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7 Month Old Goldendoodle: Weight, Size, Food & More

You will find some puppies that are the result of some mixtures. Such as the Goldendoodle. It comes from both poodles and golden retrievers. Therefore, you will get most of these two pets; and people genuinely love them.

They are fluffy and will make your day beautiful. Besides, children also love to play with the Goldendoodles since they are very friendly and intelligent. If you have a 7-month-old pet, you should take extra care.

7 month old Goldendoodle Size: How big is a 7 month/28 week old Goldendoodle?

If your Goldendoodle is standard size, it will be as big as the regular mature pet since the weight would be around 50lbs, which is big and fluffy. You will love to have such a pet in your house who will obey your instructions. If you have a medium-size pet, it will be as big as a mini adult pet.

The Goldendoodle puppies are cute, and they can be raised easily without any hassle. They are very friendly and will follow your instructions if you can ensure the perfect training from childhood.

But the 7-month-old Goldendoodle will have different sizes depending on the mini, medium, and standard categories.

The mini category pets will be the smallest version of Goldendoodle. It will be your child’s perfect match since the height and weight will be half of the standard version. If you love the pet for your purpose, you should go for the medium or standard size.

These puppies will grow soon if you can ensure the perfect food for them. It will not become an extra pressure to raise them at your home.

It will be acceptable to feed all the dogs food, including raw and processed. But commercialized foods would be much appreciated.

7 month old Goldendoodle Weight: How much should a 7-month-old Goldendoodle weigh?

A 7-month-old Goldendoodle should weigh 25lbs to 50lbs. It depends on the types of Goldendoodles. If you have the standard size pet, it will be around 50lbs, whereas the mini doodle will be around 25lbs only. That’s the perfect weight for them, but the food and sleeping cycle can impact the weight.

Sometimes, the Goldendoodle might fail to take enough food due to their illness and inappropriate food. Maybe you’re only relying on a food source that fails to provide all the nutrients. Protein and calcium are the best ingredients for your pet.

They can help the Goldendoodle grow better and strengthen the bone and structure. Therefore, when you choose the food, you should ensure that it contains 22.5% protein. That’s the recommended portion of the protein your pet will ask for.

Anything less would be a significant loss of weight. Besides, the female Goldendoodle will be 10% less weight than the male. The female doodle will weigh around 22-45lbs, depending on the species.

7 month old goldendoodle weight:

7 month old goldendoodleWeight should be
7 month old standard goldendoodle male50 lbs
7 month old standard goldendoodle female45 Ibs
7 month old F1 goldendoodle male31 lbs
7 month old F1 goldendoodle female29 lbs
7 month old F1b goldendoodle male37 lbs
7 month old F1b goldendoodle female34 lbs
7 month old mini goldendoodle male25 Ibs
7 month old mini goldendoodle female22.5 Ibs

7 month old goldendoodle Food

The food of your 7-month-old Goldendoodle should include the protein, calcium and other nutrients to maintain the growth.

What to feed a 7 month old Goldendoodle?

A 7-month-old Goldendoodle can consume all types of food that takes most of the puppies, but it also has some favorite food. It is better to feed them a balanced diet that will keep them healthy and strong for a long time.

Protein sources like meat, chicken, sheep, turkey, pork, and venison are vital to help your seven-month-old Goldendoodle during development and improvement and invigorate continuous amino corrosive creation.

Amino acids are essential for building skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles, hair, and nails. Top-notch protein is fundamental for sound chemical creation.

Moreover, nutritious fixings, like flaxseed, salmon oil, and liver are effective supplements for your seven-month-old Goldendoodle’s wellbeing in the short and long haul.

How much should a 7 month old Goldendoodle eat?

A seven-month-old Goldendoodle should eat between 2-4 times each day, somewhere in 2/3 cup cups of food each day.

Assuming your little dog appears to be hungry and forceful constantly, this might be a sign that it’s not getting sufficient food. Yet don’t go off of that single pointer. Search its ribs.

