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6 Month Old Pit Bull: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More 

The Pit Bull is the love child of the British Bulldogs and British Terriers, which first came into existence back in the 19th century. Many people believe these canines to be American heroes since they are huge, strong, and have incredible combat ability.

Pitbulls are generally kind, gentle companions who are quite versatile in terms of their adaptable behavior toward people. As a result, they make excellent pets for people all around the world.

Let us now discuss the fundamental knowledge of a 6-month-old Pitbull, including their weight, size, food, eating habits, training, and more.

6 month old Pit Bull puppy size: How big should a 6 month old Pit Bull be?

Pit bull puppies’ height and weight will vary depending on hereditary and environmental variables. A 6-month-old Pit Bull puppy sizes between 9 and 12 inches on average. This is more than half of their adult height. And their weight can be anywhere between 15-35 pounds.

Pitbulls are quite adaptable in terms of genetic traits because they are generally a mixed breed of two different dog species, namely bulldogs and terriers.

Pitbulls come in a range of shapes and sizes, including blue-nose pitbulls, red-nose pitbulls, American Pit Bull Terriers, and others. Furthermore, some pitbulls are semi-aggressive, while others are fairly friendly.

Some people mistakenly believe that American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bully Pit Bulls are the same breed of pitbull. Despite the fact that they appear to be relatively similar, they have some substantial distinctions.

A 6-month-old American Pit Bull terrier typically weighs between 15 and 50 pounds. A 6-month-old American Bully Pit Bull weighs 40-70 lbs. on average. A visit with a veterinarian and a check-up may be required if there are large deviations from this range of the array. 

6 month old pitbull weight: How much should a 6 month old pitbull weigh?

A 6 month old Pit Bull puppy weighs between 20 and 60 lbs, i.e., 9.07 to 27.21 kg. However, the weights of the Pit Bull puppies fluctuate according to their gender. At roughly 6 months of age, male pit bull puppies weigh almost 20–35 pounds on average. Females range in weight from 15 to 30 pounds.

Pitbulls are courageous, robust, athletic, friendly, and intelligent in nature. They’re also reliable and consistent, and very loyal pets who make excellent companions for many households.

As previously stated, Pitbull puppies weigh between 20 and 60 pounds. This equates to 9.07 to 27.21 kilograms, which is quite a lot for a 6-month-old puppy.

Male Pitbull puppies are larger and weigh more on average than female Pitbull puppies. However, due to differences, there may be significant anomalies in this range.

Let us now look into the male and female weights of 6-month old American Pit Bull terriers, as well as the American Bully Pit Bull.

6 month old pitbull weight:

6 month old pitbullMale weightFemale weight
6 month old American pit bull terrier 20 to 35 Ibs15 to 30 Ibs
6 month old American bully pitbull50 to 70 Ibso 65 Ibs

6 month or 25 week old pitbull puppy food:

What to feed a 6 month old pitbull?

Since 6-month old Pit Bulls are starting their voyage from adolescence to adulthood, you must be very careful about what food you give them.

Protein, on the other hand, is a necessary dietary ingredient for their optimum development and nourishment. However, natural proteins are indigestible to pit bulls. 

Thus, you should give your 6-month-old Pit Bull a high-quality protein-based dog food that contains 33 to 41% protein.

Examples of such dog food include Victor High-pro plus formula, Bully Max High Performance dog food, Rachael Ray Nutrish, and others. 

High-quality kibbles certified for Pit Bulls are the best alternatives for ensuring a complete, balanced diet for your 6-month-old Pit Bull.

How much should a 6 month old pitbull eat? 

A 6-month-old pit bull should be fed three times each day. As they grow, reduce their meal frequency to two times per day. 

It’s critical to keep track of what they eat. Otherwise, they may become fat as a result of overeating. It may also cause illness and other health issues.

It’s not a good idea to leave a dish of food out all day and let your pit bull have access to it for 24 hours. 

Because each authorized kibble and other high-quality protein dog meals includes varied food values, the food amount should be supplied according to the required food and nutrition level.

Keep an eye on your 6-month-old Pitbull’s weight. It’s tough for pups to shed weight when they’ve reached the age of 6 months. Thus, it’s critical that they maintain skimming as much as possible.

