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6 Month Old Cockapoo: Weight, Size, Food, Training & More

The cockapoo is a fluffy dog that is cute and has slow growth. People love this pet puppy because of its appearance and attractive look. The cockapoo is a slow-growing pet; it will not become as healthy as regular dogs.

Therefore, you must carefully choose the food and make the exercise list accordingly. But the 6-month-old cockapoo will stick to a certain growth stage. You have to be careful if the pet’s age is 4 to 6 months.

6 month old cockapoo Size: How big is a 6 month/24-week old cockapoo?

The 6-month/24-week-old cockapoo will be as big as the adult pet. Since the growth of the cockapoo size is determined by their development, you cannot expect to have a big size cockapoo with only after 6-months. The growth will be stopped, and the weight will be around 15lbs.

Cockapoo puppies are the cutest puppies; they have specific characteristics that differ from the other pet dogs.

First off, the growth of the cockapoo puppies comes in. It will be around 15lbs after the age of 6-months. But the average growth might be stopped at only 12lbs.

These cockapoos are popular because of their friendly behavior, intelligence, and activeness. You will also love their social behavior, and they will attract you pretty soon. If your mood is off, you can spend some time with your fluffy cockapoo.

Apart from that, the cockapoo will be a small pet. You can carry it anywhere, and it will become your best travel friend.

Although it’s not as big as the regular dog, it will require the same foods. So, you can offer similar food that you mostly use for your other pet dogs.

6 month old cockapoo Weight: How much should a 6 month old cockapoo weigh?

A 6-month-old cockapoo should weigh approximately 15lbs. If the growth is too slow, you might get a 12lbs cockapoo. And the cockapoo is indeed the slowest growing pet dog. It will not grow like the other breeds. Therefore, you must be careful about your food and sleeping habits.

Sometimes the cockapoo becomes sluggish and stops growing more than 15lbs. You may also find that your 6-month-old pet is only about 12lbs. It might be because of the lack of food and proper sleeping. Also, the sickness of the pet might stop the growth.

If your pet cockapoo is growing better, it will reach the adult stage after the age of 6-months. Maybe it is 15lbs+, and you get the best growth of your cockapoo. After getting to the adult stage, it will not grow much like before.

Some other factors also influence the growth of your cockapoo, including living space, exercise, training, eating habits, and of course, sleeping cycle.

You must be sure that your pet puppy is sleeping for enough time to get a healthy life. Better sleep is a precondition to bringing better health for the pet.

6 month old cockapoo weight:

6 month old cockapooWeight should be
6 month old cockapoo male15lbs
6 month old cockapoo female12lbs

6 month old cockapoo Food

There are not many special foods for your 6-month-old cockapoo. You can use the regular dog foods and offer them regularly.

What to feed a 6 month old cockapoo?

All the puppy foods are suitable for the 6-month-old. You can feed the puppy foods to your 6-month-old cockapoo.

They are safe and come with all the required ingredients, including nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential components.

If you don’t want to make the puppy’s food at home, you must consider buying the readymade puppy foods from a nearby pet shop.

Or you can also purchase it from the online shop. It will give you the best solution and a great food source too.

You must be careful about both processed foods and raw foods. Both are unsuitable for the 6-month-old cockapoo.

You should only provide easy to digest food, and the puppy’s food will be your best choice according to the cockapoo’s demand. You may also try some soft foods made for the cockapoo.

How much should a 6 month old cockapoo eat?

A 6-month-old cockapoo should eat 2-3 cups of food daily. Two cups should be roughly enough, and the two and a half cups of food will be a perfect amount.

You can offer half a cup of food every time and four times a day. If you calculate the food amount, you will get two and a half cups of food that are better for the cockapoo’s growth.

Moreover, the food amount must be determined by the cockapoo’s growth and age. If you overfeed it, it will get sick and face stomach issues for a long time.

If you want to solve all the problems within a while, you need to change the diet plan.

Add the meals 3-4 times a day and offer a small amount of food. It will help you get the best pet growth.

6 month old cockapoo Behavior: Barking, Biting, and Aggressiveness

You will experience three different behaviors of your cockapoo once they become 6-month-old. They are:


When Cockapoo turns 6 months, they become more expressive. Barking allows them to express their satisfaction and joy with greater ease to their owners, and it is a wonderful communication tool.

This breed of dog has a lot of energy, and they use barking to get rid of it. They will bark whenever they get the opportunity.


Your 6-Month-old Cockapoo would jump with enthusiasm to show her affection. She will also nip and bite you to let you know how much she adores you. And for her, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

The cute thing is, once they realize that biting people makes humans sad, they will begin to learn to avoid doing so as a result of their natural desire to please.


At 6 months of age, your puppy is effectively a teenager, and their behavior will be much different from when they were 8 weeks or even 16 weeks old compared to the older puppies.

Most likely, they will be lively, playful, and far more self-sufficient than their peers.

How much sleep does a 6 month old cockapoo need?

A 6-month-old cockapoo needs 16-18 hours of sleep every day. If your pet sleeps less than the recommended time, check its health.

Typically, the growth of the pet mostly depends on two factors. One is their eating habits, and the other is their sleeping time.

If any of them gets wrong, you won’t get the best growth for your cockapoo. So, the sleeping cycle must be fixed.

Maybe your pet can sleep for 8-10 hours without any break. Then, it will be hungry and will take the main meal. After that, it will play for 30 minutes and fall asleep again.

How much exercise for a 6 month old cockapoo?

A 6-month-old cockapoo should exercise for 30 minutes. You can add different activities to the exercise, including walking, running, playing with balls, and more. But the fact is exercise must be for at least 30 minutes.

You can split the exercise time into two. First fifteen minutes for walking and the next fifteen minutes for playing and running. They can walk for 15 minutes and roughly more than half a mile. Or you can add extra 5 minutes and walk for the entire mile.

The other ten or fifteen minutes must be for playing because the cockapoo loves to play with children.

Are Cockapoos fully grown at 6 months?

Cockapoos are not fully grown at 6-months-old. They need at least 9 months to a year to develop and become mature dogs. Although the growth rate is high, you will get a fully grown cockapoo within a year; it is not as big as the other dogs.

The weight of a fully grown cockapoo will be around 15-18lbs. It is only possible if you take proper care and provide enough food. Otherwise, the growth will be around 12lbs.

How to train a 6 month old cockapoo?

You should train your cockapoos in three different ways. These training methods apply to all the puppies.

Potty Training:

The best thing you can do for her is to take her outside as often as possible, so she has as many chances as likely to go to the bathroom in the right place. She will pee when he sees you excited.

Put her in his indoor den or your bedroom overnight, and she will tell you when she needs to go outside. This will help speed up the process.


At six months, puppies sleep for 16-18 hours a day. After a long walk or a game, let them sleep.

You must know that they can find a calm and safe environment which is proper for sleeping. Your pet is old enough to sleep through the night at this stage. 


3–4 times a day is the average amount of time puppies from 2 to 6 months are fed at normal times.

Some large breeds may need to be fed three or four times a day until they are 18 or 24 months old. If you’re not sure, ask your veterinarian.

Final Thoughts

A 6-month-old cockapoo is a little puppy compared to the other breeds. Their weight would be around 15lbs, whereas the fully grown cockapoo will be the same because they are the slowest growing dogs, and they stop growing at 4 to 6 months old. So, you should choose the puppy wisely.