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8 Month Old German Shepherd: Weight, Size, Food & More

German Shepherds are commonly known for their smartness, energetic behavior, and longer life which makes them the best type of dog breeds for police and military investigation work. 

Due to their increasing growth, a German shepherd can become very big. In this article, we will discuss the weight, size, food, and other information of an 8 month old German Shepherd. 

8 months old german shepherd Size: How big is a 8 month/32 week old german shepherd? 

Generally, the adult German shepherds are huge, but in the case of an 8 months old German Shepherd, they grow quite smaller in size. The 8 month/32 weeks old German shepherds grow from 20 to 22 inches. In addition to that, with this length, they usually weigh around 62 to 66 pounds.

It takes around 2 and half years to become an adult for a German shepherd. An 8 month old German Shepherd should be considered a German Shepherd puppy. 

Although the growth of a male and female German shepherd is different. Generally, an 8 months old male German shepherd grows around 20 to 22 inches in height. On the other hand, a female German Shepherd that is 8 months old grows around 18 to 20 inches. 

8 month old german shepherd Weight: How much should a 8 month old german shepherd weigh?

8 month old german shepherd’s weight is on average 55 to 60 lbs. The weight differs in terms of gender. As the male german shepherd weighs around 62-66 lbs, the female weighs around 53-57 lbs. But the weight may vary to genetics. Besides the food habit may also play a role in weight determination. 

The male german shepherd weighs around 62 to 66 lbs. On the contrary, the female weighs around 53 to 57 lbs. The female German Shepherd takes two years to become an adult.

The growth of German Shepherds depends on the food they are given regularly. However, the height of a German shepherd remains stable when they grow to adulthood from the puppy. 

The only thing that increases is their weight. That is why the height difference between a male and female German shepherd should be around two to four inches. 

German shepherds are friendly if they are trained properly. The chart provided below shows 8 months old German Shepherd weight: 

8 months old German shepherdWeight should be (pound)
8 months old German shepherd male62-66 lbs.
8 month old German shepherd female53-57 lbs.

8 month old german shepherd Food 

What to feed an 8 month old German shepherd? 

You can provide your german shepherd with high-quality pet dog foods. In addition to that, you can feed the puppy food to your shepherd for up to one year as long as they are not gaining excess weight. 

It is very important to make sure the proper nutrition for an 8-month-old Shepherd. Because it is their growing age. During this period, they grow significantly. 

That is why, if you do not ensure proper nutrition and food for them, their growth will be disrupted. On the other hand, providing excess food for your growing German Shepherd puppy will cause it to gain extra weight that will create a lot of trouble in the future. 

When your German Shepherd puppy is around 8 to 10 months old, providing them with high-quality puppy food full of nutrition three to four times every day will help them to grow up normally. 

The general rule of feeding the puppy is to provide three times per day, around three months to 6 months of age two times from six months to 12 months. 

How much should a 8 month old German shepherd eat?  

A regular diet for an 8 month old German Shepherd should always be followed by balanced nutrition. 

When you provide your 8 months old German Shepherd regular meal, you should keep in mind the quantity of the food every day and the number of meals you’re providing. 

Generally, a 7 to 8 months old German Shepherd puppy should be fed around 12 oz of food every day. On the other hand, the 8 months old puppy should be provided with at least three meals every day. 

That means you should feed your German Shepherd puppy at least 36 oz of food every day as a part of their regular diet, which will provide them with proper nutrition and growth. 

Providing excess food may cause serious trouble for your puppy. In some cases, it may gain excess weight and may face obesity.

8 month old german shepherd Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness  

Since German Shepherds are slightly predatory dogs, they may experience some Aggressiveness as they grow older. In such a situation it is possible to get rid of such problems by treating him with care and nurturing him with proper care. 

You need to deal carefully with this type of behavior to stop German shepherds from being aggressive. 

German Shepherds puppy can sometimes play very roughly and result in chasing, bouncing, barking, growling, and even biting. Below is a brief discussion of the behavior of German Shepherds:  


During the growing up phase of German Shepherds, they may start to bark when they play. Many pet owners take this type of behavior as normal, but this is a warning sign for their future behavior.


German shepherds tend to bite pet owners when they are a puppy. So, you need to take back their control of them to prevent them from being seriously aggressive. This is very important to make them normal with the environment. 


The German shepherds can be aggressive when they are growing. That is why when you are playing with them, if they become aggressive, you need to stop them immediately to prevent them from being aggressive.

How much sleep does a 8 month old german shepherd need?  

The German Shepherd needs proper food that includes a balanced diet and proper nutrition. In addition to that, they also need to sleep for a specific amount of time in the day to ensure proper growth and energy. 

Although there is no standard Time mentioned for the German Shepherd to sleep every day, they usually sleep 15 to 20 hours a day when they are a puppy

The proper amount of sleep for a German Shepherd puppy ensures its central nervous system, immune system, and muscles develop properly. It also helps them to get the energy just to spend the rest of the day. 

Generally, an adult German Shepherd sleeps 12 to 14 hours a day. If any German Shepherd sleeps more than 14 hours a day, the German shepherd is considered a senior.

How much exercise for a 8 month old German shepherd? 

The German shepherd requires proper sleep, food, and most importantly, exercise every day to grow up. Generally, regular exercise for German shepherds helps them to develop their muscles, immune system, and central nervous systems properly. 

That is why, as a rule of thumb, the German Shepherd puppies should exercise regularly. You can simply let them walk for five minutes as a formal exercise for every month of their age. 

This will also help them to explore their surroundings, improve in training and good behaviors as well as help to socialize with other people in a controlled manner when they meet. 

That is why you need to take your dog out for exercise regularly. They need at least 90 minutes of exercise per day. Go out and walk with them for at least 90 minutes as a part of their regular exercise.

Why does 8 month old german shepherd have floppy ears? 

The German Shepherd usually has floppy ears that are caused by their genetics or the Breeder’s choice. But in some cases, the floppy ears may have been caused by lack of nutrition or accidental damage. 

That is why you need to provide your German shepherd puppy with good nutrition and proper chewing toys to strengthen their muscles and help them to tap upright.

If you think these floppy ears have been caused by some accidental damage, you immediately need to see a veterinary doctor to fix this problem.

How to train a 8 month old German shepherd?  

Training your 8 months old German Shepherd is the most important part to make them social. 

During the age when the German Shepherds are puppies, training them will improve their behaviors as well as they will get to know about their surroundings in the environment. 

It will also help you to control your dog when they see other people or dogs around them. Lack of proper training can make a german Shepherd aggressive. The German Shepherd puppies need to be potty trained to be socialized. 

A properly trained German shepherd can be loved by all the people. Without proper training, they will bite anyone and cause you a lot of trouble. Below is a brief discussion on how to train an 8 month old German Shepherd: 

Potty train: 

Potty training is a significant part of your German Shepherd training. That’s why you need to set your phone alarm to take your puppy out every two to three hours. This will help them understand that they should go to the potty outside. 

Stop biting: 

At this age, the German Shepherds may start to bite everyone. That is why, as a part of training, provide them with special toys that they used to chew. Sometimes stopping the German Shepherd can work. 


To train the German Shepherds from being aggressive, you need to take the puppies out regularly to meet new people and understand the environment. Following these techniques will help you to train your dog properly without harming any people.

Final thoughts 

You should start to train your German shepherds from an early age so that they can be socialized quickly. In addition to that, you need to provide them with food that has proper nutrition and a balanced diet. Take them on the walk outside regularly to help them understand the surroundings.