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6 Month Old Poodle: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

If you love the curly coat, you must love to raise a poodle dog. It’s a type of dog that is categorized by its size. You will find three different poodles: standard size, miniature, and toy poodle. Among these three, the toy poodle is the smallest one.

And the standard poodle is the largest one. But all of them can be fed similar foods and maintain the same diet chart. Only the amount of food would be different.

6-month-old poodle size: How big should a 6-month-old poodle be?

The 6-month-old poodle should be as big as the half-adult dog. But the size of a 6-month poodle will depend on the type of the dog. If it is miniature, it will only be several inches to a foot. But the standard poodle would be a large pet. You cannot consider it a puppy.

However, you can consider the miniature and toy poodle as the poodle puppy. Although half-adult, they will remain small and won’t look like a large breed. You cannot expect them to be as large as the standard poodle; they are different.

The standard size poodle will look like a large adult dog. You can also be considered a grown-up pet. So, the responsibility will no longer be like the puppies. You have to know its behavior and comfort and provide a perfect diet chart.

Apart from that, the poodle should grow naturally. The miniature might be your choice since it is a medium-sized breed. You can quickly raise it as your favorite pet and meet its needs adequately.

6-month-old poodle weight: How much should a 6-month-old poodle weigh?

A 6-month-poodle should weigh 40lbs if it is a standard poodle. Otherwise, it will be 9lbs for the miniature poodle or 5lbs if it is a toy poodle. These are three different weights that you will get from the three different types of a poodle. But the female weight will be 10% less.

Before you calculate the weight of your poodle, you must understand its types. Otherwise, you will fail to understand why your poodle is too low or high. If the poodle is male, its weight will be more than the female. Si, you must maintain a typical role.

The toy poodle will be the smallest breed and will only become 5-7lbs after the age of 6-month old. But the medium size or miniature poodle will be larger than the toy poodle. Sometimes, you may find a similar weight for these two breeds.

But the standard poodle would be the largest breed you should consider adopting if you love the large pet. It will grow faster than others if I get proper care and food. The food must include all the nutrients, including protein, calcium, magnesium, and others.

6 month old poodle weight:

6 month old poodleMale weightFemale weight
6 month old toy poodle5-7lbs4-6lbs
6 month old miniature poodle6-9lbs5-8lbs
6 month old standard poodle41-48lbs28-34lbs

6 month or 25 week old poodle food:

The 6-month or 25-week old poodle should have enough food several times daily. Let’s see what food you can offer and what the amount is.

What to feed 6 month old poodle?

You can feed all the commercial foods, including kibble, wet food, and raw food, to your 6-month-old poodle.

They will love these foods since they are tasty and are specially made for puppies. If you have a miniature or toy poodle, you must consider feeding these foods.

You can also prepare the food at home. In that case, you need to use raw or natural food and some portion of the commercial foods.

The combination would be an excellent food containing all the protein and nutrients for your 6-month-old poodle.

Whatever you purchase or feed, you cannot just feed one food over the week. You should change and make a diet plan to include all the nutrients through different food sources.

How much should a 6 month old poodle eat?

The 6-month-old poodle should eat two cups of food daily. You can consider buying different food and mixing them to get the ideal food for your poodle. It can eat two times a day, and each time one cup of food is enough.

Apart from the main meal, you may also offer some snacks to your 6-month poodle.

It will enjoy having different flavors and a different taste from the snacks. If you don’t know what snacks you should buy, you can search for them on Amazon or your nearby shop.

6 month old poodle behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness

If your 6-month-old poodle is barking, biting, and showing aggressiveness, you must take care of it with patience.


There might be two reasons why your 6-month-old poodle is barking. It might be hungry, or it might be scared.

Sometimes, we leave the poodle or pet alone in a cage or living place. Since they are tiny puppies, they might be scared of something unpleasant or unfavorable.

Another reason could be that your poodle is hungry. They cannot bear the hunger and will bark until you give them food. So, you need to sort out the problems and stop the barking.


Biting is a regular practice of your 6-month-old poodle. It might have all the new teeth growing, and it will try to bite everything. It will stop biting once all the teeth are grown up. So, nothing to worry about the biting.


If you find your 6-month-old poodle is aggressive, there might be some reasons behind it.

Maybe you did something wrong if you ignored the appeal of your pet. Therefore, it will show you anger and a threat of aggressiveness.

How much sleep does a 6 month old poodle need?

A 6-month-old poodle should sleep for 15 hours a day. It’s a minimum sleeping time for your younger poodle.

If it is a miniature or toy poodle, the time will be around 18 hours a day. On the other hand, if you have the standard poodle, it will sleep for 12-15 hours.

Nothing is constant here; the sleeping time will depend on several factors. Whether the sleeping environment is suitable for the pet and what exercises your pet does every day will directly affect the sleeping time.

How much exercise does a 6 month old poodle need?

A 6-month-old poodle will need 30-40 minutes of exercise daily. You can add walking, running, playing, and other activities to the exercise session. Whatever activities you plan, you must do it cordially.

You should care for the puppy’s health and find activities that your puppy loves most. Among all the activities, walking might be an excellent exercise. You may go for a 15-20 minutes walk every morning or afternoon.

It will help your pet on both ends. Your pet will get to know about the other worlds and be familiar with the outside world. It will help the breed become a social being and better understand the perspective.

Thus exercise plays a vital role in a pet’s life. You can show your affection and care through exercise, and your pet can build their muscle and become healthy through it. It will also help you make a good friendship with your 6-month-old poodle.

How to train a 6 month old poodle?

Training your 6-month-old poodle would be a significant challenge. You may attend some programmes where the professionals teach the pets. We will talk about three different training methods that you can follow for your poodle.

Potty training:

One of the best training methods is potty training. You must make your pet understand the bathroom.

It should know where to go once it needs to release. At first, it might not seem very easy, but you can make it easier for your pet.

You should take it to the bathroom once after two hours. And visually try to make him understand that other pets come here to release themselves.

You may also let him/her watch some videos on other pets who use the bathroom regularly. It will be a great way to give your pet potty training.

Manner Training:

The word might surprise you, and you may hear it for the very first time.

But the truth is, you can teach some manners to your poodle. People worldwide try to teach some good lessons to their pets to help them become obedient pets.

You should choose a name for your pet and call it by that name. If you continue for weeks, your pet will know its name by heart. Another manner could be eating.

Since your pet is an animal, you should never expect to teach him human lessons.

But you can change the way you eat. Show your poodle how other good pets eat slowly and not mess up the food. It would be an excellent lesson for the poodle.

Sleeping Training:

Your pet must sleep for a long time and should make a routine life to become healthy.

Therefore, teach him the right time for sleep. You may help by showing the other pet’s sleeping manner once it is time to go to bed. Your pet will go through several weeks and will understand the training purpose.

Final thoughts

The size and weight of the 6-month-old poodle will vary due to their types. You will mostly find three different poodles. They are toy, miniature, and standard size poodles. An average poodle of a 6-month age will weigh 40lbs, whereas the miniature and the toy poodle will only be 5-9lbs.