 

Give them a bowl of feed and limit the time. You should limit the food amount you are going to give to the pit bull when it is at the age of 8 months. You should not leave food with them. At this age, they tend to eat a lot. They will have everything you give them.

Too much feed can be unhealthy and make them bulkier. Give them one full bowl of feed two times a day. If you are going to feed them three times a day, take smaller bowls. Do not keep them near to the feed unless you want them to get bulkier.

Moreover, at this age, they grow rapidly. Rapid growth can be inconvenient if you are taking care of the dog. The size of the dog would increase but later it can cause inconvenience to take care of the dog and play with it.

8 month old pitbull behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

Walk through this section to learn more about your 8 month old pitbull behavior –


Barking is the common expression of dogs. They bark especially when they feel they are in danger or in a fight. It is also a sign of aggressiveness. If it’s only barking, there is no need to worry until it turns into a fight. 

Too much barking can be a problem but pitbull do not do that often.


Biting is not common for a pit bull. Biting can be an expression of excessive aggressiveness. They often chew and bite on things when they find them annoying and irritating. It shows their aggressiveness toward things. 

You better be careful and let them exercise more so that it can stimulate them to be happy. 


Pitbull is quite friendly and affectionate. Most importantly, they do not hurt humans. But when they are aggressive, there is no guarantee that they will not hurt anyone. Even when they are excited, they can easily knock off humans.

Though they are not aggressive in nature, it is better to train them to be obedient. Thus you can help prevent getting hurt. 

How much sleep does a 8 month old pitbull need?

An 8-month-old pit bull requires almost 20 hours of sleep. A puppy is usually cheerful and plays all day long. You need to make sure that they get proper sleep for their healthy growth and immunity.

Introduce them to sleeping places and train them to sleep there only. Moreover, do not bother them while sleeping. Maintain a schedule of sleep to get him the best rest. 

How much exercise does a 8 month old pitbull need?

A pitbull of 8 months needs almost 1 hour of exercise to keep itself stable and healthy. Pitbull is not aggressive yet caring and affectionate. They can be taken care of easily. Exercise is like a part of taking care of them. You should take them to work and play with them.

Instead of doing heavy training and exercise, use playful tricks. Pitbull are intelligent and observant. They love brainstorming games. You can throw balls and play with them or give them toys. Moreover, let them dig places or play with other dogs. 

It can be effective to stimulate them. Do not make them do heavy exercise as they are still young and puppies. Too much exercise can cause fatigue and have effects on health. Proper exercise with proper rest should be ensured to make them happy and healthy. 

How to train a 8 month old pitbull?

Potty training: 

At the age of 8 months, you should train your puppy to regulate a lifestyle. Proper potty training can prevent accidents. You should follow the rest to give them potty training.

Introducing a spot:

You should introduce a certain spot to the pitbull as a potty spot. Train them to do potty in that spot.

Schedule potty:

Schedule time for potty. You can do that by scheduling feeding time. Maintain a time period for all.

Use signals:

Using signals is the easiest way to train them to do potty training. Certain signals should be introduced to them that only indicate potty timing.

Choose a close area:

The place should be a closed area not outside the house. Train them with signals and schedule timing and lastly guide them to the spot. Do repeat this for several days to train them and to make them acquainted with the spot.

Final thoughts:

Overall, pitbull grow rapidly when they are at the age of 8 months. The size and weight may depend on different factors. Yet, the weight is almost 45 to 65 lbs and size is 13 to 16 inches at the age of 8 months. The range may vary depending on their food habits, ancestors, training, and exercise.