You can see the pup’s ribs on the off chance, which is a solid sign that it isn’t eating sufficient food or getting adequate sustenance. The main thing is that you make sure the proper diet chart suits your seven-month-old Goldendoodle.

Even then, if your puppy is hungry, you can give more food and at the same time take the advice of a veterinary doctor.

7 month old Goldendoodle Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

If your 7-month-old Goldendoodle has the below behavior characteristics, you should understand them better.


When your 7-month old Goldendoodle barks, you should give him the accompaniment or look for the inconvenience.

If your pet feels uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to do, it will bark for a long time. At that moment, you must go near to him and find out the reason and sort out the problems, if any.


Biting is another common behavior from a 7-month-old Goldendoodle. Since it’s getting all the teeth, it will stop biting from that age until there are some missing teeth.

Also, they will bite if they are refused to do their activities or if you prevent them from doing something.


You must be careful about your pet’s aggressiveness.

The Goldendoodle should not be aggressive all the time, only; if they can’t move or do what they like most, they will become aggressive, and you have to learn how to deal with your pet at that time. You cannot react at all.

How much sleep does a 7 month old Goldendoodle need?

A 7-month-old Goldendoodle needs at least 15 hours of sleep. They can sleep for another 3 hours for a total of 18 hours. Therefore, you should be careful about where they live. It must be comfy and ensure the best comfort to sleep correctly.

If your 7-month-old Goldendoodle has any issue regarding sleeping, you should take it seriously. Check the health and find out why it is sleeping less or more. But 18 hours of sleep should be acceptable due to its growing stage.

Anything less will become a concern for you. Less sleep will indicate that your doodle is not fine at all. It is going from insomnia or any disease. Try to recover it soon by consulting a vet.

How much exercise for a 7 month old Goldendoodle?

You cannot apply the rules of 5 minutes of exercising for your Goldendoodle. They are energetic and will love to play and do activities for hours.

So, one or two hours of exercise is suitable for a 7-month-old Goldendoodle. You can increase the time if needed.

They can walk for an entire hour and go far away; maybe 2 miles is the perfect distance you can cover with your pet Goldendoodle. If you love to go for an afternoon walk, your Goldendoodle will be your best companion.

You will also love to play different games with your child. You can spend hours after hours walking or playing. Once they get too tired, you should stop doing exercise instantly.

What to expect from a 7 month old Goldendoodle?

You can expect some digging, chewing, shredding, and jumping from your 7-month-old Goldendoodle. It’s high time you teach behavior and help your pet learn some norms, and do some training accordingly.

You can also expect that your Goldendoodle is forgetting everything that he/she learns. So, never expect that your pet will remember everything that you’re teaching him.

How to train a 7 month old Goldendoodle?

You can train a 7-month-old Goldendoodle in three different ways. Among them, potty training is a must. But there are more in the row.

Potty train:

Whatever you teach your Goldendoodle, you cannot ignore the potty training program. Your pet must learn the bathroom manners and understand that the bathroom is nearby or outside the home.

If you have any fixed area outside the house, you should take your pet after that every several hours.

Eating Training:

Pets tend to eat all day or whenever they get something. It’s the nature of most animals that you can’t ignore. But your pet should learn when to eat and how to eat.

It will be better if you make a diet plan and offer food accordingly. But never let your pet starve for a long time. It might create negative thinking or perspective.

Sleeping Train:

You must have a specific area or place to let your Goldendoodle sleep for a long time. Since they need to sleep for at least 15-18 hours a day, you should make the place as comfortable.

Then, try to teach your pet that area is safe and accompany him/her until they are sleeping.

Final Thoughts

A 7-month-old Goldendoodle must be 25-50lbs weight. Your pet must get the right food at the right time. If there is any mistake and you fail to provide enough protein-based food, your pet won’t grow as expected. So, you need to choose both commercial and raw foods, or you can mix them.