6 month old pitbull puppy behavior: barking, biting, and aggressiveness 

Walk through this section to learn more about your 6 month old pitbull puppy behavior –


Pitbulls have a moderate inclination to bark. The 6-month-olds are no exception. Some pitbulls bark excessively, while others may not bother to bark at all.

However, a very interesting fact about pitbulls is that when they mature and recognize that their bark has the ability to startle, warn, and therefore defend, they tend to use it more.

Again, it’s very normal if your pit bulls don’t bark at all. The 6-months-olds bark angrily when there is a dispute or when the puppy is in pain due to its health or a regular activity from its daily routine.


6-month-old Pitbulls have a tendency to bite from time to time. It has the potential to destroy some of your most valuable possessions.

They have the tendency to bite you and perhaps other dogs since they are high-energy dogs. Positive reinforcement may be used to avoid it by shifting their focus to other activities such as fetching, giving treats, and using sounds.


Pit bulls are known for their aggression all over the world. However, there are various explanations behind the aggressive behavior of 6-month-old pit bulls.

It is always up to the owners to decide how they will teach their puppies from the time they are born. If a 6-month-old puppy is not socialized, is not trained to obey orders, and is not adequately fed, it will inevitably become aggressive.

Thus, engage them in various exercises and keep an eye out for any signs of pain in your 6-month-old Pit Bull puppy before it becomes irritated and begins to act aggressively.

How much sleep does a 6 month old pitbull need?

Pitbulls are naturally lethargic. In comparison to adult Pitbulls, pups sleep a little more. A 6-months-old Pitbull pup requires 18 to 20 hours of sleep.

Pitbulls are generally polyphasic sleepers, which means they sleep for numerous periods during the day. With rare exceptions, each sleeping period lasts roughly 45 minutes.

Pitbulls have a mercurial personality. In nature, they are likewise lively and energetic. However, you may notice that your puppy is playing and wandering about the house one minute and then falling asleep the next.

It may appear that your 6-month-old Pitbull is napping excessively at times. However, in terms of their behavior pattern, this is quite normal.

How much exercise does a 6 month old pitbull need? 

Losing weight is challenging for your 6-month-old Pit Bull. Therefore, they require a suitable quantity of exercise on a daily basis in order to be more active, joyful, and cheerful.

It is strongly suggested that adults and 6-month-olds pups engage in 30 minutes to one hour of exercise and physical activity. This period may vary depending on your pet’s dynamic behavioral style and daily routine.

They mostly prefer going to sleep right away after having each meal of the day. Thus, take your pit bulls for more walks and play with them with various soft toys. You may also take your dogs to dog parks where they can interact with their peers.

How to train a 6 month old pitbull?

The following tips will help you to learn how to train your 6 month old pitbull pup –

Potty training: 

Establishing a pit bull puppy’s home is the first and most important step in potty training them. Set a modest area or boundary for them instead of giving them full access to your home.

Even for animals, it is a natural tendency to not leave litter in the environment where they reside. Staying in these kinds of tiny spaces causes them to avoid defecating in such places and to carefully pick their waste area as advised and demonstrated by the owner.

As Pit Bull puppies are expected to defecate within 20 to 30 minutes after eating each meal, controlling their meal time is also beneficial for you to keep their potty time on track. 

Obedience training:

There are several methods for teaching a pit bull puppy various signs and instructions in order to make them obedient. 

Crate training, house training, socializing, and leash training are just a few examples of how you can make your 6-month-old Pit Bull learn to be obedient.

To train them to sit, stand, leap, and so on, use various signals and sounds. When your 6-month-old pit bull refuses to listen to you, use a forceful voice to stop them from misbehaving.

It is critical to take it easy with 6-month-old puppies and not press them to obey every command. Moreover, socialization is an excellent form of training for them, as it allows them to control their aggressive behavior.

Final thoughts

On average, a 6-month-old pitbull puppy weighs between 20 and 50 pounds. In terms of height and weight, you may notice a significant difference between a male and a female pitbull puppy. Moreover, their physical size and weight will vary based on a number of inherited and environmental factors.