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6 Month Old Rottweiler Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

Rottweilers are known as working bred dogs. They are also commonly popular as rescue and police dogs as well as dogs for blind people. In today’s article, we will discuss a six month old Rottweiler’s weight, size, food, training, and more.

6 month old rottweiler Size: How big is a 6 month/24 week old rottweiler?

The Rottweilers are commonly known as large, muscular types of dogs who become fierce and protective when they grow up. Usually, 6 month old male rottweiler will weigh around 22-23 inches. On the other hand, the six months old female Rottweiler will weigh around 21-22 inches. 

As a part of large dog breeds, the rottweilers have an high growth during their growing age. Usually, they grow fast when they are five to seven months old. Depending on the gender, the weight and height of rottweiler dogs may vary.

The average height for Rottweiler puppies is about 22 to 23 inches. There are no significant differences in height between a male and a female Rottweiler. Both of the dogs grow up to 22 to 23 inches within five to seven months old.

It finally takes around one year for a rottweiler to reach its full size. But most of the growth for a Rottweiler is gained within the first six months. In addition to that, after a certain time, they stop growing and start the weight gaining process.

The fully adult Rottweiler will height around. 24 to 27 inches on average. The female Rottweilers height around 22 to 25 inches taller than they are adults.

6 month old rottweiler Weight: How much should a 6 month old rottweiler weigh?

There are some significant differences between a 6 month old male and a female rottweiler’s weight. Generally, a 6 month old male Rottweiler will weigh around 64 to 71 pounds on average. On the other hand, are female, 6 months old Rottweiler will weigh around 60 to 64 pounds.

The Rottweilers will gain most of their weight when they are five to seven months old. The weight gaining for a female Rottweiler is slower compared to the male Rottweiler.

That is why there is a difference of 6 to 7 pounds of weight between the male and the female Rottweiler. Since the Rottweilers gain most of their height from five to seven months, after that they start to gain weight.

Generally, an adult female Rottweiler will weigh around 95 to 135 pounds. However, the female rottweilers are less heavy than the males as they only weigh around 80-100 pounds.

The weight of male and female Rottweiler depends on how much food they consume on daily basis and how much nutritional values are present in them. A nutritional diet will help them to gain the proper weight in their adult age.

That is why it is important to feed the Rottweilers high-value pet food to help them grow significantly. In addition to that, the balanced diet is essential for them. Below is a chart provided on the weight of male and female rottweilers: 

  6 month old rottweilerWeight should be
6 month old rottweiler male64-71 pounds
6 month old rottweiler female60-64 pounds
6 month old German shepherd rottweiler mix male75-80 pounds 
6 month old German shepherd rottweiler mix female72-77 pounds

6 month old rottweiler Food 

What to feed a 6 month old rottweiler?

It is very important to ensure proper food for a 6 month old Rottweiler, because, during this age, they gain most of their weight and height.

So, failing to provide the nutritional value and proper guide to your Rottweiler puppies will disrupt their growth of them.

That is why, when providing foods to your 6 month old rottweiler, avoid any spices and artificially sweet things. It is good to provide eggs to your Rottweiler because it has high-value protein in it.

You can also provide them with puppy food because it has balanced nutrition added to it. But it is recommended to provide them the puppy food, not more than once every day. 

How much should a 6 month old rottweiler eat? 

It is important to ensure a proper amount of food for your six month old Rottweiler puppy every day. Feeding them with excess food may cause them to face from obesity and health issues.

On the other hand, providing less food will disrupt their growth and they may go through malnutrition.

That is why wind providing your six month old rottweilers with puppy food you can provide them with three to five cups of puppy food and divide them into two parts to feed them two times a day.

As slowly they grow up, you need to increase the number of meals and quantity of food. However, you should also give them buttermilk because it has high-value proteins.

That will help them to gain muscles. The right amount of food will be ideal for the growth of your Rottweiler puppies. 

6 month old rottweiler Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness 

It is very common for puppies to play rough. In some cases, they may start to chase, pounce, bark, growl, or bite you as a part of puppy play.

You may consider this type of behavior of your six month old rottweiler puppies as normal, but in the future, this may result in aggressive behavior.

In most cases, the puppies bite the people or the owners as part of playing. But after six months of age, the fear of aggressive behavior in the puppies grows up, which means they will bark or growl at anyone who will approach or try to come close to them.

Below is a brief discussion on the behaviors of 6 month old Rottweiler puppies: 


Barking is a common characteristic of every dog. Generally, the six month old Rottweiler will not bark that much as they are calm and quiet dogs. They will bark if needed, but usually, they are calm in the environment. 


Generally, the Rottweiler puppies bite everyone as a part of the play. But this may result in aggressive behavior in the future. That is why it is important to train them and stop them from biting. 


The aggressiveness of the six month old Rottweiler puppies comes from fear. It means they will throw themselves at anyone who comes close to them because they feel scared.

How much sleep does a 6 month old rottweiler need? 

Sleeping is important for a six month old Rottweiler puppies because proper sleep will help them to grow up significantly and keep them healthy. Generally, the Rottweiler puppies nap and snooze during the daytime.

It is highly recommended that a rottweiler puppy needs sleep at least 16 to 22 hours a day. Proper sleep will ensure the development of their central nervous system and blood circulation.

As they grow up the sleeping period of Rottweiler puppies should be shortened. Otherwise, they will become lazy when they grow up. 

How much exercise for a 6 month old rottweiler?  

Regular physical activity for 6 months old rottweiler puppy will improve its health system, central nervous system, and develop muscles. In addition to that, regular exercise will help the rottweiler puppy to grow up properly.

The rottweilers are an active type of dog that needs to do physical activity every day.

That is why it is highly recommended to take them out for exercise for 20 to 40 minutes. Swimming or running can be a great option for exercise to boost their immune system. 

What does a 6 month old rottweiler look like? 

During the age of 6 months, the rottweiler starts to gain muscles. In addition to that, they look medium heavy in structure and healthy. They weigh quite heavily because they gain most of their weight at 6 months of age.

How to train a 6 month old rottweiler?

Training your 6 month old rottweiler will help you to make it social and well-mannered. In addition to that, if you do not train your dog, it may bark at anyone. There is common behavior in dogs that are known as fear aggression.

It means, that if someone approaches your dog, they may feel unsafe and bark at them. They can also bite people. When you take them out for a walk, they will aggressively behave with the other dogs.

That is why you need to train your dog to make them social and controlled. In addition to that, make them potty trained so that they do not make your home their place to do it. Below is a brief discussion on how to train a 6 month old rottweiler:

Potty train:

Take your dog out for a walk very often. It will help them to understand the place for doing their job. However, making them potty trained will maintain the cleanliness of dogs.


Stop them when they start to bark. They need to understand that it is not ideal to bark at anyone who approaches them. Training them when they are puppies will help to improve their manner.


They develop a fear of aggression due to their insecurity. That is why it is needed to make them socialize with the environment surrounding them. This will help them to become comfortable with other dogs as well.

Final Thoughts

The rottweilers are medium-heavy dogs that weigh around 60 pounds and 22-23 inches when 6 months. Generally, they are playful and active dogs. Focus on providing them with high-value proteins and carbs because these will help them to gain the required weight and develop their nervous systems.