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7 Month Old Cockapoo: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Have you ever tried different puppy foods for your 7-month-old Cockapoo? If not yet, you should start at once. It will be a wise step to ensure the best growth. Because the old food habit or a single kibble puppy food may fail to fulfill the required proteins.

Your puppy needs 22.5% protein of the total food. It can only be ensured if you provide raw foods and readymade foods. Today, we will go through everything you should know about your 7-month-old Cockapoo.

7 month old cockapoo Size: How big is a 7 month/28 week old cockapoo?

The 7-month-old Cockapoo is big as a grown-up adult cockapoo, although not like the fully grown breed. You should not expect it to become a fully grown large dog like the others. It has slow growth and will look like a pre-adult puppy. The exact size of your Cockapoo will depend on several factors.

The cockapoo puppies should be raised according to the AAFCO. They suggest the best way to grow a cockapoo is by providing enough protein-based food.

Since the puppy requires some additional protein, calcium, and other nutrients, you must choose the food accordingly.

However, the preferred food must have 22.5% protein and other minerals accordingly. You may also mix some raw protein meat and provide your Cockapoo with a pre-made and raw foods mixture.

After ensuring all the conditions, you can expect to have a big or slightly grown cockapoo after it reaches 7 months. It can be possible that your pet has some other issues; therefore, you’re not getting the expected growth from the pet.

7 month old cockapoo Weight: How much should a 7 month old cockapoo weigh?

A 7-month-old cockapoo should weigh 16lbs to 20lbs. 16lbs is the average weight; if you take proper care and provide the high-protein based food, it will be around 20lbs at the end of the seventh month. You must provide enough protein and calcium to get the best growth pet.

Mainly, the weight of the Cockapoo depends entirely on the food source and the nutrients. Here the nutrients mostly are protein & calcium. When your pet takes these ingredients from the food, they can strengthen their bones to maintain their growth.

More protein and calcium indicate perfect growth. If the protein is insufficient, the Cockapoo won’t grow to 20lbs. It will roughly reach 15-16lbs after the age of the 7th month. But the right amount of food with protein can ensure the best growth of your pet.

If you have a female cockapoo and you’re not getting the perfect growth, you should change the diet and add some new protein-based food. It will work magically, and you will have a large and fully grown breed within a month.

7 month old cockapoo weight:

7 month old cockapooWeight should be
7 month old cockapoo male16-20 lbs
7 month old cockapoo female13-18 lbs

7 month old cockapoo Food

Let’s see some ideal foods for your 7-month-old Cockapoo. They are safe and will ensure the perfect nutrients.

What to feed a 7 month old cockapoo?

You should feed protein-based food to your 7-month Cockapoo. It will be the best food to keep growing for a long time. Also, you will get the perfect growth of 16-20lbs only if you can ensure the best protein-based foods.

Otherwise, the Cockapoo will be in great trouble getting the ideal height and weight.

You may consider feeding your Cockapoo the kibble and other readymade foods. They also come with high-protein and are safe for the Cockapoo’s health. But the best source of protein would be raw foods.

Since the Cockapoo has already passed its childhood, you can include raw meat and other foods in the diet. It will be the best source of protein and calcium.

How much should a 7 month old cockapoo eat?

A 7-month-old cockapoo should eat 4 times a day and ½ cup of food every time.

If you count the number of cups, you should provide 2-3 cups of food every day. 2 cups of food should be a regular diet, and 3 cups would be for exercise and playing day.

If your puppy plays too much in a day, you should give him more food than usual. It will help the puppy to grow better than regular dogs. In that case, your puppy will eat a little more to get back the energy and sleep peacefully.

There might be some other way to increase the food. You can add one or two snacks if you think your Cockapoo requires more food than the regular 2-3 cups of food. But the snacks should be limited to organic food.

7 month old cockapoo Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

A 7-month-old cockapoo has some expected behavior. You should understand them. The behaviors are:


Your 7-month-old puppy has learned that he got some more energy, and he shows it off by barking all the time.

The little dog’s excessive barking could be because he is afraid, bored, or hungry, or it could be because he wants to show how much he missed you while you were away.

If you keep it alone for a long time, they are more likely to bark frequently.


Your cockapoo must have all of its adult teeth at seven months old. This means that teething is over, and your dog may stop biting or chewing so much now.

If you still find the biting behavior, you should teach him/her with patience that it’s not a good practice.


If you think you have been through the worst of its aggressiveness in puppyhood, you are wrong. This is the time when puppy chewing comes back.

Getting into everything (furniture, shoes and trees), digging huge potholes, jumping up on people, and barking are just a few things that your almost-adult puppy can do.

So, take the aggressiveness normally and try to please your cockapoo.

How much sleep does a 7 month old cockapoo need?

A 7-month old cockapoo needs to sleep for 15 hours a day. That’s the ideal sleeping time for your pup; in some cases, the time may reduce to 12 hours, but not less than that.

The 12 hours of sleep is not enough to get the perfect growth; you should ensure that your pup sleeps for 15 hours a day.

Sometimes, the time will vary due to physical exercise and other activities. If your pup walks for a long time and plays for an hour, it will sleep for 18 hours.

There is nothing to worry about during the sleeping time. It’s a common trait of the Cockapoo and other puppies.

How much exercise for a 7 month old cockapoo?

35-40 minutes of exercise for a 7-month-old cockapoo. You may also add a few more minutes and make it around 45 minutes every day. But the training should include different activities, including running, walking, playing football, and more.

If you choose the walk, you should know that they can walk for 30 minutes without any break. They will cover as far as one and a half miles in that time. And, you may treat them as an adult dogs and act accordingly.

They will be fine playing with you and spending time walking and running. But you should never make the exercise a burden on them.

Are Cockapoos fully grown at 7 months?

The Cockapoos are not fully grown at 7-months. They will fully grow at 9-months-old. Therefore, you need to wait for another two months and get the fully grown Cockapoo.

The weight of a fully grown cockapoo will be around 20lbs+, whereas the 7-month-old Cockapoo will be around 15-18lbs. That’s why the 7-month-old Cockapoo is not a fully grown pet.

How to train a 7 month old cockapoo?

After reading this section, you will know how to train your 7-month-old cockapoo.

Potty Training:

After 7 months, you’ll need to take your cockapoo outside more often. Puppies have small bladders, which means they can’t hold their pee for very long.

You must teach him/her that it’s time to go outside when he/she has the urge. Each time your dog goes outside, the idea that the bathroom is outside is reinforced.

Also, you should not let him stay in his crate for too long. Otherwise, your pet will relieve himself in the crate if you don’t act quickly.

Socialization Training:

You must let him play with other animals and people to make your cockapoo happy. Start socializing your dog as soon as possible and keep doing so. Make sure your dog is part of socialization, walks, and training.

Cue/ Command Training:

It is recommended that you teach your 7-month-old cockapoo to obey commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” and “come,”.

These commands will assist you in communicating with your dog and provide you with a direct line of contact with your dog.

If you provide your dog with sound fundamental training, you will create the framework for more advanced training in the future and ensure that you and your dog do not fight.

Final Thoughts

The 7-month-old Cockapoo should be as big as a partially grown standard cockapoo. The weight must be around 16lbs, and the food should come with enough protein and calcium. These two ingredients will ensure the best growth of your Cockapoo. So, choose protein-based food to help your pet grow fast.