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6 Month Old Puppy Jumping – How to Stop? (Complete Guide)

Dogs are considered one of the most commonly chosen companions in every home. Some people usually pet dogs from an early age when they are called as a puppy.

At an early age, puppies start to develop their behavior. In today’s article, we will discuss 6 month old puppy jumping. 

6 month old puppy jumping 

Dogs below six months old are considered puppies. This is an important part of their life because during this age the puppies start to learn so many things and even develop their behavior. So frequent jumping for these puppies may indicate curiosity and excitement to learn about everything.

Dogs are considered one of the most commonly popular pets that are found in almost every house. The dogs are friendly and loyal pets that can do anything for the owner.

In addition to that, they are quite energetic and excited about the environment so they can also be considered an amazing companion to hang out with. Many people tend to put a dog on from an early age.

That is why dogs below 6-month-old age are considered puppies. During this age, the puppies tend to learn and experience new things in their life and try to get a better look at everything.

In addition to that, they may develop their behavior during this age. If you’re worried about your puppy jumping frequently all the time, there is nothing serious issue with it.

Since the puppies are small and learners, they jump to show their excitement and curiosity about learning everything around them.

That’s why, sometimes they may jump to get a better look at the things that are out of their reach. Below is a brief discussion on a few reasons why the six-month-Old Puppy jumps: 

To get a better look: 

The puppies are considered small-sized animals. As a result, they cannot get a look at everything surrounding them. That is why they may jump frequently to get a better look at something they are interested in. 

To show curiosity: 

If you have anything in your hand and your dog keeps jumping, it means it is curious to know about it. Generally, the dogs are quick learners and they are always curious and excited about everything.

That is why it would be great if you can try to understand their expressions and share your thoughts and feelings with them.

To get attention: 

This is one of the most common things that they try to gain by jumping frequently. Need attention so they may start to jump, seek your attention, and request you to play with them.

That is why you should be very careful and observe their behavior so that you can understand what they want.

Is it OK if my six month/ 24 weeks old puppy jumps? 

Yes, it is completely fine for your six-month-old or 24 weeks old Puppy to jump. Generally, dogs below the age of six months are known as a puppy. Puppies are very friendly and loyal.

In addition to that, they are quite energetic and love to play. The age of six months is the age of development for the puppies. During this age, they start to develop new behaviors and habits.

In addition to that, they learn a lot of things during this age. That is why they usually jump when they are excited or curious about something.

In addition to that, they often jump to get a better look at something that they want to see but is not within their reach.

That is why it is completely normal for puppies to jump frequently. In addition to that, sometimes they will jump to get your attention and want you to play with them.

What age do puppies stop jumping? 

Generally, dogs that are below the age of six months are considered puppies during this age. The dogs developed their behavioral characteristics. As a result, you may see them jumping very frequently.

Jumping is a part of their natural feature. It enables them to observe their surroundings and seek your attention. You can try controlling their behavior at an early age by stopping them or treating them well.

Once they get mature enough, they will not jump on people or something. You can try mixing them with other dogs to make them understand that jumping is not a part of normal behavior.

As a result, they will try to learn new things from them. However, when the dog is mature and has an age 12 to 15 months, they will stop jumping frequently.

How do I stop my 6 month old puppy from jumping? 

People usually want to pet dogs because they are loyal, cute, and energetic animal that loves to play and hang roam around.

That is why dogs are considered one of the common pets that is seen in almost every house.

Generally, dogs below the age of 6 months are called puppies. Puppies are quite active and love to roam around. They seem to be curious and excited all the time, as a result, they jump frequently to express their joy.

In addition to that, they can even jump to seek your attention or to look and observe something that is not in their reach. But there is no need to be worried if your puppy jumps too much.

You can control the expression of your puppy very easily if you want. In addition to that, they stop this type of behavior when they reach their mature age. Below is a brief discussion on how you stop puppies from jumping:

Try to hug them:

When they jump frequently, it may indicate that they need your attention or want to play with you.

So, you can hug them to make them feel that you are understanding their expression. This will stop such type of behavior of them easily.

Make them sit:

Sometimes you can try to teach them sitting so that they can understand that jumping is a part of bad manners. They usually develop different behavior at an early age which you can stop easily by proper training. 

Try to communicate vocally:

Sometimes, it is better to establish vocal communication between you and your dog because it can help him understand your expression. It is very important for the puppy and will be useful in the future.

So, whenever you feel that the puppy is not listening to you, try to say “NO” loudly. This may help them to understand to stop such behavior.

Give them a treat:

Try to give them treats as they listen to you. Whenever they jump, pat on the ground and try to make the seat. If they sit, provide them with treats.

This will help to make them understand that they will be treated well if they seat on the floor instead of jumping.

How do I get my 6 month old puppy to stop jumping on people?

Dogs are one of the most adorable pet animals that every people love to play with. They are loyal, energetic, and quick learners so you can easily teach them how to behave well.

That is why many people tend to pet a dog from a very early age. Generally, a dog 6 month old is considered a puppy. During this age, they learn a lot of things and explore them.

In addition to that, during this age, they develop new behaviors. Some of them may be suitable for the environment and some of them maybe not.

Sometimes they may keep jumping frequently to communicate with you or to observe something that they cannot reach.

So, this behavior may get annoying and they may start to jump on people in front of you. That is why you need to control their behavior. You can simply follow the steps to control the behavior of your dog to jumping on people: 

Make them sit: 

The first thing you need to do to control the behavior of your dog is to make them sit whenever they jump on other people. You can also provide them with treats to make them understand that sitting is better than jumping on people. 

Interrupt your dog’s jumping: 

You can try interrupting your dog’s jumping and help them by making them understand that they cannot jump on people as it is a part of a bad manner. You can also try putting a leash on them. 

Make the meet other dogs: 

Meeting with other dogs will help to improve the behavior of your puppy as it will learn from the other dogs. This will be helpful to improve their character and behavioral development. 

Final thoughts 

Generally, dogs that are aged below six months are considered as a puppy. If your dog jumps very frequently, it may indicate that it is trying to seek your attention or observing something that it cannot reach. You can control this behavior by training them at an early age.